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  • The Key to Heaven,  was hanged on a Nail. 
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    TITLED: “SIGNAL,…YOUR,…READINESS!”…. We have ample reason, to love every Truth we learn, from God's Word. We treasure our Holy Scriptures, as they are, gems of Truth. Our beliefs are always,..."Cherished and recently refined”. By speaking with heart-felt enthusiasm and maintaining our love for what God has taught us, we convey that love, Jesus did. Jesus, cares about the thoughts and attitudes that drive us. He is concerned about the burdens which weigh us down, and the obstacles that hinder us, from grasping His Truths!....(Matt. 11:28;...16:13;...23:13,15). Granted, we today, cannot read the Hearts of the people, to whom we teach. However, we can take an interest in people, as Jesus does. We can let our concern for them show; and we can tailor our words, to meet their particular interests, challenges, and needs. Above all else, what needs to be set straight, is God's Holy Name,...(Jehovah). Not only that it be Sanctified, but also cleared of every trace of reproach, heaped upon it, by Satan and all who have sided with him!.... The rightfulness of God's Sovereignty and His Way of ruling, needs to be vindicated. Better than any other man, Jesus understood this vital issue. In the model prayer, He taught His followers, to ask first for the Father's Name, to be Sanctified, next for His Father's Kingdom to come, and then, for God's Will, to be done on Earth!....(Matt. 6:9,10). That Kingdom was the,..."Theme",...of Jesus' ministry. All His words and all His actions, help to clarify what this Kingdom is, and how it will serve God's purpose. Jesus, allowed nothing to side-track Him, from His mission to teach the good news. He was far from being narrow in His outlook, dull or repetitive in His approach. He made His teaching, interesting and colorful... He appeals, to our Hearts. Jesus, never showed-off His knowledge, in order to impress others. He keeps His message, simple and clear. All of us, do have a measure of knowledge and experience, from which to draw, when we share with others, the Truths of God's Word!.... Jesus delights, in helping us to see the Heavenly Father, as He truly is,...unobscured by confusing man-made doctrines and traditions. He desires most, that we gain an approved relationship with God and the Hope of Everlasting Life. He lived simply, so that nothing would needlessly pull Him away, from His ministry...(Matt. 6:22;...8:20). (“SIGNAL,…YOUR,…READINESS”),… to be harvested. The time is now, and the work is urgent!... Even though we may have a family and secular obligations, we can show that our ministry, comes first, having a zealous, regular share in it, Jesus does...(Matt. 6:33;...1st. Timothy 5:8). We can expend ourselves in this ministry, giving generously of our time, energy, and resources, support it!....(Luke 13:24). Seize every opportunity, to teach. The importance of His work, is ensured by the commissioning of His followers, to carry on the teaching. All good work, is rewarded. The time to reap, has arrived!.... Your Friend, Recently Refining, our Ruler's Righteousness; As well, Cherishing His Constructiveness!.... Izzy!... E-Mail:

    April 30, 2010
    5:41 PM
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    April 30, 2010
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