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Comfort or Food? Spoon...with cookies and milk on it! 19 Replies
Comfort or Food? A piece of sugarless gum....Yum! 19 Replies
What's New With You? Just got high speed internet today....what a difference!! 9 Replies
Wha'cha readin'? The Purpose Driven Life 13 Replies
What Tree Are You? I am a willow tree.... swaying in the breeze. Going with the flow. 13 Replies
Choices! Choices! Choices! sorry, I can't play that game...both!love 'em both. but, ok, puppy, they seem less aloof. Next:ocean waves or mountain air... take care everyone, 16 Replies
Comfort or Food? coffee - well, I actually just went to the diner and had a cup of coffee and a bran muffin.I always find hot drinks comforting.Also, I have some connection with hot coffee.... 19 Replies
ABC - Who are you? remembering...finding the self that I seem to have lost in old memories, where I was centered, peaceful, happy. take care everyone, 18 Replies
Tell the future tomorrow I will endeavor, once again to conquer my depression.I plan to stay active, stay busy.tomorrow maybe I will write a poemHope everyone is doing ok.take care, 17 Replies
What Tree Are You? I have heard that trees embody patience. To me that seems like great power. I wish I had the patience of a tree, to endure all things.Depression horribly bad lately. Working... 13 Replies
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