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    <b>What are you currently reading?</b>
    This discussion group is open to all faiths, all political ideologies, all PEOPLE to discuss your favorite reads! <br /><br />
    How did a book solidify your ideas, or serve to transform them? <br /><br />
    One book per thread, please. If you see a thread already devoted to a book you're interested in, feel free to jump in! Don't see a book you're interested in? Start a new one! <br /><br />
    Please feel free to state why an author's work either supports or detracts from your belief. Healthy discussion, courteous discourse and debate with civility in mind are more than welcome. Posts that lead to proselytizing and/or attempts to convert will be reported and repeat offenders will be discouraged. <br /><br />This does NOT mean religious works are unwelcome by any means. There is a lot of value in religious, spiritual and other forms of literature. But no soap boxes or street corner preachers, K? ;) <br /><br />
    Some more food for thought..... At times we all need a little "mind candy".... Whether you call it light fiction, pulp fiction or sheer escapism, not all books we discuss here need be excluded to "heavy" lifting or require a lot of mental exercise! There's nothing wrong with interspersing more "serious" work with popular fiction. :)
    Our greatest, most universal truths can usually be found within the boundaries of imagination and fiction if only because said boundaries can be stretched and expanded beyond our current limits of reality.

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    March 11, 2009
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