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    @DaoLotusBear help needed if ur psychic can you message (im not sure if i check my messages on if you can plz help using psychic power to read my mind through the internet,through reading the mind of the person that sent you this message,if you can then theres something important i might kind of need help with and infact the thing i need help with is im born by a 1/10 billion chance with the birth defect of getting hurt touching unsmooth and im supposed to get help from grigory perelman whom i think connectd to the mental difference of getting hurt touching unsmooth,not with getting hurt touching unsmooth though,really good at letters that stand for something mathematical equation copy and paste it into the web address bar url to go to it: i need help from someone using psychic powers to find his phone number,or his contact area that he goes online oftenly and someone reading his mind to see if hes inventing letters that stand for something mathematical equation (example:e=mc squared) to invent a machine generating brainwaves that travel like electricity,anything to alter the brain or dispense onto the brain,traveling like electricity to go into the brain from being placed on the outside of the person so no operation get it inside ther brain,its supposed to dispense regeneration similar to hydra type of jellyfish that has an infinite life span regeneration of life span,also it can dispense happiness the opposite of mental illness to undo gradual more mental illness with an infinite maximum mental illness,more mental illness the more time has passed,dispense pleasure,tons of it to feel good 100% of the time,it might remove disadvantages/add advantages of getting hurt touching unsmooth birth defect which theres only one in the world since bilions of people and 1/10 billion chance to be born that way,you must help since i was born able to get hurt touching unsmooth,plz! this is my mission as how rare it is to be born that way and its mental difference is why im asking your help 1/36500 of 100 year life span 36500 day life span people are dead of old age heart attack by a 100% chance is also why i need help,so plz help! (my mission is to stop that and i think super natural forces of unlikelyhoodedness try to combine me with grigory perelman to stop it by a 100% chance,but i need help from someone able to read future and stuff to make him go faster,i think he speaks/reads english) *tell me if you can help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May 19, 2015
    9:50 PM
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    Thanks for being a Member of The SCIENCE OF MIND Beliefnet Group, which will be updated in JANUARY 2011... Blessings to you! I have not been here in a while, and just wanted to stop in to say "Hi" to you ~ Your Friend, René

    December 24, 2010
    5:33 PM
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