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    Disability Issues

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    Hi my name is Courtney, this is my very first attempt at getting a group together. I am a person with a disbility. I like to use People First language. I'd like this group to be a place where others like myself can go to to talk about their lives and get some support from each other in having a disbility, be it physical, learning or mental. A bit about myself: I have what's called a hidden disablity. Where some people have trouble reading, I read very well, for me it's reading my environment, which I have gotten better at.I also have very mild Cerebal Palsy. So that's about all I have to say.

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    I have quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, when I was in my twenties my C.P. wasn't that limiting. Now I'm 45 years old and I have personal care attendants because my mobility is very limiting. This causes me to be very depressed and my self esteem is gone. Has any one else gone through this what can I do?

    October 14, 2009
    12:58 PM
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    I would so greatly appreciate hearing from any fellow members that would like to chat. We could get to know each other, and possibly become friends! Thanks, Tiger_mom

    September 18, 2009
    10:30 PM
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    Hello, I just joined this group in the hopes that I'll be able to share the pain [physical & emotional] with others to hopefully find some peace. Right now my life is hanging by a thread and to be honest, I'm scared that I'll want to exit at this point. I can't find the words to describe what is going on in my body and soul, maybe there's someone out here that could share some thoughts with me. For 16 years I have Fibromyalgia & recently Lupus which is affecting my kidneys. I also have permanent damage from a car accident where I had a Grand Mal Seizure, lost consciousness while driving & my car went through a building. The isolation is close to torture. Even though I live w/ my boyfriend, he is unable to hold a normal conversation, so I am alone. The depression is paralizing. Going out in public is difficult 'cause the accident broke out most of my front teeth & broke many facial bones. Most people either stare, glare, or stereotype me. Being I do not get out much, the ignorance does bother me. I have no dental insurance; had some $$ saved up but the boyfriend, when it comes to money, is like a 14 year-old & manipulated from me. I hope I'm not putting this on the wrong area, since B-net changed everything, I don't know what goes where now. Well thanks for the add and I hope to be able to share w/ some kind souls here.-Cinnamon6

    June 28, 2009
    7:21 PM
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