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    are you really a dragonlady? i've known a couple of in that species and both times (after some royal battles) we became very good friends! I am a Scorpio, born in '47, so what else ya need to know?

    December 13, 2008
    7:19 PM
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    July 2, 2008
    5:38 PM
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    hello dragonlady! thanks for such a quick response. truth, im not doing too awfully good right now and i too am feeling so needy lately and i simply hate it. but i am alive and kickin and some are not as fortunate. just trying to live one day at a time like every one else i suppose. just want so much to feel better and have a positive attitude. that positive attitude comes and goes. hahaha. any way, look forward to getting to know you better.i just feel like i bring people down that i am around. dont want nor mean to just going through some kind of stage i guess. hahaha. planning on going to an endocronologist real soon and hopefully i can get my hormonal emballance straightend out some how. hope all is well with you and yours and talk to you later! i do like to draw and paint on sweat shirts, used to be something i would do on a regualar basis but living in arizona most people don t wear sweat shirts. hahaha. guess i need to make some and send them to my friends and back home to kentucky!103 here yesterday, and i havent even looked today, its hot enough , hahaha. again catch you later.

    May 20, 2008
    6:06 PM
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