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    Hello Trish...... Hope you are doing well. Your last message was very nice. I just read it again. I know what it's like to not feel on track in life. You will get back there some day (if not already). ....& I also know what it's like to desire a supernatural experience. I know that right here where I am there is an unseen world. I have always, least for many years, wanted to have my eyes opened and be able to see into that world. My 'journey' there has mostly been through thought. ........Let's say I have vaguely touched 'it' in 'black & white', but not 'color'. ....On mysticism where I post a good deal, there are always people saying stuff like...oh yea, I astral travel, I talk to angels, etc., etc., etc.... You will find you place in the universe, know and fulfill your mission....don't get discouraged. ......I asked my son Caleb if he is watching any Anime these days. He said the last thing new he watched was something called Ergo Proxy (hope that's at least recognizable, spelled phonetically). He said he mostly likes older stuff. ......My job is really getting tedious. For years I have worked alone or with one 'green' helper. For the last month things have really slowed down here, new house construction, so I have worked a lot with another electrician. He's one who almost cannot work without talking. ...So he mostly talks, I listen. I have never really ever 'got' chit-chat for the sake of chit-chat. In other words, I'm not a good conversationalist. I see my parents, eat with them usually on Monday afternoon, and usually don't talk to anyone else all week. I nod to my neighbors when we pass, but we don't converse. .....I've really been considering lately trying to find a job where solitude is a requirement....anywhere, a sort of lighthouse keeper job. Maybe that's a fantasy, I don't know. I will try not to take so long to respond next time. I'm really interested in how you're doing........later, Darrell

    June 1, 2008
    4:39 PM
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    Hello Trish.......I hope you are doing well. I don't know why I've kept putting off writing you. Not much new here. I've only seen my son Caleb once since your last message. I didn't ask him about current anime, but you are right, it was Cowboy Bebop he used to watch. I saw him on his birthday (21st) and he showed me this new game he had. It's called Portal. I don't play video games, but it looked very cool. He said it took him about 3 hours to beat the game. You have to learn to jump from one place to another by using portals you can blast open, looked very complicated. (Sometimes in the middle of a jump, you have to blast another portal to keep going......) ........But I will still ask what he's watching when I see him again. Has your sister made any further plans concerning her Anime Cyber Cafe? .......sounds like a very exciting idea...Please tell me how you're doing. I promise not to take so long to write back..... can probably find Caleb's My Space if you're interested. I think you can just look up Caleb Connell.....but I think there was more than one Caleb Connell. Caleb has red hair, it probably mentions he was in the Air Force, from NC.....if you look and can't find him, I'll get more specifics. He'll probably have listed favorite (possibly anime stuff). .......When he was very young he watched this show....can't recall the name. There was a group of friends, and the main character had super fighting his Dad, and of course there was a group of bad guys.....there was this one big green genie-looking guy....oh....they could fly...I thought all that would bring a name to mind....we didn't have cable then and Caleb got my mother to tape shows for him...nope, can't remember....Well....have plans come to mind for your future? ......I get concerned about you being lonely. Do you have friends you see on a regular basis? I just sometimes look at you, through me, my past.....well...just wondering.......later, stardustpilgrim

    April 26, 2008
    10:47 AM
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    OK, hey Trisha, you got my attention :-) ......... Nice new picture. I think I must lead the most boring life there is, not that I really mind......I just have no news to report (and have thus not written earlier, thanks for your last mail....). Ah....let's see. ......I'm sure you're not keeping up with the NCAA basketball tournament, but UNC (University of North Carolina) is in the "sweet 16" and they play tonight in Charlotte at 7:30 Eastern time. My boss is a real fan and he is going to the game. And, Davidson College is also in the sweet 16. It's a small college about 20 miles north of Charlotte. They play tomorrow night in Detroit. The college (trustees) have offered to pay the way for any college student to go see the game, bus ticket, game and hotel bill. .......... Oh, my daughter Aaron is home for 10 days. She is in the Coast Guard and has just finished school for her job field. She is now a Marine Science Technician and a Third-Class Petty Officer. March 31st she goes to Guam for 3 years. ....Ah...let's see.....spring is finally here. It's supposed to get up to 79 tomorrow. ........ How's all that for boring? .........How are things with you? Hope your life is good...... What's your new character's name? Are you a fan of those movies/graphic-novel/books? My son Caleb used to have some interest there, don't know about now. He liked this cowboy dude (animated TV show)....don't remember the guys name.......cowboy something. Caleb's e-mail address is kungfucowboy something???? Well....I guess I'll go for now.....I'll write again if I think of some thing......serious..... Have any good questions? I like your questions......later, stardustpilgrim

    March 27, 2008
    8:48 PM
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