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    Happy New Year to you, Peace and joy to you and your family and thanks for reading my posts,,,,God bless you liz

    January 2, 2010
    6:51 PM
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    Hallo Callielou, thank you for your kind comment on my profile.... I'm honored. There is no official "help manual" on navigating Beliefnet, so it's up to members to help other members. Best wishes for a happy New Year filled with warmth, joy and love. AS

    December 31, 2009
    7:49 AM
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    Thank you for your kind comments about my photos. :)

    December 29, 2009
    11:11 AM
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    May you always find your treasure In the blessings that life sends In the beauty of each season, In the company of friends. May each path you choose bring promise Of the things you're dreaming of May your world be filled with peace and joy, Your heart be filled with Love.

    December 29, 2009
    2:09 AM
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    Thanks so much, as always you are too kind... I have wrote some journals, not many, just 3, but I am planning of taking my time and write a few more in the future, hopefully you have the time and can take a pick and give me your opinion... You know, that now that I been talking to people like you I have decided to persue my pasion for fotography and go to school for it once I retire in the summer... Don Fofo

    December 26, 2009
    9:03 PM
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    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, and a Blessed New Year! Hugs for you, Sue

    December 24, 2009
    3:41 AM
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    "Callielou", my friend, thank you for your kindness and May God bring Joy and Happyness to you and your love ones this Christmas Season, Don Fofo

    December 23, 2009
    12:19 PM
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    Dear Brenda Thankyou for all your kind comments on my page. you look like a friend i had in school, she was a good person also. I went to the mall yesterday just to walk around and get a cup of coffe. It was fun and i am feeling a little better, Phil was with me every holiday, so it will be different this year, but the reason for the seayson is Jesus and love,,,,peace and blessings to you, liz

    December 22, 2009
    9:07 AM
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    Hi Callielou, Thank you so much! Yes, I try. You are a dear! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!! Many Blessings, Nanalulu

    December 20, 2009
    8:43 PM
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    Thanks! I'm still trying to figure out all the settings on my camera. Digital cameras are great. I would be wasting SO much film otherwise!

    December 17, 2009
    3:30 PM
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