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    Inner Guidance

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    Inner Guidance is spiritual in nature. We will seek to transcend the illusions of everyday awareness by lovingly listening to and respectfully sharing experiences, thoughts and ideas to develop and enrich our individual and each others lives while seeking a greater sense of meaning and purpose in this lifetime.
    Each and every one of us has an innate aspect of ourselves that is invisible yet still very real and is the very essence of our lives. We will seek to develop a greater sensitivity to that spark within ourselves and each other as we nurture and explore these seeds of divinity and oneness to transform and uplift our own and each others inner world and inner visions.
    We value all belief systems and all people and treat each person with love and respect. We only ask that you do the same.

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    Keep Pleasant Thoughts You can't take sides against anything. If you would just leave the "against" part out; if you would just be one who is for things - you would live happily ever after..."Against" brings about more to be against. "For" brings about more to be For.

    woman who dances ...
    March 16, 2011
    5:16 PM
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    Woman who Dances with Cats..your are an inspiration and I appreciate you very much..It has been awhile since I was on BNET too, and I also am blessed by those who stop in here. Blessings your way!!!!!!!!

    November 23, 2010
    3:35 PM
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    I want to thank each of you for being a part of this group, and allowing me to share & be a member.It's been quite awhile since I've been on BNET We never really know who might be affected by what we do in our day to day lives. Please know that in the past(BNET) you've had a great impact on my life, just by receiving. And so I'm sending a whole lot of gratitude your way!Make it a Great week & a Happy & Blesssed Thanksgiving

    woman who dances ...
    November 22, 2010
    6:29 PM
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    "Expectations are barometers of success." As nice as it would be, you don't just wake up one day feeling confident. Lasting confidence is earned, through successes and accomplishments. We all place expectations on the outcome of our performance. It's important to remember that such expectations ultimately determine whether you consider yourself successful or not. If you're consistently not meeting your expectations, redefine them. Make sure they are realistic. And, most importantly, make sure they are your own. When you meet your own realistic expectations, when you measure success by your own barometer (not someone else's), you will feel successful and your confidence will rise. We worry about our family, we worry about money or the lack of it. We worry about work, about where we live, about all sorts of things. These are all burdens - the things we pick up along life's path And lug them around the obstacles and over the crevasses that life will bring; Only to find that, at the destination they are useless and we can't take them with us. If you make more progress than you thought you would, don't compensate by slowing down. You're doing great, so raise your expectations even higher and keep going strong. If you fail to make as much progress as you had planned, don't get discouraged. Remind yourself of why you're making the effort, and re-commit to getting it done. Consistent, purposeful effort will reliably bring the results you seek. On some days you'll move faster than on other days, yet every day you'll keep going forward. Never forget that there is great power in small actions that are repeated again and again. Though the path may be long and winding and uneven, by continuing to put one foot in front of the other, you'll reach your destination. Celebrate the small victories and learn from the small defeats. Then, keep on moving steadily toward the goal you've chosen. Put the power of consistent effort to work. And each day, you'll bring new value to life.

    woman who dances ...
    November 19, 2010
    8:55 PM
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