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    Hello Doreen, I would like to thank you for sharing all the information you have working with angels, I started reading your books several years ago and have purchased and received as gifts your oracle angel cards - You are a blessing that no words can explain - May God Bless Always

    May 2, 2009
    6:46 PM
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Doreen! I hope you have a great day.

    April 29, 2009
    11:36 AM
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    I have experienced an Angel helping me to get a job and have taken pictures of Angels. I also was with a dieing man. He was looking up and I asked him if his Angels were there and he said yes. They were waiting for him. The next day he died. So I do believe in Angels but most of all I DO BELIEVE IN GOD AND JESUS. This is a great group of people here and thanks for making this informative place. We learn so much here. God Bless You Always and your Family. Gabriel2help!

    April 28, 2009
    2:02 PM
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    thanks for all the info you have given on knowing how to realize the angels are with you peggy

    April 25, 2009
    11:31 AM
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    Thanks for all the information about our angels. I always knew they were there/here. I have frequently ask them to be with me and my loved ones during stressful times and have felt their presence often, at times very intensely. I am very grateful. Thank you, Love, hugs and kisses, Larry

    April 24, 2009
    12:32 PM
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    Good Morning, I just wanted to sign your guestbook Doreen Vitue and say to you : ALLEULIA !! ALLEULIA !! HE HAS RISEN !! Yours In Christ,Ms. Marie.K.Lally, known as,The Scooter Lady at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, in Pinellas Park,Florida 33781, The Tampabay Area.

    April 19, 2009
    1:26 AM
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    Dear Doreen, I recently joined and have just learned about your books on Angels. I hope to purchase some and learn more about Angels. Your New Canadian Friend, Robert Brideau Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

    April 10, 2009
    8:21 AM
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    Thank you Doreen for all of your books, I have a few, and Angel cards. I have been involved with my Gardian Angel for over thirty years, and I've been getting to know as friends, the Archangels. You have a wonderful gift of being able to share with us all. I have not been able to sign up for your pod casts, and that is okay too. Angel blessings to you. Marz.

    March 31, 2009
    7:43 PM
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    Doreen I have too say that I have been Blessed with YOU in my life. You always say that we without knowing will be guided to what the Angels know is right for us and that has been YOU in so many ways since I tragically lost my 19 yr old son, and a incredible Energy Healer who lived less than a block from my home here in Alaska. Your words,your books, cards are very Inspirational, hopeful when faced with the blackest hour, the biggest hole in a life path that a parent could fall into..I am climbing up and taking one day at a time with the help of YOU , the Angels, and many others..Thank You and God Bless Nana Butterfly (Nancy)

    Nana Butterfly
    March 24, 2009
    7:59 PM
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    hi doreen, i love what your doing, keep up the good work, where can i buy your book, angels from above? ingiee

    March 18, 2009
    10:48 AM
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