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    Kim are you back on your meds?

    Monday, February 25, 2008, 5:14 AM [General]

    I found this interesting and exciting! Apparently Kim Jong North Korea's president has invited the New York Philharmonic to play in North Korea's capital.

    Here's the article:

    In case the link dies:


    I'm halfway around the world today, in a country where everyone has been raised to think of the United States as an enemy, but where, in just a few days, it will hear one of our premier orchestras play.

    On Feb. 26, the New York Philharmonic will play a groundbreaking concert in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea -- a place that has been called "Hermit Kingdom" for its desire to stay separate from the world. This unusual opportunity began with a surprising fax the Philharmonic received from the North Korean government last August, inviting it to come and perform.

    After much debate, and long discussions with the U.S. government, the Philharmonic accepted the invitation and is now on its way to the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) -- that's the country's formal title -- and I will be joining it to cover this historic moment.

    Watch Bob Woodruff's report Sunday, Feb. 24, on "World News." Check your local listings for air time.

    Without a doubt, it's going to be a memorable experience for all of us, but for a few of the Philharmonic's members, this groundbreaking concert brings mixed feelings. That's because this concert will be in North Korea, and these orchestra members were raised in South Korea, hearing tales of the Korean War throughout their childhoods.

    "My father actually does not like the idea," says Lisa Kim, the Philharmonic's associate principal second violin. Kim's father was injured during the Korean War, while her mother's town was invaded by the North Korean army. In spite of this, she says, her mother urged her to go.

    "I think I'll be very sad and emotional at first," says violinist Soohyun Kwon, whose father also fought in the Korean War. Kwon was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, and eventually moved to New York to attend the Julliard School. "It's very strange that I'm going there. It's a place where very few people have gone, so I'm very excited to go, but still I have a bit of trepidation."

    The Philharmonic's concert, just one day after Condoleezza Rice will be in Seoul, means that the United States may be inching closer to a new relationship with leader Kim Jong Il and his country.


    American Culture in the Capital of Communism "
    That's only the first page. I can't remember if it's on the first page or the second but the reporter. Says that they took him to one of their nuclear plants that their dismantleing. They said that they are dismantleing their plants but it's going slower than the U.S. and other nations had expected.
    Let's hope that North Korea and all the other nations can start getting along.
    I think we could us one less enemy and another ally. Don't get me wrong, I don't think we should go easy on nations. That are hostile to us and are possibly developing WMDs. But I do think that if they show an effort to reach a resolution. Then we should tooooooooo!
    Maybe the guy running Iran will start taking his meds to?
    Let's hope that all goes well and Bush's administration shows some effort. In resolving this "peacefully" if this turns out well.
    Anyways, Take Care. :)
    P.S: I realised after I posted this blog. That a bunch of link from the article showed up. When I copied and pasted. I'm going to keep them there cause their all pretty interesting too.
    Take Care. :)
    LOL! P.P.S. To be fair, let's hope Bush starts taking his meds too.
    Take Care. :)
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    It was just the battery...

    Sunday, February 24, 2008, 11:01 PM [General]

    Luckly when I went to look at my car today. It turned out that the battery was just low. Which is a good thing but I still have the transmission to worry about.

    I'm starting to get tired of putting money into crappy cars. I'm thinking about getting a slightly used car. From an actually car lot, hopefully one that's still under warranty. LOL! I'm think maybe a 2005 model or something.

    Well Take care. :)

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    Two steps forward...Three steps back.

    Saturday, February 23, 2008, 4:10 AM [General]

    I wasn't able to see what's going on with my car today. Like I'd planned, so I wont know what's wrong with it. I also don't know when I'll be able to go to try to get it to start. So I went ahead and sent yet another email. Informing the members of Vidar's Hof of the  Highland Rim. That I wasn't going to make it to yet another blot. Here's the email I sent (I try to always just use the first letter of someone's name. When posting stuff like this publically.):

    "Hi J.

    I wasn't able to go get my car today. So I still don't know what's wrong with it. Unfortunately I wont be able to make it to the blot. I appologise for not being able to make it. I'm not sure when I'll be able to make it to one of Vidar's Hof's blots. Since I'm working now and my general manager wants me to work week end nights, from 6pm till 2am. This was probably the last week end. I'll have off for awhile. She says that she'll rotate us so that we'll have a week end off. Every now and then, but she's said that before and it never happened. So I wont be able to know in advance when (or if) I'll have the same week end off in the future. That your Kindred might have a blot on. Asking off for a specific week end or even a specific night on a week end. Would be hard to get from her as well. So hopefully sometime in the future. I'll be able to make it to one of your Kindreds blots. LOL! But I honestly don't think it'll be anytime soon. Simply because I probably wont have a week end off for atleast acouple of months.

    Well Take Care. :)"

    It sucks...but it's true. When I worked at Burger King the first time. I hardly ever got a week end off, for anything. When I did, it had to be for a damn good reason. I'll put it this way. Awhile before I quite, I had asked off for a Saturday. So that my friend and me could go and take our GED tests. I asked off for the whole day because I knew. That the night before I wouldn't be able to sleep. We'd have to get up early to go take the test and that I would be exhausted when I got to work.

    At first, I was going to get the day off. No problem but then she started asking me. "About what time would the test be over?" I told here. "I'm not sure, probably 5 or 6." Then I magically appear on the shedual for Saturday night 5 till close. Of course I was late. LOL! Cause the test wasn't over until 5:30.

    Anyway, the point is. The reason why I typed the last part of my email. Was to realistically let them know. That it may very well be a month to possibly a year. Before I get another week end off. That's being optimistic too.

    And I'm not trying to be mean or a defeetist or anything like that. It's just at this point. I don't want to feel like I'm stringing them along but at the same time. I don't want to give up on making it to a blot. So I guess that was my way of leaving the ball in their hands. Their great people, don't get me wrong.

    But I don't know if they really want to wait around on me. I also don't want to hold them back or cause them to lose momentum since I think. Their planning on making their Kindred more active.

    Which is great! This is what I want weither I'm a physical part of it or not. I want Heathens in Tennessee to be able to easily find one another. Not only that but to be able to communicate with one another. Not only cyberly but physically too. You can have a cyber community, that's fine but who wouldn't rather have a physical one?

    So how ever this turns, I'm cool with it. Yeah, I'd like to make Heathen contacts. I have, I'm just having trouble re-meeting them at the moment. LOL! But at the same time, I've been going it alone for five years. Yeah, half assed but I can manage if I have too. Besides,  who knows what will happen a month from now, two or maybe even a year from now?

    Heathens are popping up around these parts quite often recently. So....


    Take care. :)

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    Bad luck with cars continues...

    Friday, February 22, 2008, 3:48 AM [General]

    So I've had transmission problems. My oldest brother comes over and puts some Lucas transmission stuff in it. Then tells me I have to drive it for the stuff to work it's way through. To "hopefully" not fix but buy myself some time with the transmission. Okay, so I start driving back and forth to work. It's only been acouple of days but it seems like. The transmission is getting better, it's not shifting as hard as it was. Tonight when I leave work. I walk out to my car and go to start it. Nothing, it made alittle noise. Like when you put two live wires together but it didn't start. I'm hoping that it's just the battery but it could be the alternator.

    My dad and me are going to going to look at it tomorrow. Or I guess technically today. LOL!

    This couldn't of come at a worse time. In two days Vidar's Hof of the Highland Rim. Are having a Blót to their patron god Vidar and I was really looking forward to going. If nothing else but to hopefully repay the kindness and understanding they've shown me. I've sent them an email explaining what going on and saying that I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it. I'm hoping that I'll be able to send another one. Saying that I'll be there.

    On a much better note though: I got my first cheque since I started back at my first job (Burger King) and they gave me a raise?

    LOL! Seems you get paid better for quiting and coming back. LOL! My manger said it's was  probably my general manager's doing. Going ahead and giving me a raise. That way when I come up for evaluation and they see that I quite, then came back. If they deny me a raise, I'll already of gotten it. So that was cool.

    Back to the car. So now I have to see what the not starting thing is all about. Then I'll have to figure out what I want to do?

    Will it be worth fixing?

    Since I already know I'll have to replace the transmission. Somewhere in the next couple of months. Now I might have to replace something else on top of that.

    If it's not worth fixing. Should I buy another used car?

    I might buy another car that only runs for six or nine months. Would it be worth it if that happens?

    Should I buy a new car?

    If I did "I'd hope" it'd last longer than any of my other cars. LOL! If the answer was yes. Then the question would become. Can I afford it?

    I don't know... I mean I am making more than what I was but if I did get a new car. It'd still take up most of my monthly income. With the car note and insurance that is. So if I did buy a new car, there would be no way. I could move out anytime soon.

    Right now though. I'm so frustrated with how my luck is going with the cars I buy. That I'm seriously leaning towards a new car but I'd have to wait. If I was to go right now to buy a new car. While my credit is pretty good. My work history is rocky right now. Since I just started my first job again. So that'll probably jack up my interest rates a bit.

    So the lose plan I've formulated in the hour and forty five minutes. Since my car wouldn't start is.

    If it's something serious and not just the battery. Then I might get rid of yet another car. Then buy yet another used car. LOL! Then cross my fingers and hope that it runs for about nine months. It'd be nice if it'd run for alittle more than a year. LOL! Then see where I am in life and maybe buy a new car.

    I'm just getting really tired of buying crappy cars, you know?

    Anyways. Take care. :)

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    Aaaaah! The night life.

    Monday, February 18, 2008, 2:53 AM [General]

    I'm actually kinda glad I'm working nights again. There's not traffic, not much going on in cyberspace, and hardly anything worth watching on T.V.

    How is this a good thing?

    No distractions, the only thing worth while I have to do for hours is read. Well that and listen to internet radio. LOL!

    The only real downside to working nights though. Is when ever my family have any kind of event planned. I usually always have to work. That was the only reason I ever went to days in the first place. I'll have to figure away around that some how.

    Well, actually I go in later now cause we stay open later. So maybe it wont be a factor anymore?

    Anyways, I have a pile of unread books calling me.

    Take Care. :)

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    I'm employeed!

    Thursday, February 14, 2008, 2:52 AM [General]

    I started back at my first job today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I called this morning and talked with my general manager. She told me that I could start Sunday.

    Then acouple of hours later, she called me back. To ask if I could start tonight. I said. "I'll be there in 30 minutes." LOL!

    It went great to, not much has changed since I quite about 9 months ago. So I still knew how to do everything.

    The best part is, since I went back tonight. I'll have a cheque Friday with two days on it, tonight and tomorrow. It wont be much but I can use it as running money. Until I get my first full cheque.

    Well Take Care. :)

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    Wednesday, February 13, 2008, 12:08 AM [General]

    So I was suppose to find out. If I was going to get my job back this morning. After my ex-general manager had a meeting with the person that was suppose to say "Yay or Nay." I called and a lady answered that I didn't know. I asked for my ex-general manager and was informed that she was at the meeting. I was also informed that the meeting was in Alabama! I had no idea it was in another state. LOL! So I told the lady who I was and why I was calling. Then I told her I'd call back later.

    I figured that I'd just call back tomorrow. Anyways, earlier (about 30 minutes ago) I went to go get some sodas for the house. When I was pulling into the drive way. My friend called me and asked what I was doing? I told him I was pulling into the drive way. He told me that he was at Burger King, my first job, and they wanted him to call me. To inform me that my ex-general manager decided. That she didn't want to go threw all that red tape. So she just went ahead and hired me back!!!!

    All I have to do now is call her tomorrow. Give her some additional information and be told when my first day of work is.

    I can't wait!!! I'll finally have some money coming in. I'll be able to complete my oath for this year. I'll be able to get yet another car and most importantly. LOL! I'll be able to start buying books again!!! Oh! and CDs. LOL!

    My plans now, are to just stay there. After awhile, I'll ask about becoming a manager and move up that coporate latter that way.

    Well Take Care everyone. :)

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    Joined another forum. LOL!

    Saturday, February 9, 2008, 4:54 AM [General]

    I joined another forum the other day. It's an Asatru forum on LOL! I figured that they get enough of my money. I might as well spend sometime there and I don't know run their bandwith bill up?

    Anyway it's not that active but I figure it'll be another good place. To get book suggestions that will actually be worth my money. If Amazon don't send in employees that pretend to be heathen. To suggest crappy books to people they think are stupid enough to fall for that. Some might think that's alittle far fetched right?

    It might be but is a business and businesses are about making money. They'll do what ever it takes to accomplish that goal. Even if it means lieing to you or gaining your trust only to betray you.

    It's a pretty new forum though and so far all the people that are there. Don't seem like someone Amazon planted there to suggest crappy books. So it might not happen but you never know.

    My attempt to prevent an ear infection didn't work. LOL! So now my left ear is throving but I'm hoping it'll go away soon.

    The Kindred members are going to send out the announcement about this months blot. I haven't told them the transmission might be shot in my car yet. I'm hoping it'll be fixed Sunday. When my oldest brother and me change the fluid and add that stuff to it. So hopefully I'll be able to make it this month. (Cross your fingers) If not then maybe the month after that or the month after that. LOL!

    Well Take Care. :)

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    Friday, February 8, 2008, 2:22 AM [General]

    I think I know why not many people have been calling me for a job. It seems I've been lieing on my applications and who would want someone. That lies on their applications to come and work for them.

    So back in my young and stupid days. Back when I didn't care about my future. I was smoking pot, partying and hanging out with gang bangers. Yep, I hung out with gang bangers. LOL!

    Anyway, it's not the gang bangers I that me lieing on my application comes back too. Well, it really only comes back to me. I guess it should say the situation that I lied about doesn't involved the gang bangers.

    It was actually an old Metal head friend of mine. That the situation comes back to and it wasn't even that serious. Atleast to me it wasn't. LOL!

    This old friend of mine and me was smoking a joint after work about 7 years ago. It was mine and I smoked it with him for two reasons. One he was my friend and two it was my way of paying him for a ride home. So we got done and there was alittle bit left (called a roach). I told him to keep it but he threw it out. We left and acouple of streets from my house we was pulled over. For my friend having a head light out. The police happened to have a drug dog with them. So they searched the car and found a roach. The officer asked who it belonged too and of course we keeped quite. So he told us that either one of us claims it or he's taking both of us to jail. Now I knew that I could of just keeped quite. That because it was in my friends car that he'd most likely get charged for it. Cause I could claim I didn't know he had it.

    But at the time I thought it was the roach I gave him. I also thought, I'd rather go home and tell my dad that I was charged with simple possession. Than call him from jail and have him come get me. LOL! I also thought that since I didn't have a record that I'd get a slap on the rist.

    I was wrong on all but two of those. LOL! The one's I was right on was going home instead of jail and that I'd be charged with simple possession.

    I found out after the police had let us go. That it wasn't the roach I gave him. It was a different one. Then later I was charged with simple possession but paid a large amount of money with court fees, probation, drug tests.

    It's been 7 years so I don't remember all the details and again young and stupid. But the way I thought it was explained to me was. After I was done with my probation. The charge would automatically be exsponged off my record.

    This is were I've been lieing on my applications. Apparently it's still on my record and everyone can see it. It's actually a great thing to know. Cause I was really getting upset.

    That out of all those applications I put in, only three called me. I was having a hard time accepting that, until now. LOL!

    I found this out the other day, when my "only" job interview asked about doing a back ground check. I told them sure and they did ask just to make sure I didn't have a record and I told them I didn't. So they did the back ground check and a paper copy was sent to me. Which I asked for hoping that there would be something on there. That would explain why everyone else wasn't interested.

    This is what it turned out to be. So I've made some phone calls and I have to go down to the general session court house. Pay a $150.00 fee to have this charge taken off my record. Which I don't have. LOL!

    In other news:

    My friend that I sold my Pathfinder too. Called me today to inform me that he's income tax cheque should be showing up in two weeks. Then he's going to pay me for the Pathfinder. Which I tried to tell him that I didn't need all the money. He could pay me just alittle bit but he wasn't going for it.

    Which I can understand. It was the deal we made but I just feel bad. Cause he has a family and it's alot of money to pay me. That he could us for his family. But he wants to go ahead and take care of it. So what ever I guess.

    I've been trying to fight off a cold for the past couple of days. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. LOL! Just trying to get alot of sleep. Exspecially when I have a fever and sleeping on which ever ear. Feels like it's trying to get an ear aich. It seems to be working so that's good. LOL!

    Other than that, I haven't done much of anything. Besides watch T.V. and well watch more T.V. LOL! I do plan to call my ex-general manager Monday. To see if she's heard anything about me getting my job back. I would call her over the week end but she's usually not there. LOL!

    Anyways. Take care. :)

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    Alternative music revisited. LOL!

    Tuesday, February 5, 2008, 7:21 PM [General]

    I started listening to some of my old alternative CDs the other day. I don't have as many as I use to. Most of them were stolen from me or lost. LOL!

    I left alternative about five years ago. I got tired of it, it just seemed that all the bands were doing the samething. Plus I realised that Metal was alive and well. LOL!

    So I've been listening to some old "Our Lady Piece", "Disturbed", "Stained", "Coal Chamber", "MudVyne" and some other bands.

    I talked to my oldest brother yesterday and he came down to look at my car. He said that I should fluch the transmission fluid out and put some stuff in it. That should buy me acouple of months. Until I can get some money saved up to buy a new transmission. So hopefully he'll came down sometime this week and show me how to do that. LOL!

    Still waiting on Burger King to call me back about coming back to work for them. My ex-general manager said it's going to take awhile. Hopefully not to long though. I need a job bad.

    My best friend asked me to be his room mate. I'm not sure if I blogged about that yet or not. He wants to buy a house but he's not sure if he can afford. The morgage and all the other exspenses. So he wants me to move in and only help with the other exspenses. That's if he even does it but he probably will. Once he sets his mind to something he usually does it.

    I told him that actually what I was planning on doing. Buying a house (one day) then getting a room mate or two to help with the bills. It makes since really, if you think about it. Say you bought a three bedroom house and you was single.

    You had acouple of friends that you've known for awhile and you could trust. Ask two of them to move in with you.

    If your morgage is say $700 a month and you ask them to pay $200 a month a piece plus utilities and grocieries. Then your only paying $500 a month plus let's say the electic bill and some grociereis.

    That's not really all that bad. If they stay for acouple of years say two or three. If you could of lived by yourself no problem. Then that extra $400 a month you was getting from your room mates. You can put towards your morgage and it'd almost be like making a double payment every month for two or three years.

    If I remember correctly after three or four years. Your interest rates go down. So your morgage payment will go down. Now if your almost making double payments for two or three years. Then it should go down a good amount and then you can continue to make double payments. Say if it went down from $700 to $450. If you just keeped paying $700 then your still almost making double payments.

    I'm not sure if that's accurate though cause it's been awhile since I've done all the math on it. LOL!

    Well Take Care. :)

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