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    I just finished listening to a series on personal peace which came from Sid Roth in Charlotte North Carolina. Very Good message.

    February 4, 2013
    9:16 AM
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    TITLED: "MASTERY OF WORDS!"... Decide on Praying,...prior to giving-in, to Temptations!.... Rather than afterward, and you will find a big difference, your conduct, toward Life!.... In the beginning,...("8 years ago!"),...I began studying the Bible, with Elders and Mentors, of various Denominations, as well as Non-Denominational groups. My motive, was to find soothing answers, for All the Personal Pain and Sufferings, in my Life!.... Also, there was a part of me, that wanted to Challenge the Validity of this Book and Yes,...I was determined, to find Fault,...within it's context. As time past,...I never did find the supposed Loop-holes, which I thought for sure,...I would eventually discover,...if only I just kept reading on!.... To the contrary,...I steadily fell in Love and Passionately caressed each page, as I most willingly took notes, questioned everything, and continued my ruthless researching, for errors!... Little by little, I was being convinced of it's Promising Text!.... Not only, did I Challenge, but also Tested its course and concluded along the Way,...that Truly, this is the Work, of a Wonderful God!... He manages to,......("Mesmerize!"),, with His,...("Mastery of Words!").... His Validity, is beyond our Vocabulary!.... His Wisdom, Widely Worshipped!... His Wrath, Cunningly Controled!.... His Love,...Leads the Laziest of Lads, into Liberty !.... The more we learn about the Bible's Moral Standards,...the Least, we will like, our current ways of walking!.... Our Conscience, is Constructively Criticized,...and is constantly reminded, to correct itself, accordingly!.... By studying God's Word!,...we will most Undoubtedly progress, toward a Harmonious Habitation, with our Creator!... I Pray, you believe this, be True!.... God Bless You, And Remember to Read; The Only Truth Told, Within a Simply Bound Book; Which we call, The Bible!.... Israel Falcon, (Izzy!...) 9439 San Jose Blvd. Ste. # 159 Jax. , Fla. 32257

    July 22, 2009
    5:57 PM
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    I Long to write You!...I'm Hopeful, that our Friendship......will bring us...Near!...Until then, I am and will remain, most Affectionately Yours!... I thank Almighty God (which has always been my remedy), that my sayings are well accepted... Most Heartily, that He has prolonged my Life, that I may in this case, Glorify Him! ("Jesus Christ!"), with my writing!... Sweet Jesus!... I yield and submit myself wholly, unto the Will of your Majesty!... I enjoy writing inspirational memos and with your permission, would like to share one with you!...... Titled: "Shaped by Desire!" Can you strive to be an exemplar of the Life of Spiritual Growth? Or do you see in yourself, only Morbid-Levels of Rigidity? Jesus, showed nothing of the Rigidity. Although the strength of His resolve and consistency of His disciplines are striking, He lived a Life, characterized by flexibility, not predictability. His Discipline served to align His Will and His Spirit with God's! It sprang from a Heart that was Aflame with the Love of God, not a Will that was striving for Self-Control! Pride, alienates us from others. It also spawns an illusory sense of Self-Sufficiency! (Proverbs 4:13), encourages us to hold fast to discipline. This was clearly True of Jesus! His longing to be with the "Father!", was the source of His Life. Discipline was, for Jesus, as it should be for us, grounded in Relationship and "SHAPED BY DESIRE!" Genuine Love of Christ, places the priority on inner transformation, not outward routines. Bring your personality under the Lordship of Christ and the control of the Spirit!! Together, we approach God, and together, we ask that the Divine name be Hallowed and the Kingdom of God, come! Together we ask for our Daily bread, together we ask for the forgiveness of our Sins, and together, we choose His Will, over our will. "Together!" We are led by Jesus!, who teaches us what it is to Truly Relate to Our "Father!", God, and to our brothers and sisters. (1st. John 1:3-4). With regular visits, my desire is to be able to share a new, fresh devotional message, in hopes that it will motivate us all! Thank You, for the opportunity and until next time... I welcome your response!... Your Friend, Izzy!....

    April 14, 2009
    7:30 PM
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