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    Congratulations on your Bnet Community Member of the Year award!
    February 26, 2011
    11:32 PM
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    Thanks Callielou! Yours is a cutie too! I think my canine is feeling a little left out so I'll post her picture soon. So nice to hear from you! :0)

    February 25, 2011
    2:48 PM
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    Hi, Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful response. I have been through a lot of your galleries. They are wonderful, but it may take a while for me to find time to go through so many. Thanks so much for sharing them. Love ya', Steve

    February 24, 2011
    2:18 PM
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    Thanks Callielou for accepting my friendship request. It is my honor to have a friend like you.

    February 23, 2011
    11:24 AM
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    Hey, I think this is my first time to your site. Thanks for including the Spirals & Kaliedescope (sp.) section in your photos. I was immersed there for quite a while. Will get back later to check out some of your posts. Love ya', Steve Oh, yeah- don't know much about how they get winners, but you won & congrats a lot.

    February 21, 2011
    2:40 PM
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    Congratulations Girlfriend !!! Love and {{{HUGS}}} 'nita

    February 16, 2011
    6:23 AM
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    Congratulations to a really great person. I like what you say and that is special. Thanx, Ur2

    February 15, 2011
    10:05 PM
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    Callielou, congratulations for winning Bnet Member of the Year you deserve it! Ooh, I love the charity you're donating to. Warm wishes and lotsa hugs, AS

    February 15, 2011
    6:53 PM
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    Congratulations!! Iknew you were going to win!! You are a wonderful person and I am glad to be your friend! God Bless and enjoy being "Member Of the Year"!! Love you, LoveBear :)

    February 15, 2011
    4:10 PM
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    Congratulations! You deserve this! My favorite charity is also dedicated to our furry friends~ the Kansas Humane Society :0)

    February 15, 2011
    5:53 PM
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