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    I am currently studying a program about writing for children and young adults. My dreams are now filled with the presence of unicorns, and I recently purchased and work with your beautiful unicorn cards. I love the books and work you do with the angelic realm. I look forward to reading a book about unicorns written by you in the future.

    January 9, 2009
    6:29 PM
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    Sending Angel Blessings & Warm Cyber Tea to you. Love, Ann Marie

    January 8, 2009
    1:51 AM
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    Sending blessings from the beautiful mountains of Santa Fe, NM :) Many thanks and wishing you wonderful moments at every turn.

    January 3, 2009
    2:12 PM
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    My name is Denise, and I,ve been debating or rather waiting for the right time, to share a story. I read your page in Womens World regularly. Soon I will share a rare and remarkable storie or two with you. My mom had wanted to share one with you before she died. I believe that life does go on in another demension and I've had many Angel experiences myself. I don't share with many but there is no doubt in my mind or spirit as there is no other explanation. Talk to you soon, Lifesdance

    January 2, 2009
    1:41 PM
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    I hope your Christmas was most merry, and that you will have a most blessed, wonderful and prosperous 2009. Thank you for being a friend, and for writing your books to share and inspire us. God Bless and keep you. Free Comments and Graphics

    December 26, 2008
    7:45 AM
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    Thank you for accepting my friendship request. I use your and Lynnette Brown "Angel Numbers" as a routine reference Divination tool. May you and those closet to you have a joyful holiday period. Namaste, Atrayo.

    December 22, 2008
    9:36 PM
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    Christian Glitter by

    December 18, 2008
    2:48 AM
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    Aloha Doreen, What do you know about Golden Children? I was told I was having one but I can only find one article on the web about them. Mahalo, Miranda

    December 16, 2008
    4:13 PM
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    Thank you for being my friend. I like to talk to about the healing therapies you give. Sounds interesting and I might learn good things from you....Blessings...Sabrina

    December 15, 2008
    9:24 PM
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    Doreen, I am new to this site. Thank you for visiting when you have the opportunity. I would be delighted to share thoughts/ideas with you on my work O.M.G.,H.B. and yours as well. I look forward to a future interaction of words if possible. Grace be with you for the Christmas Holiday. Sidney Ross North Carolina

    December 10, 2008
    7:05 PM
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