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    Spiritual Mood: annoyed
    Status: Dont e-mail me to be your lover , boyfriend , life partner I am NOT interested ! This is not what this community is about !!

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    Yeah you tell em Debster1227. I hope you have a very blessed day. You crack me up only because I know exactly what you're talking about. :-)

    September 2, 2009
    1:38 PM
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    well guess my comment didn't work . well this is to all of you who insist leaving annoying pick up lines in my inbox and filling them up with all your trash that comes out of your mouth . JUST stop cause I am only going to report u any way . I don't want to be your lover , girlfriend as a lover or anything even close to it . Do u really think we like getting your e-mails ? Be serious .GO get a life some where else . I feel sorry for you

    August 31, 2009
    4:47 AM
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    August 31, 2009
    4:39 AM
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