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    Hi, I saw where you replied to a post by Sal, GunnyOneShot, about feeling very lonely. I know he's a proud (former) Marine. I saw your post telling him you were in the Sea Bees. My Dad was in the Sea Bee's in the early 50's. He was stationed in Cuba, primarily. He was VERY proud of being a Sea Bee. He is gone now, to Our Lord. But, I have some of his Sea Bee's items, like dog tags, a t-shirt, just little things, that meant A LOT to him. If they meant a lot to him, then they mean a lot to me. My name is Elaine. I used to ride a Honda, I used to ride, as a passenger on the back of a Harley's with some friends of mine. I've ridden The Trail of Tears with them. I've gone on Poker Runs with them. All this, 'til I was injured in a boulder climbing accident 5 yrs ago. My cycling days are over now, as are a lot of other interests I had before the accident. I notice you have an interest in South America. I have done some travel in South & Central America. Primarily, natural history travel. I have climbed a Mt. in Peru, hiked part of the Inca Trail. Been to the Lost City of the Inca's. I have been to the rainforest in the lower Amazon Basin of Peru. Anyway, that's just to mention a little of my travels. I just thought I would make mention of my interest in South America too. I am a new fellow member of The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. I couldn't resist writing after I saw you had been in the Sea Bee's. Take Care, Elaine / a.k.a. e23nature Have a Blessed day, Elaine / a.k.a. e23nature

    June 30, 2008
    2:52 PM
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