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    ...and neglected my interaction in terms of secularism and atheism, but now plan to dive head long back into these subjects that I have always been passionate about. That would be interesting to read. Why do you not start that. Shirley

    February 13, 2014
    9:40 PM
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    Love your stuff. Of course, faith and God cannot be proven as either fact or fiction. Many of the arguments for God are based on the human quest for answers to the mysterious questions that the world has for us. How did the world come into being? How can we live forever? Creation myths exist in most religions. However, these questions and answers are based, by definition, on ignorance, an ignorance we want to overcome. But faith, when we get past the creation and salvation myths (to keep us living forever), has some valuable assets. Faith can establish the fundamental and equal value of all human beings, wealthy and poor, the powerful and powerless. While we can also turn to philosophers for some of the same values, faith adds an authority that other systems do not have for the faithful. We must live in a world as if there is no God so that we can take responsibility for our acts from the stupidity of was and the destruction of the natural resources of our world for an immediate gain, the "sins" of today. But we also need fulfillment. All people need this, most especially the unempowered and impoverished. I find this in Jesus, not the divine Jesus (the Jesus myth?), but the man who has great wisdom and compassion. He is my number one "hero." Next on my "hero" list is Einstein as the marvelous illustration of using the most human of characteristics, the brain. Next is Gandhi who who mixed great determination and an understanding of justice. Also, and totally irrelevant: I like your hat but you can loose the sunglasses.

    November 9, 2009
    10:51 PM
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    Although I feel I highly disagree with you in many ways due to your posts, I respect the fact that you seem to post your honest opinion in ways that prove you are a thoughtful man. Your position that you represented when TENAC asked you where you might decide the line is for your supporting this administration, I can respect, because at least you have one. I am having doubts that some do. Thanks for being the person you represent here on BNet.

    April 3, 2009
    5:28 PM
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