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    Thank you for the beautiful thought. For "God" to accept us we have to accept the true nature of "God" by accepting ourselves. You can only love others when you are free to love yourself. To see "God" we have to see the attributes within ourselves so we can truely become one. True love!

    Deep Thought
    April 5, 2008
    2:23 PM
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    Christian Glitter by Jesus is with you always!!!!

    April 4, 2008
    10:41 PM
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    Your parrot is lovely. Such a stiking color! I bet he has some personality. Take care.

    April 2, 2008
    9:05 AM
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    Hi my Frineds, I have tried to update my profile but when I save it just reverts to the old one! Not good! Anyway my tagline should ready "Sanity is more important than knowledge", Interests "None" The Gospel of the Second Coming should be added to books - Its is a haillarious look at an Christianity from an alternative perspective. It makes a difficult deep subject easy and fun to follow and I want to keep turning the pages! I am praying for no one. I feel skeptical to put it midly and the bit about no labels should be blanked out! Hope you are all well? Take care and stay in touch :-)

    Deep Thought
    March 30, 2008
    12:26 AM
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    Thanks! He was a lovebird which is a parakeet, he was lovely. Had great personality, I think you can see that in his face :-)

    Deep Thought
    March 20, 2008
    8:17 PM
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    March 16, 2008
    1:58 PM
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