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    Thriving on change and good company
    Spiritual Mood: Joyful
    Status: what a beautiful day--took a longer walk than intended, glad I did.

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    thank you for accepting my friendship invite, bene, caro mio! davido

    July 16, 2010
    10:12 AM
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    Hi Donna, sorry i didnt get back sooner the weather here has been really lousey rain rain rain and with the mts the pc's have a mind of there own. I really enjoyd the pictures as for me been feeling pretty good the meds for the blood preasure seem to be working (thank god)i was glad to here that everything is good for you lots of hugs your friend Sheryl/ Saddie

    February 5, 2010
    9:19 AM
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    Hi Donna,Ihavent read or heard from you in awhile hope everything is going well for you.Your friend Saddie God bless and lots of hugs.

    February 2, 2010
    10:33 AM
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