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10 years ago  ::  Jul 02, 2008 - 8:15AM #1
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Hello, I am Carrie.  My son just finished reading a book by Piers Anthony (which I read at his age) called "A spell for Chameleon".  In the story there is a character who lives in a kingdom where everyone has a unique magical ability.  This character is about to be exiled, because he has not proven to have any magic.  Long story short, he realizes his unique magical ability is that he is immune from the magical powers of others. This ability is extraordinary and is ranked right up there with the magical powers of the king and wizard; yet he grew up thinking he was an ordinary non-magical person. 

I am joining this group; but kind of without a popular creative ability that most would recognize.  I am not an artist with a camera, brush or pencil.  I enjoy craft projects but I would not say I am gifted in that capacity either.  I am an above average singer, songwriter, poet and writer but my true gift is tying together other people's gifts in recognition that we are all ONE and all parts of this whole. 

I am working together with my partner, Roger on a project called the "Universal Quilt" which will be a compilation of stories, art, poetry, etc. from people like you.  This book project is unique in that it is being authored by US, not by me. I do not seek any credit or personal gain.  My joy is in seeing US come together as one to tell our story which transcends the individual ego view.  Please visit our Group, The Visitors Journal to share some piece of yourself with us.  The book project may be a spin off of this group eventually.  So this is my miracle. Like the character in the above story, I am recognizing my ability is not a common ability.  Yet my art is like a seamstress who takes pieces of cloth from others to form a beautiful quilt to hand down to future generations.

Obstacles to my miracle:

Though I have had tremendous healing, and love is lifting me out of the ego view.  I am still working out this ego view of myself and it is possible the ego will want to distract me by having me focus on number of members or maybe someone will share something I disagree with and I will struggle to accept their unique path. People may focus on the details of their stories so much that they miss the bigger picture and I may fear that others will focus on the negative's too much.  In that fear, I may try to control or manipulate the results rather than let love guide me.  Being aware of these pitfalls is amazing in itself and I'm very hopeful about the project.


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