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    Saturday, October 13, 2007, 6:30 PM [General]

     I took out my telscope last night. It was beautiful. I have a Meade Starfinder with a 16" mirror. I keep it on a hand cart so I can move it alone. It weighs a couple hundred pounds. The sky was clear and the air was dryer that it has been lately. I checked the globular cluster in Hercules and then turned my sights on Sagittarius and its clusters then put in a light pollution filter and enjoyed the lagoon nebula untill the wife called me in to cook her dinner and perform my marital chores.  After she fell asleep I crept back outside. It was after midnight and the Orion nebula had cleared the horizon. I put in a 30mm 2'  eyepiece with an ultrablock light pollution filter. The view was breathtaking,I nearly fell over  from dizziness after forgetting to breath.I hold my breath to steady the scope and forget sometimes. I love the way all those little stars pop into view when you look away using averted vision. The whole nebula sparkles with tiny stars emerging from the molecular cloud. This is recycling at its finest. Every atom in our bodies was formed inside some stars that died over five billion years ago. Our sun,which is a fifth generation recycled star will die and we will enter the spiral once again. Death is an illusion caused by thinking you are separate from this universe. You have always been a part and you always will be.
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    my dream

    Wednesday, October 10, 2007, 9:58 AM [General]

     I had an interesting dream many years ago. I  came to beliefnet to discuss that dream. I started a dialog group called is the bible symbolic? I learned allot and made some friends. Many years later I tried to find some folks to talk about again. The discussion was in the Progressive Christianity section under bible and faith. Its a unique idea all based on some notes I scribbled down after waking up from the … nID=523116
    Revelations for geeks only.
     After a while I drifted over to US politics and after I felt I had said all had to say I volunteered to become a moderator. Thats been fun.
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