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    Anyone who loves to write, wants to write a book, has written a book. Anyone who is published or wants to be published. Experts and novices alike - ask questions, share insights, encourage!

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  • Let me intoduce myself. My name is Jeane Watier. I live in Calgary, AB (Canada). I have written three books - a trilogy of novels. And I ... more

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    THE BREATH OF GOD, A Novel of Mystery and Mysticism. A Novel of Suspense and Spirituality: One of the great mysteries of the New Testament is what was Jesus doing during the majority of his life that we know nothing about. Leaving aside the story of his birth, the only information we have about the younger years of Jesus comes from the Gospel of Luke who describes an occasion when a precocious twelve-year-old Jesus speaks in the temple, impressing his elders. The Bible is then silent about the following twenty year period of Jesus’ life until he reappears on the scene around the age of thirty when he is baptized by John and begins his ministry. 

 What happened during these missing years of Jesus’ life? What experiences might have shaped Jesus into the man he became? Why do we find so many parallels between the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism and the teachings of Jesus, who was considered a subversive in his Roman and Jewish community? Why do the contemplative practices of Jesus, which seem to confuse his disciples, seem so similar to Eastern meditative techniques? Could a clue to these missing years come from a controversial discovery over a century ago by a Russian journalist? In my new novel, THE BREATH OF GOD, I example the implications of this journalist’s historical discovery through a fictional story of suspense, mystery, and mysticism. 

If you are interested in learning more about the book Library Journal has called "Visionary Fiction" and RT Reviews has called "A thought provoking masterpiece," please visit my site:

    March 16, 2011
    11:46 AM
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    What a lucky find! I am so thrilled to have found this group! I'm getting back into short story writing, and want to finish a screenplay I started 2 years ago. I wanted to find a group of fellow writers -- what a wonderful way to start my day! Have a great one!

    September 16, 2010
    10:13 AM
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    Hello, My name is Katherine I just joined this group and I love to write and would like to write a book one day. I did start a book when I was about fifteen yrs old and it was about twenty pages long and I throw it away because I didn't think it was any good.

    September 10, 2010
    10:36 PM
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    I'm new to this group, but wanted to introduce myself. I work 50-60 hours a week and have four kids to keep track of. But somehow I manage to write at odd hours of the night, at my daughter's swim lessons, or at lunch time. I wrote my first novel this past year, and am in the process of finding a literary agent. I really hate the marketing process! I am also trying to market two children's books that I have written. Right now, I am torn between two very different novels that I want to write, and toying with the idea of writing them side-by-side. Actually, both require a bit of research, so that consumes me at the moment.

    September 5, 2010
    1:02 PM
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