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    The True Essence of Romance

    Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 1:53 AM [General]

    Decorated throughout scripture is the idea of "a male and it's mate" "male and female" and the way I see it is this:

    In the scriptures masculinity represents physical power since the bible was written in a farming context and male farmers have more physical strength and power than female farmers.

    The woman represents love, because she is the one who bears children and nutures her offspring while her husband is at work in the fields and sowing seed.

    Now I am not saying that we are required to uphold those gender roles in our society today but what I'm trying to get at is this verse in scripture where they say

    "you shall not lie with a man as one lies with a woman for whoever does this is an abomination to the Lord."

    There is more than one way to interpret scripture and I am not referring to the homosexual undertones of the passage, rather I am trying to accentuate something else:

    The implication here, if my premise is true, that lying with a man involves being committed to the power of the other person, while lying with a woman involves being committed to the content of someone else's character.

    Power is not always represented in the wrestling ring, power can be manifested through countless positive qualities that an individual may have: ambition, intelligence, shrewdness, honesty, courage, boldness, wisdom, audacity, certainty, opinionatedness, diligence, simplicity... al these of these are manifestations of power that are positive and not negative.

    But to love somebody for their power without first embracing them for their love, their joy, their compassion, their understanding, their kindness, their innocence and their righteousness, this is a form of lust.

    What I'm getting at, is that love must exist, before any form of superficial attraction should even be considered. To desire somebody's power, without first loving their character, is to objectify them.

    A way to examine this is the idea of reciprocity. When love is reciporcated in affinity, community, sharing, responsiveness, intimacy, undersatnding, and affection, it is a healthy and pure type of exclusive love. When love is not reciprocated it leads to domination, selfishness and idolatry.

    We must pursue love and not power in our romantic relationships. For men, power is often manifested in sexual desire, or sexual intimacy. 

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    What Has the Lord given you?

    Monday, January 30, 2012, 11:14 PM [General]

    If you were going to pursue a vision for your life, what vision would that be?

    I believe that God can be only be found outside the church, though He is in the church, He must also be in the extremities and heights of every human life whether they are Chrisitan or not, they all share something in common and that is that they were created by God. 

    I would like to ideally educate young girls in the proper ways of living and possibly extend that education to the world. It is no secret that our society is desperately lacking in moral education.

    Right now, I don't feel that I have the means to fulfill this callig but hopefully someday I will.

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    The Son of Man did not come to condemn the world but to save it

    Sunday, January 29, 2012, 10:49 PM [General]

    So many Chrsitians become judgmental, critical, biased, bigoted and avoident of those that they consider to be unclean or sinful.

    There is a quote in scripture where the believers are condemend for saying "do not touch, I am too holy for you."

    Your personal holiness or relationship and status is determined by how you lift others up, empower them, share goodness with you, spread kindness and love, and offer compassion, understanding and respect.

    Doing things so that you can prove that you are better, that you are more holy, that you may put other people to shame, that you may dishonour somebody that you consider to be wicked or deceitful: all of this is done with the wrong motives...

    I read in a book by TD Jakes that real leaders empower others to maximize their potential as well. He leads by inspiration and not by demand or force.

    When people respect you, they should do it because they see how much you love and care about them, and how much you love and care about God. Respect should not be demanded or given through condemnation or fear, that is not the right attitude.

    Also Christians should never try to alieante others from the faith. When you try to convert somebody else or life them up, you should never view them as an inferior, or an enemy but always as somebody who shares the same harmony and environment as you. Remember we are required to love the least and not merely the greatest. 

    God brought his word into this world to change it, save it, redeem it, and sanctify it, He did not bring his word in to damn others. The bible says that god does not delight in the destruction of the wicked man.

    When you get into a religious disagreement with somebody, always remember that people are more important than ideas, but justice is more important than all. 

    Kindness is an unconditional obligation that God gave each of us to fulfill and we must not seek to destroy it or forsake it in our attempt to further advance our ministry, testimony or religious knowledge.

    There are many believers today who worship violence instead of love. They worship the violence of God rather than worshipping the love of God.

    You may have anger or short comings but the important thing is that you remember to take pride in your anger or in your bitterness.

    What I say may be painfully obvious to some, but to others, they live as if they don't know these things.

    Remember do not judge others, but rather seek to save them, because everybody is a victim in one way or another. 

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    He who puts his hand to the plow and looks back

    Sunday, January 29, 2012, 5:24 PM [General]

    In the same way that humans need air to breathe, so we must look towards people and things that are greater than ourselves if we ever want to improve as people and grow in faith.

    Those who look to something lower than themselves, such as the people around them, or their own pride and conceit will decrease in knowledge and status.

    In the end, your status in the kingdom of God is determined by your obedience and your pursuit of those things that are higher in the kingdom. 

    We must see to glorify the Lord and fix our eyes on him, rather than seeking to glorify ourselves or the people around us. Only then can we truly breathe the spiritual air and grow.

    "He who puts his hand to the plow and looks bad (has a wrong attitude) can never be saved."

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    Replacing the Bible

    Friday, January 27, 2012, 3:13 PM [General]

    Sometimes I feel that religious leaders are trying to replace the bible rather than understanding it in a deeper way. 

    If you remember the breaking of the 12 loaves of bread into the 5000 peices, what is truth is broken down into manageable chunks so that those who have wills, hearts, minds and souls that are not fully aligned with God's will can still offer partial obedience and grow in slow increments of spiritual conformity.

    The Jews have an oral teaching which is the Talmud by which they interpret the scriptural books. These teachings do not replace the scriptures but explain them to us and make them manageable for people who are at a loss as to how to live out, understand, justify or interpret different parts of the bible.  

    As the Harvard professor said on the first day of school: In Law there is great room for interpretation but very little for error. 

    We are to fill in the gaps of what is missing the inscriptures, but not alter it.

    As Einstinen said: Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler.

    Religion is not a utensil that we amend to suit our ways, but a utensil in which we amend ourselves to suit His. 

    I would encourage you all to learn shrewdness, to learn complexity, to learn analysis and deeper critical thinking, and then last of all, to break down bigotry and bias so that you can better understand the scriptures.

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    Seven Types of Compassionate Love

    Thursday, January 26, 2012, 4:45 PM [General]

    1. Love for Innocence

    2. Love for those who Fear the Lord

    3. Love for those who seek Joy

    4. Love for those who seek Dignity

    5. Love for those who Try

    6. Love for those who Love you

    7. Love for the weak, the poor, the humble and the meek

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    Twelve Laws of Witnessing

    Thursday, January 26, 2012, 4:04 PM [General]

    1. Do not judge people by socially conceived principles of righteousness

    2. Do not hurt those who try do to what is good

    3. Do not deceive others about the nature of wisdom or practice of truth

    4. Do not hide your anger or hostility from others

    5. Do not war against the law of equality

    6. Do not distort the justice due to a pagan, atheist or weak believer

    7. Do not manipulate people in either word or action

    8. Do not bind to carnal or hedonistic indulgences

    9. Do not pervert God's will

    10. Respect emotional boundaries

    11. Do not be negative or pessimistic

    12. Do not degrade others with unjust ideologies

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