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    September 12, 2008
    5:59 AM
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    This reply was removed from the boards because it was not deemed appropraite for that particular section. I thought you might want to read it nonetheless: "There's a reason why Scientology is so controversial. I would strongly advice you to first - before actually reading any books - view this 'religion' from a different perspective. I myself first got 'involved' with Scientology about a year ago. Since then I've been doing a lot of research on it, mainly on the internet. Basically, just like you, I was interested in finding out what Scientology was all about. Not so much its teachings though, I wanted to know exactly what caused the controversy surrounding it, and whether all the criticism was well founded. Trust me on this, there are some extremely important things you need to ask yourself, and find out for yourself, before even considering to actually become a Scientologist. There are numerous forums and communities out there, created and maintainted by ex-Scientology members, sharing their experience with others. A good place to start would be 'exscientologykids dot com', or simply search google for 'ex scientology'. Then I could really advice you to watch the Jason Beghe interview. Jason Beghe is a famous actor and former scientologist who has recently left the org. During the interview he talks about his experience as a former OT-5. You can find the interview on youtube or various news websites and blogs. Simply search for 'Jason Beghe' inside youtube or google, or visit 'xenutv dot com'. As a final word, I'm not a religious person. I'm not pursuing any kind of religious agenda in attempting to convince you to investigate the controversies surrounding Scientology. Based on what I've learned, I almost feel like it's my responsibility to prevent curious and uninformed people from starting off on the wrong foot, down the wrong path. Good luck."

    June 12, 2008
    1:25 AM
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