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    Bnetters Against Activity Feed!

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    Bnetters Against Activity Feed! is an ecumenical, cross-platform, "SINGLE ISSUE VOTER" kind of group!! The intrusive Activity Feed should either be removed altogether or an ability to OPT OUT should be provided. I like my Bnet Buds otherwise we wouldn’t be friends, but does this mean I want a “shout out” every time I rate a photo, post a comment on someone's profile, change my own profile, write a journal entry or make a new friend? NOOOOO!
    Let's join hands to register our dissatisfaction with this intrusion by visiting the PETITION thread! We’re not Facebook, MySpace or Linked In! We’re Beliefnet! :)
    As members of Bnetters Against Activity Feed! you have an opportunity to register your discontent with this alleged “enhancement” initiated by Beliefnet in June of 2008. Despite assurances from staff that they're "looking into" methods to either disable this feature or make it optional, nearly 4 months later nothing has been done.
    At first glance, this is a very small problem. Yet when you place these Activity feeds in the larger context of online privacy, FISA and how the accessibility of online information plays into counter-terrorism meaures, perhaps this problem isn't as small or unimportant as first meets the eye!
    Bnet Administration modeled the activity feed after Face Book. Are you aware that Facebook members protested against this to the point that Face Book woke up and made it optional?

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    To get to the discussions (topics) click on the Forum at the bottom left in light blue. Some groups will have a pop-down saying View Forum. Currently this one doesn't. After clicking on Forum the page will go to another page with Discussion Board. Click on Discussion Board and all the threads/posts will be there. Except for those that are missing. Data is still being moved. You can start a new thread/topic from that page and reply to posts/threads. All these new names. ***eyes roll*** If you click on a topic then you can click on Discussion Board to see all the topics. Peace Love Stardove

    March 1, 2009
    7:17 PM
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    Hi Sir Haha, I'm still looking for it.... haven't seen anything obvious in my profile settings. Looks like the learning curve with this upgrade will be steep and high... :)

    March 1, 2009
    8:42 AM
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    There is supposed to be an opt out function for the activity feeds. Anybody been able to find it?

    February 28, 2009
    3:58 PM
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