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Posted by: Blissmusic on Feb 22, 2011 at 09:01:56 PM

is not your natural state.

You are not separate from
everything and trying
to get to oneness.

You are doing separation.

You are actively
separating yourself
from this moment.

And I am not saying
not to have definitions,
not to call a chair a chair.

All of this happens.
This duality happens
in nonduality.

It is not one or the other,
it the same.

But because you latch
on to the definitions
you do not see the essence
of what is here.

It is not wrong to do this,
but if you want to be free
of stress, of anxiety
and conflict,
it is important
to realize you are
doing stress,
you are doing anxiety
you are doing conflict.

Because the mind
is so active,
it appears that
this is just occurring
and you are simply
a victim of suffering.

But once the thoughts
begin to slow down
and things become
more in balance,
you begin