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    Wow That Picture is very Beautiful, and You SEE me in HER.... WOWZERS CHAR.. thank you for the cool compliment... AND MAY I are stunning gorgeous in every way... YES REALLY... I'm happy to hear all is good there in California... BUT , DARLING I'M still thinking of the Earth Quake..and praying that all people and all God's earth creatures are safe and in areas that they may seek shelter, Char today was not as cool as we thought it got hot really fast .. i stayed on deck sipping iced tea and sucking icee pops.. eating is not possible.. soooooooooooo i stood outside watching birds and hummingbirds come feed on seed & nectar...Tonight we're feasting on garden tomatoes and cucuumbers too hot to eat anything heavy, hubby is so good to me, i am so blessed...i do not deserve such a wonderful man in my life... but i aint giving him away lol nope ..he's mine all mine... lol darling sweetheart please be safe.. yes i know you are by the bay.. but i still am concerned and i will pray for total protection in all areas in California.. hope to talk to you soon.. or catch ya on the threads.... bye bye 4 now keep cool & dry.. i hope you get a/c soon it helps to cool the mind & spirit... love * light mille :>)

    August 1, 2008
    8:38 PM
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    news on California's Earth Quake is very Scary to hear, i hope you are all safe and doing well.. I haven;t seen you post I missed you, ODD that after i had created my friends list .. Errrm Weird Freaky, how suddenly everyone dropped off, i know we're in the days of HEAT & Summer.. i know i too hate feeling sticky & i do not wish to sit here sweating and feeling icky all over lol Even with A/C on, i know that my body & my mind needs to be outdoors & that my friends will understand that if i delay in my response it's because I am having Summer Fun .. But anyways CHAR... let me know how you're doing..the heat is finally ending.. & tommorow we should be back in the lower 80's... YAAAY sounds like a cold spell coming in lol OY.. Seriously, after days & days of 90 plus degrees.. anything less than 90 is surely welcomed.. :)

    August 1, 2008
    3:34 AM
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    Dear Char, it was so Great to hear from you.. I hope that your Work week goes smoothly & Swift... many blessings of love *light coming your way keep in touch Keep Cool & dry Mille xoxox

    July 15, 2008
    12:36 AM
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