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    Saturday, December 4, 2010, 9:40 PM [General]

    Hello!  I am just starting in this forum and hope to eventuallyhave some clairity with some of the BIG issues. I am in College, declared as a History major. I come from a very Christian town, but claim no religious affiliation. I'm more of a skeptic, I suppose. One of the quizzes on this site said I was an "Active Spiritual Seeker: spiritual but turned off by religion" and I would agree with that assesment. My family is Catholic in orgin, and my lack of faith is a sore point in some situations. Christianity has never rang true to me, and I hope buggering about this community will help me sort some things out. 

    On a lighter note, one of my favorte hobbies is building Model Aircraft. Its not a very girl-specific hobby, but I love it and it plays in well with my history major! I also have a pied cockatiel back home whom I spoil rotten, and a ruby-red Betta fish keeping me company while in the dorms.



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