I've been following you and reading all of your books for years now. You've really enriched my knowledge and belief in angels and for that I will be eternally grateful. Thank You. Barb

    January 25, 2009
    11:40 AM
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    Hi Doreen; Blessings to you for helping us in your Hay House Radio show every Wednesday. I always receive a blatant answer from my angels during your show! Love you so much and want to be in your prayers sooo much Targol

    January 24, 2009
    5:40 PM
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    I was very lucky to see you in canterbury when you were talking about your book 'Angel Medicine'. I was wondering when you would be back in england as it would be lovely to come see you again. Love n Light Raw Angel

    Raw Angel
    January 22, 2009
    10:27 AM
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    Thank you very much for the add! I love all of your books and your cards. You inspire and help me to aspire to something greater. Peace

    January 20, 2009
    11:28 PM
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    Hey hope your well =) hope to get too know you better be well.. :)

    January 20, 2009
    1:02 PM
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    AP – A rainbow is seen over the northern Gaza Strip, from the Israel-Gaza Border, Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009. Israeli … It seems as if Archangel Michael left his mark upon GAZA I prayed and asked this Archangel to help and I didnt lose hope and now this rainbow is a symbol of hope and it is also known as a symbol of Archangel Michael himself.... It is a I said EXPECT A MIRACLE =] Please Archangel Michael and God keep healing GAZA ...and the people in the middle east....

    January 18, 2009
    8:31 PM
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    Terri, I love that photo you posted. I could not stop looking at it. I enjoy all of Doreen's work. She has such a healing presence and wonderful energy. She was one of the first speakers I heard on I highly recommend The Wisdom Community too. Blessings, Kristin

    Kristin Mackey
    January 14, 2009
    11:31 PM
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    A caller named Mike who spoke with Doreen on January 14th on Hayhouse Radio around 2:15p.m. sounded like someone I need to get in touch with. I live in the Seattle area and my e-mail is:

    January 14, 2009
    9:35 PM
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    Funscrape.Com | More Winter Comments Doreen, Thank you so much for all of your books, cards, website and I love listening to you on Hay House:) My nephew just passed 10/06/08, I have passed all my books onto her and they are helping. Love & Light, Terri

    January 14, 2009
    12:37 PM
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    Happy New Year! Thank you for accepting my friendship invitation. I look forward to sharing unique interests with you, such as working with angels.

    January 11, 2009
    5:55 PM
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