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    Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 4:19 PM [General]


    Do you believe in exorcism?  Exorcism in this day and age are on the verge of extinction. No one, religious or lay, would like to acknowledge that fact that Satan is alive and well, tormenting souls. Many religions do not believe in possession, and many are afraid to believe that it can occur. The religions that do believe in and practice exorcism: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

    FEAR is Satan's dear friend. When someone fears Satan, Satan has power over them. The religious clergy fail to realize that Satan's biggest fear, more than exorcism, is confession. A priest who preaches, and hears confessions should not be afraid to be an exorcist. To not use the powers of exorcism that Christ has given, is direct betrayal of His command.

    A boy named Robbie Mannheim had exorcism performed on him as a teen in 1949. He was the inspiration for the 1971 and 1973 horror film, "The Exorcist."

    Even Mother Teresa allegedly underwent an exorcism late in life after the Archbishop of Calcutta noticed she might be possessed by evil because she seemed agitated in her sleep many times.

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    Monday, February 14, 2011, 6:51 PM [General]

         What if Jesus likes baseball and wanted to put a team together to play against Satan's team. Who would they choose for their members, what name would the team be called, who's the coach and manager, and what slogan would they use? Both Jesus and Satan would set aside their power and just be ordinary people.


    TEAM NAME--God's Angels.  COACH--Jesus Christ.  MANAGER--Abraham.  PITCHER--Samson.  CATCHER--Moses.  1st BASE--Paul.  2nd BASE--Enoch.  3rd BASE--Elijah.  SHORT STOP--David.  LEFT FIELD--Michael the Archangel.  CENTER FIELD--Apostle Paul.  RIGHT FIELD--Saul. TEAM SLOGAN--with a cross pointed at Satan..."Go ahead...Satan! Make my day!"


    TEAM NAME--Hell's Angels.  COACH--Satan.  MANAGER--Pontius Pilate. PITCHER--Lucifer.  CATCHER--Dantanian.  1st BASE--Abaddon.  2nd BASE--Bernael.  3rd BASE--Forcas.  SHORT STOP--Samael.  LEFT FIELD--Judas Iscarlot.  CENTER FIELD--Orian.  RIGHT FIELD--Baal.  TEAM SLOGAN:  Hottest team south of Hell!


    Abraham of Jesus' Team says, "We have the best team players in creation!"

    Pontius Pilate of Satan's Team says, "That's ok with us! We have all the umpires!"



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    Monday, February 14, 2011, 6:26 PM [General]

         The 2010 election for Beliefnet Community Member of the Year is actually over with, has been from the very beginning. Reporters rush to get the results and interview the nominees.

    Yes, 10 candidates lost by a wide margin. Those of us who own a group, we are winners to our group members. No one even comes close. I do want to thank all those members of Beliefnet and some of the members of my group and friends who did vote for me and helped keep other nominees from receiving the vote. But, how do they feel that I lost this year?

    You voted from your heart and that's what really counts.

        Hopefully by next year Beliefnet will have done away with this honor and substituted it with a more exciting honor/election or at least have a male & female winner. And, the way the votes are tabulated, they need to change that as well.

        ONCE AGAIN, thanks to all who voted for are the winners!!


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    Sunday, February 13, 2011, 5:43 PM [General]

         That's true! The end is near for the election of "Beliefnet Community Member of the Year-2010."  The winner is obvious, why drag the election through the mud.

         Looking through the reason[s] why a nominee was chosen and then placed on the ballot, it strikes me something awful right to the bone like a cold chill...a nominee's good to great character, his or her's great deeds for the community went unnoticed when it came to vote for the candidate who has helped all members.

    What's your views on this election for 2010? Is it thumbs up or thumbs down on the nominees [candidates]? Or, would it be better to say the winner [whomever it may be in the end]. What went wrong this time? Who do you believe really deserves the honor? 

    If only beliefnet would do away with this honor and get on to something more better and constructive. An honor for the Groups & Owners of the group nominated. The catagories should group picture, good photos, best threads, the construction of the group, best videos, best journals, overall interest, number of members, and I'm sure other matters.

    Its been an interesting election. Some of the nominees wondered why they were suddenly candidates, some dropped out completely, and it makes you wonder if anyone voted more than once for the same person.














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    Saturday, February 12, 2011, 2:41 PM [General]

        Probably the question on the minds of most members, having to do with the honor of being named the "Community Member of the Year-2010."  Is this so-called honor really productive for the winner, for the community, or is it just for fun knowing more than one half or three quarters of Beliefnet's membership of 220,345 might not vote for a nominee on the list.

        Who gets your vote? I was asked if I was going to vote. I replied, "Yes!" Am I going to vote for whoever is in the lead or anyone else? This was my reply:




        To be honest, this year's election isn't all that real vote getters  nor is this election a hot commodity that we really have to have. The way the votes are tabulated should be changed. One vote equals one person and if a person is said to have 30, 40, or 50 votes, that's the number of people who voted. If a candidate has, say 50% of the vote of the community, that's half of the community member population which is currently 220,345. There's hundreds of thousands of Beliefnet members who don't plan to vote for one reason of another. 

        Would I consider voting for myself to be sure I got at least one vote? Hmmm!



        I found a good candidate to vote for this year. The one and only dondiegodelavega. That alone tells you this isn't a serious election as there's other candidates who have good/great character, commitments and deeds who aren't doing too good either.


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    Friday, February 11, 2011, 5:30 PM [General]

         What should qualify a candidate for the honor "Beliefnet Community Member of the Year-2010"?

         Humility.  Candidates who know and understand their own weaknesses. The most qualified don't crave the spotlight but they want their share, hopefully enough to come in second place at least.

         Creatively & critical thinking skills.  This fits dondiegodelavega to a "T."  His hundreds of threads for his members shows his talents for being creative and being critical of the content of what he writes about, and of course, his journals.

         An ability to learn & an interest in learning.  Once again this fits dondiegodelavega to a "T."  Curious and engaged candidates like him are the most qualified. This type of candidate with a group for learning, is to absorb information and apply that information's values and his values to the decision making process to achieve a response. Those most interested in learning will perform the best. This speaks highly of dondiegodelavega's group..."Christian Theology & Apologetic Study."    

         Leadership.  One of the hallmarks of actual leadership is the ability to work well with others, especially those within a group and even reaching out to others.

         Integrity.  Candidates who take seriously their commitments to others and practice honesty, generosity, loyalty and devotion to a set of core beliefs like being devoted to their group as owner are also the most qualified for such an honor.

         Of course, the above is not all-inclusive. All the nominees for the "Beliefnet Community Member of the Year-2010" have been endorsed by the community and the "people in power" at Beliefnet. The voting is up to you. So, get out the vote. The one candidate to remember when voting is dondiegodelavega.



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    Thursday, February 10, 2011, 3:09 PM [General]

         This is only the 2nd day [2-10-11] of "Beliefnet's Community Member of the Year-2010."  Its still too early. The percentage figures keep bouncing from low to high and then from high back down to low everytime someone votes.

         The nominees for this election don't appear to be vote grabbers inspite of their good character and deeds as voiced by many community members who helped get them nominated. There is but one "underdog" in this election...

    And that is dondiegodelavega. Can he pull it off? Maybe...Lord willing and the river don't rise!

         As I said, its still early in the election and, of course, a member can vote forwhomever they want.

         But, can dondiegodelavega make it happen this year if not in second place at the end?

         Many members have stated this young man can't possibly win or at least come in second at the end of the election. Those who have already voted for him say to those members who say he can't win...


         I'm dondiegodelavega AND I APPROVE OF THIS MESSAGE.


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    Thursday, February 10, 2011, 12:32 AM [General]

        Have you voted yet for the Beliefnet Community Member of the Year for 2010 ?

    Dondiegodelavega asks two of Star Trek's finest Enterprise officers : Captain James T. Kirk and Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy if they agree that this young man  would make a great Beliefnet member for the year 2010. And they said...

    This nominee is witty, outspoken, imaginative, dares to go where no owner of a group has gone before, engaging, keeps readers coming back. He and his group The Christian Theology & Apologetic Study are informative including some hot topics. He makes it very interesting! His photo gallery is the best on Beliefnet...check it out and his profile and vote the American way!

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    Wednesday, February 2, 2011, 5:17 PM [General]

    Do you remember these famous tv series? Any of them your favorites?

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    Wednesday, February 2, 2011, 5:11 PM [General]

    Should babies be allowed to smoke and should their parents get them started on such a filthy habit? Check out these photos:


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