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    Wishing you wholeness and Peace, Love and Joy! Amanda

    October 7, 2008
    4:04 PM
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    "The whole of Existence is a gift to you from the Divine. Accept it with love, grace and humility." Thank You For Your Blessed Friendship!

    August 29, 2008
    10:57 PM
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    What a great gift you have made your journey of loss turn out to be. Helping so many! I'm so very proud to see & read of the things you are doing!.I will hopefully get to listen to your radio interview.,.I live in Santa Clara Co.! Good luck & have a wonnderful time on the show. Take care & Bless you always, Cathy(cdkelley)

    August 20, 2008
    4:26 AM
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    Christian Glitter by Sister Chandra

    July 29, 2008
    7:22 AM
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    for your friendship! namaste, Kristen

    July 11, 2008
    7:24 PM
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    I am honored to be your friend :) Dharma

    July 10, 2008
    12:11 AM
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    Chandra, I am looking forward to Meaningful And Joy~filled conversations with you. ~ In Kindness Always ~ ^l^ ~ Jalus

    July 9, 2008
    7:50 PM
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    Your story is very special and inspirational. May I ask what is your thought on the afterlife? I lost my only son (18 yrs. of age) last year and several things happened of a supernatural nature. He was my best friend as well as my child, but I miss him so much and I truly know that I will see him again one day. Peace and Love to you and your endeavors. Deb

    June 18, 2008
    4:19 AM
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