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    Hey Bill, I am all right but it has been one hell of a year. I had to drop out of school in order to get medicaid which I needed for a major back surgery. I was rear ended 5 yrs ago, and the driver had no insurance. My insurance company sent me to a doctor who reported that I was injured by the car accident and I would never get better. They sent me 1,000 dollars. I could not find one lawyer to take my case. I have found one now but the statute of limitation is only 3 yrs. Anyway, I have had shingles on my but and one side of my mouth,tongue, and down my throat. Anyway I was on an anti-viral medication and I did not read the info, even if I had I would not have seen what happened to me. It was before the surgery and so I had a tens unit on and my sleeping pad. It turns off in one hour. I woke up to second and third degree burns all over my butt. The longest one was 7 inches long, one inch wide, and 3/4 of an inch depth. It took about 2 months of getting it bandaged every day, scrubbed to make it bleed but I had a male friend who did it for me. And it never got infected. Then I had my surgery which entailed L5 and L3 fusions, L4 was fused over a nerve. It looked like a tree trunk and so there was a lot of work to free the nerve. In required a titanium plate with 4 bolts on each side. Then I had to fractures in my spine which required bone graphs. the surgery was about 6 hours long. Two weeks after I got the swine flu. I had a dry cough and I can't tell you how painful it was to cough and cough and cough with nothing to cough up. So my recovery was hindered for about 3 months. I just barely got the go ahead for physical therapy about a month ago. I was guardian of my niece for 19 months, care taker of my mother for 5 years, and my brother who had a drug habit which cost him about 300.00 a day. He's been clean for a year and a half now. But, that was a nightmare. I woke up to him making a noose, or the toaster oven on fire with stuff melting on top, or him passed out in the back yard with 3 black widow bites, etc. And my family thought I was stealing money from mom. Anyway I have divorced my family for a year because I don't know where the land mines are, and I seem to be stepping on one every time I met with them. So, I really need to mend my heart and then bandage it with steel before I can even be around them. So, there is my update. I have a hard time with this new belief net and I have really missed my friends, and enemy's on this site. I will check in more often now that the head is off me and I consider you one of my best ciber-net friends. I hope all is well with you and you can tell me about your year and how you have been. If you are even on this site anymore. Talk to you soon, Laurie

    April 10, 2010
    5:33 AM
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    I haven't heard from you in a long time. I hope you are doing well. You are missed.

    July 25, 2009
    6:17 PM
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    We hope you have a fun and peace filled day. Have a blast Saturday:) Cheers, Mike & Kathy

    December 24, 2008
    1:54 PM
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