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    I LOVE everything about DOGS,they are my passion.My dogs,which i do not call them they are my babies,which is the way i will refer to them.When I am sad or lonely,they come to me and bring me comfort and babies are my family,friends,therapist and the LOVE of my life.I truly enjoyed the poems.At this time my life is very difficult, mentally, physically and socially.i have a tendancy to withdraw inside of my self and with out the love of my babies I would stay there.I have a mental illness and my babies are always here for me. When I read those poems they brought a warmth to my soul and I want to thank Belief net for all they do for me and the groups.I am going to start interacting with the dog lovers group,by reading what you all say makes me feel like their are people like me here.

    April 6, 2011
    9:55 PM
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