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  • There are three words that we must combine with our daily life in order to obtain inner peace they are love,compassion,and prayerLove ... more
  • I am one with spirit and spirit is one with me.I am one with all that spirit is and spirit is all of me. Spirit is everywhere and within ... more
  • I am so happy to be here,I have wanted to be a part of a loving comunity like this one for a while now and i have found it. Thank you ... more

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    Hi, Gooday, Essence of Buddha I AM what and who I AM, yet I know not ME. But I AM More than ME. I AM MORE LEIGH. And what created Leigh is the DNA that is IN ME And the genes that are IN ME are from that which makes ME BE ME. I AM pleased to BE able to write these few words of ME and have you know something that has come out of ME. BE well, STAY chilled, KEEP cool, DON'T be fooled... May your BEING BE with my LOVE I greet THEE. IN THE imageofgodleigh

    November 17, 2009
    9:08 AM
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    Hello, my friend ,I was not suprised to see you as the group administrator of Abundance of Thought. I have sought this all of my life, and it has finally found me!

    January 10, 2009
    3:48 PM
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    Guardians Tag Ministry

    November 19, 2008
    11:06 AM
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