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    A Plan for Hope

    Monday, April 1, 2013, 10:54 AM [General]

    Critique this for yourselves, Sisters and Brothers, as I am imperfect in my words.

    The Almighty is Love, Chosen without emotion, and even knowing the path of humanity in infinite detail, knew that humanity would need a selfless example.

    A promise made to all: Your descendants will be as numerous as the stars. Note that the not just the evening's visible stars, but THE stars.

    Choice: Humans are unique in the ability to truly choose, even absent emotion, to trust and Love. Emotion may follow later, but can make a logical choice to selflessly love, even knowing the cost.

    From the first population of humans, choices were made, actions followed, and these choices accumulated over time. The weight of this momentum required an equally great force to correct the shape of future generations, an affect chosen in locale and nature so that future humanity would alter their choices, seeking hope over cynicism, love despite cost. This is not an original sin per se , but an accumulating weight of poor choices that together could impare the future of humanity. The force was applied knowing the interconnectedness of humanity at the time chosen. Even without conscious communication, humanity responds to a single human's life. It was a life that was chosen long before electronics and instant information, a life exhibiting Love and forgiveness, a love exhibiting compassion and the ultimate in empathy, forgiveness even at the cost of life itself. The sacrifice was not made to a vengeful god, but was instead made to create hope in a cynical humanity. Applied in exactness and care as only the Almigty can. Hope enough to trust in the future and in our fellow humans, and trust enough to chose to Love, even if the Love costs each of us to give. A shift in the path for many millenia to come. Such a force given the fulcrum of time has moved, and continues to move the human world, and with hope, the human worlds.

    Gven such an example, how could each of us not hope? Not Love?

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    Revenge and Justice

    Monday, April 1, 2013, 10:47 AM [General]

    Revenge and Justice

    My sisters and brothers, critique this for yourself: Revenge is often cloaked as justice, revenge hurts the seeker more then the target. Think of the Three Loves, and form your own thoughts.

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    Loves and Debts, voluntary debts paid in Love

    Thursday, January 17, 2013, 9:04 AM [General]

    We, from conception on, owe. We owe three 'debts': one to the Almighty, for our very multidimensional existence, and for a universe to exist in, and for other people who we rely upon; two, to previous generations of humanity, including our parents, who lived, worked, and died, to allow us to exist, to provide the means of our growth and life to date, who provided safety and freedom as we have it, who explored and sacrificed to expand the species to allow us living space (by expanding from Africa) and a maybe a better standard of life then they enjoyed; three, to future generations, incurred by our debts above, for any long term future existence of our species. We only can make payments against the third debt, the first cannot be discharged, as it is a gift of Love, so not truly a debt as we think of debts. This Love is a purpose. The second paid by paying the third. In working for the next generation, we show effort to the first two debts. The second debt was a conscious or unconscious gift to us, a faith in the future. We each are closer to truly happy in when lovingly trying to work off these debts. We have no value here without these three debts, for these debts are the reflections of Love from the Almighty, the source of our value. However, we are not enslaved by these debts, for as they are reflections of the love others bear for us. Have no doubt that you are Loved. We can choose to ignore these 'debts', but in choosing to see them, we can become happier. The reward for paying these debts is a truer love of self, and a deeper love of others, including a deeper love for the Almighty. In giving Love, we work these debts off. These are not damning debts, but are empowering ones, for in working for the future we grow, we show Love of the Almighty, we show love of others, we show love of ourselves, and we help future generations, helping humanity to be fruitful and multiply, to be happy, and to spread over the universe. If possible, we can contribute directly to the future by raising children, but there are other ways to pay for those who can not. Faith in the future implies faith in the Almighty, working for it, working to help others, now and in the future, embody our love, thus loving the Almighty.

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    What the Almighty 'wants'.

    Sunday, October 7, 2012, 10:06 AM [General]

    Many ask what does the Almighty want of me. Wanting, needing, in the human sense implies desire stemming from the lack of something. The Almighty in this sense wants nor needs anything, for the Almighty is infinite in all orders of infinity. The Almighty Loves without a need for quid pro quo. The Almighty designed us and gave us existence, proof of that ultimate Love. Instead of asking what the Almighty wants, ask instead what is the Almighty's design for us. At the core in all of us, it is to be a reflection of the Love we are given to others, they in turn reflect this, our design in basic. We rarely know what that the details of our design are, and our design is dynamic as we go through life, but if you are on the right track you will be open enough to feel Love, and feel the act of reflecting it. Often the right track requires as much effort as you have, which is often far more then you know you have. When you see a reflection of Love in others you are designed to feel it too, if you are honest with yourself, and allow yourself to feel it. Feel is a loose term here, for Love is intellectual as emotional, the emotions stemming from the intellectual realization. Your design is in line with the four guides (the three loves, multiplication), even if the fourth is more abstract then physically real for some.

    Learn yourself, observe others without mental hindrance, study the universe and people around you, looking for beauty in all things and especially in all people, and very importantly strive to reflect Love, and you will find your design.

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    Basics again

    Sunday, October 7, 2012, 10:01 AM [General]

    We only truly love in freedom.

    True love deepens with knowledge.

    The next generation is always more important then the current one.

    Each love you give deepens the others in your life.

    Love is infinite even if our time here is not.

    Every person you reflect Love to, in turn reflects, a growing ripple of Good.

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