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    Dear egc, Your reading touched my heart. I lost my Mom in 1980. I still miss her, Believe me she can see you and knows whats going on in your life.I here her call my name some times. But it dosn't upset me because I know God allowes it to be.When I was in the hospital Balor 1981 I couldn't keep any food or water down and lost about 40 lbs. I was sitting up in my bed with eyes closed. I heard this zip sound , thought it was a nurse. So when I opned my eyes I saw my Mom at the foot of my bed She pulled this air appart with her hands and said my daughter. I could see into the other dimention, It was a beautiful peacful blue. she came to the side of my bed and I asked her why was her skin tone different from mine.WHEN, this Angels voice said Because flesh and blood dosnot enheret the kingdom of God. she kissed me on the forhead and pop she was gone, OH! yes she had on this white roab that glowed it was so white and her hair was silver. In other words The Angel let me no my mom was alive in Heaven in the spirit form. And guess what, I started keeping down my food. Hope this will help in some way God Bless You Glowangel

    July 6, 2009
    7:01 PM
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