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    Thank you so much for being an expression of the Divine. You have blessed me and so many beings through your wisdom teaching.

    March 17, 2008
    4:20 PM
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    Wishing you blessings, peace, love, joy, and health. Thank you for bringing light into the world. Rev. Eddie

    February 26, 2008
    8:27 AM
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    What a surprise to find you on here Mr. Chopra!!! I have respected and engaged myself in your writings and interviews since I was 16 years old (that's when I first read "The Path to Love" which changed my life!) I really look forward to reading your blog alongside with your children. I look forward to the blessings and light you are to bring to Beliefnet!!!

    February 24, 2008
    5:29 PM
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    I just noticed that you have a bookclub on Beliefnet. I think it is wonderful that your children are writing articles as well. I plan to but this book asap so I can join the discussions. You have been a huge part of my spiritual awakening. Thank you so much for all that you do and welcome to Beliefnet. Love and Blessings, Melissa K

    February 23, 2008
    4:00 PM
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    How wonderful to have you be a part of Beliefnet:)...I appreciate your work...It has been a part of my spiritual awakening...Thank you!!

    February 22, 2008
    9:34 PM
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