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  • Since I came to the reservation, I have been forced to come to terms with death in a new way.  In the city, or even near the city in a ... more
  • I know it is Thursday, December 13.  And I know I sit in Elko County on the Duck Valley Reservation.  That is this body, this life, this ... more

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    Hi Donna! Yes I am just a baby in this life hehe. Sorry it took me so long to respond I've been off in another world for a few months. I'm trying to get over a sinus infection right now; it's been about 11 days! fuuuuun haha. I've been going to work every day though so this is the first day I've taken off. How are you? I try not to say I am an old soul any more because I try to both recognize and eliminate hierarchy haha. I don't want to say, "oh my soul is so much older than yours!" hahaha or something like that. So if anything I will just say that I've had a lot of experience hehe. =) namaste! Love Kevin

    March 6, 2009
    6:18 PM
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    aahhhh So Sweet of You to remember my birthday ~ So grateful am I! Much Love Always, Jalus ~ Namaste Dear One

    February 13, 2009
    5:53 PM
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    It was wonderful to hear from you. I am smiling ear to ear while I'm typing this! Consider yourself {{{{{{{{Donna}}}}}}}}. Much Love Always, Jalus ~ Namaste Dear Friend

    January 28, 2009
    4:51 PM
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