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    Curious, glad to see you made it back, I missed you my Irish friend! :) Yep, Bnet changed platforms - a more stable platform (we hope) and we're all still stumbling around trying to find our way.... the aftermath of a blizzard comes to mind... All of us lost ALL our emails, and no one yet can change their about me statement --- Don't know about you, but my About Me is a year old, it's like old makeup that needs a change... Now why were ya'all so bummed over Christmas, and don't you know yet there's more to Bnet than spiritual gobbledy-gook? If there weren't anything BUT religious mumbo-jumbo I wouldn't still be hanging around these parts. :) Send me an email... I wanna know why you were so sad and give you a hug, if that'll help. (((( hugs )))) AS

    March 5, 2009
    11:46 AM
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    CS, so glad to hear you made it safely home from your world-changing journey. No international incidents, malarial fevers or severe culture clashes I assume... Well done! :D Looking forward to hearing about your experiences both within and without. Hmm.... Heroes sounds interesting, I love that kind of stuff. Yep, loved X-men too. Another fine example of how universal truths can be best explored within the realm of the imagination yes? On the necessity of a savior. I don't think I've ever said we don't need one because we do. We really do, it's just that we differ upon the Origin of a savior. Will we look to our fellow human beings, will we seek and be the best within each of us, or keep looking elsewhere and pass by what a known existence? Can we BE someone's savior? Can we rescue one another from despair? Yes, we can, we do and we should. We DO need heroes; they're so few and far between yet we keep looking. What is of greater importance? The journey or the destination? :)

    November 11, 2008
    7:18 PM
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    Curious one Soul, I hope all is well with you! Where is your world now, looks like you're doing a lot of traveling how cool is that? I've visited portions of NJ, upstate NY as well as NYC - beautiful, green, lush but not so in your face rain-foresty lush as you'll see in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, there are many many sights to see in the states and I still haven't seen them all..Working on it, however. If you ever make it to SoCal, be sure to check Joshua Tree, it's truly a sacred place where 2 deserts meet. The rock formations are fantastic! Whether you're into hiking, quiet meditation or rock climbing, Joshua Tree is a dream - um, I wouldn't recommend it in the middle of summer. A few hours to the north east, and you're either in Death Valley or Sequoia National Forest. On Heroes... I haven't caught that one, what's it about? The world could certainly use some heroes, couldn't we? Those comic book artists have the right idea. Happy Trails and try not to cause any international incidents on your journey, OK? ;-)

    October 23, 2008
    1:23 PM
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