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    Tuesday, December 22, 2009, 12:54 AM [General]

    Hi !

    A little about me. I am a very independent person and very proud of what I have worked hard for in my life. I am always very busy with all kinds of things.I have a great love for all animals and have two Bichon Dogs.I do all kinds of crafts and love to sew. I also like to paint pictures or signs or even inside decorating. I enjoy gardening in the summer months and the outdoors. I do not like the cold and snowy months of the year.OK if not to cold.I live alone,with my 2 dogs but gets lonely at times. I have 3 children all live in the same town but have their own homes. My son the oldest is single and lives in his own house(still paying on it) His family consists of 2 ferrets,a cat and many fish.My second, a daughter, married  and has two children a girl age 8 years and a boy 3 years old.They to live in their own house( still paying on it) My youngest, a daughter,is a single Mom and has two children,a boy 9 years and a girl 5years old.She to has just bought a home to raise her children in and now has a morgage. I have been married twice and my first husband of 19 years is the Father of my children,my second husband of 17 years left me May 11/09. He moved 3000 miles away, back to his home land where his family and relatives all live. It is very,very hard but my faith in God is the only thing that makes me go on, plus my family.I did not want either of these marriage brake ups as I DO NOT believe in divorse. I guess they are not true Christians and I can not make them believe or love me or their family.I just know God has other plans for me. I just pray and hope to live my life the way God wants me to and he will see me happy again some day soon.                                                


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