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    I think we have to remember that our homeland is in heaven. It is difficult to say the least when our love ones leave us . I cherish the days we had together . My sister died of cancer three years ago . I loved her but didn't think she loved me . Her friends tell me she did . My mother passed and I had tons of issues at the way she treated me . I pray and I let go and let God . He God sees the whole picture we don't When my spiritual mother died I felt joy within. I knew she was with God . You know we can give birth to Jesus in the lives of the people we live with . In our time , I don't think so in HIS time it comes about

    December 27, 2009
    1:06 PM
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    Hi, firstly let me say how deeply sorry i am for your loss. I can relate to your feelings quite a bit..i just lost my mom 2 months ago (she was 86 and had been in a home in a wheelchair the past 6 yrs after breaking her hip, had already had pneumonia etc. and pulled through all that at her age, which is pretty amazing). But finally,i guess her body couldn't take it anymore and she passed away. What makes it particularly sad for me, is that i was in Germany at the time, and it happened 3 days before my return, so that i couldn't even be there with her, but i know that she's in Heaven and at peace, so i focus on that now. I also lost my doctor of 30 yrs last year, and another doctor that i was assigned to, only 8 mos later! So it has definitely been a year of losses for me too. But what i really wanted to say is that Prayer is very personal, and i think God hear sll, and does care and eventually in his own time, answer them. . I believe that, it's different for everyone. Anyway, i actually wanted to delete my beliefnet acct. but it seems that i can't because they have a weird system whereby you just have to become inactive or something like that ! Go Figure !! I wanted to delete my acct. because i had posted something with regards to my mom's recent passing - and NOBODY cared enough to even comment a little, even though they don't know me at all, however, i feel that if all these wonderful so-called spiritual people can't even be bothered - then i can't be bothered either. You & God, I and GOd, anyone at all - it really is between YOU & HIM in the end. He'll comfort you and answer your prayers in his own way i believe and i think he already knows what you want to say or feel..before you even say it. Anyway, sorry for rambling on. Once again, my deepest condolences to you and take good care.

    December 9, 2009
    2:15 PM
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    June 7, 2008
    3:19 PM
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