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    "Cancer Has No Age"

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    Cancer has been such a devasting disease to so many. I, myself, have been directly involved with it. I had my first cancer when I was 30 years old. It was Malignant melanoma. I had to have major surgery for it. I came through the surgery well even though it took me a long time to heal. I then was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1986, which ended with more major surgery. Less than 18 months later I had to have my ovaries removed (9 months apart)because they were precancerous. My mother died in my arms after a difficult 3 month battle with lung cancer. My Uncle then passed away from lung cancer and then my aunt. Another Uncle had died of cancer as well. I know the pain of fighting it and losing someone to it.
    Now, I have had an incredible friendship given to me by God in the body of an adorable 4 year old girl who is fighting the fight of her life. It is a rare stomach cancer that only children get. Then there is another little sweetie who is fighting cancer by treatments of chemotherapy & radiation. Kaylanna & her little friend look so adorable as they sit close and lean their little bald heads together in friendship and in an unspoken knowledge of each others plight.
    Please join with me and pray for the children who are victims of cancer. Pray for men, women, children...and family pets... who are or have struggled with this disease.

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