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  • In my parallel universe humans big business has introduced cloned livestock, animals and fish into our food source without public ... more
  • The world needs more Love. Has everything always been about love? Or have we been chasing fleeting dreams of grandier for money, fame, ... more
  • In the depths of the starry night sky. Where no human has ever been to. That is the place I desire to be. To sit at the table of those ... more

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    I wonder if you still get on here? Thank you for that response though, it is funny going back and reading this I have became a yogi... In 2010 !! :) it's been a wonderful journey... I'm doing better now but still working and finding myself :) thank you. Have a good day!

    November 22, 2013
    10:07 AM
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    It has been a long time, DH! I have had to take a journey, in order to find some sort of semblance in my life. But all of you at B-net, have never been far from my thoughts or prayers. I look forward to catching up with soon. Until then, embrace nature, embrace knowledge, and above all, embrace love! Love & Light, Susan Comments & Myspace Layouts

    February 1, 2009
    3:31 PM
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    Free Comments and Graphics Photobucket Login, Upload Pics

    September 15, 2008
    1:21 PM
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