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    peaks of consciousness

    Saturday, April 26, 2008, 11:10 AM [General]

    One must strive to become filled with the Love of God, Creator ect... to over come selfishness and desire to have control or power over others.

    To love God is to love all of man-kind,(Gods' Will).  Responding to what goes on around us has to be done with Love and Kindness, attributes of Divine Love (God).  As hard as some might think that may be to do, it just takes the mind-set of Jesus.  If we look at what Jesus did, acts of Divine Love, and of what the writers of the times said he spoke, one must find the Divine Love in each  to see Jesus' teachings.  One can not live by what the writers said that does not contain His Divine Love.  Any of the writings that does not contain the Diviness can not be of Jesus. It is only logical that it be so.  One can not be of Love and do harm.

    Thinking things through before we take action or speak, leads to the mind-set of Jesus(Divine Love).

    When we act out of Love, we have that heart felt emotion.  That is the connection to the Soul,(spirit of God with-in).

    Is there only a certain level of achievement of Love in our present state of humanity?  I would say yes.  I would say that it is Gods Will for us to reach that level.

    Through Divine Love, there is Peace!



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