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  •  Read Acts 3:12-19 1John 3:1-7 Luke 24:36B-48 Easter morning for us as Christians 2000 something years later is exciting.... ... more
  • Read Matthew 13:1-23                 Well quite obviously the sower that Jesus was talking about never had to pay $18 a bushel for good ... more
  •             Two youth use the following script:   Peter:  Hiya luv. I'm home! [Plonks a rucksack down on the floor] Elizabeth:  Will you ... more

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    hi my name is Eric M I found something on the internet . Bible archeology of Sodom and Gomorrah . It is amazing to know that the cities have been found , and they are covered in ashes and brimstone sulfur . There are videos on Youtube . There are views from Masada (pictures) . Bible archeology causes more faith in the Old Testament stories .

    September 7, 2010
    1:12 PM
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