Everything Dissolves into Peace in Meditation

    Wednesday, October 30, 2013, 9:48 PM [General]

    "In meditation and in awareness
    you are allowing everything to move back into
    its essential nature of energy.

    You are allowing everything
    to dissolve back into the one conscious energy
    that makes up everything.

    When this energy contracts,
    it becomes an individual
    It becomes something separate
    from everything else.

    Take desire for an example:
    Desire itself is energy,
    a constant flow of energy.

    Say, from that constant flow of energy
    comes the specific desire
    that you want an ice-cream.

    That desire first is energy.
    And in energy it contracts into
    both a thought and a feeling.
    And when you identify with
    the thoughts and feelings
    you are bound by them,
    they become a part of who you are.

    And then when you act on that thought
    and get an ice-cream,
    it contracts into form,
    there is the ice-cream,
    the eating of the ice-cream,
    the cost of eating the ice-cream
    and the cause and effect
    of eating the ice-cream.

    There is a whole series of happenings
    that come into play
    and the energy that was behind that desire
    is no longer felt
    because it has contracted into form.

    You no longer feel it as energy
    you feel the gross experience of it
    and are seemingly trapped in
    the world of solid and separate forms.

    On the other hand,
    if you repress that desire and try to fight it
    then the energy behind it builds up
    and it is felt as stress and conflict.

    But if you allow the desire to be
    without giving into it
    and not fighting it;

    If you allow the thoughts around it
    and feelings around it
    to be
    without involvement,
    then both the thoughts and the feelings
    dissolve back into the nondual flow of energy.

    They dissolve into the natural flow of energy
    that is desire
    and then dissolve into the natural flow of energy
    that is transcendent of desire,
    that is pure consciousness.

    So once you really awaken your awareness
    to this flow of Shakti/energy and you feel it,
    you will begin to become aware
    that everything is arising out of energy.

    You will also become aware
    of the urge to create separation
    with everything that arises out of it.

    But through simply allowing
    whatever forms or experiences
    to arise out of it without involvement,
    they dissolve back into their purest form as energy.
    It all dissolves back into
    the one consciousness that you are
    and you become free.

    you learn to just remain
    in this allowing,
    you learn to remain
    resting in this nondual awareness
    so that everything whether
    manifested into form or not
    remains as energy.

    It all becomes bliss.

    Much love,


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    How to Be Free from Suffering

    Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 9:22 PM [General]

    "Because we are attached
    to things being a certain way,
    we experience suffering.

    We experience an unhappiness
    that is beyond emotion;
    a sense of unfulfillment
    because things are not the way
    we think they should be.

    But when you realize
    this suffering is your doing,
    then you can go beyond it.

    I am not talking about pain
    whether emotional or physical;
    these things must be experienced.

    But if you are completely resting
    in this moment,
    then you are free from suffering,
    because you are free from duality.

    If your attention is either
    on the awareness of this moment,
    resting in awareness itself,
    on a mantra, chant or meditation technique,
    in devotion,
    or resting in the feeling of Shakti/Bliss,
    then all of these things
    take you out of suffering.

    They don't add something
    to your experience of suffering
    to make it better,
    they remove you from that mental perception
    of separation and conflict
    that is at the root of unhappiness

    and back into
    your natural state of pure consciousness,
    into your natural state of being
    where there is no other.

    There is no lack of fulfillment
    because there is no one there
    to be unfulfilled.

    Rather, what is there
    is only the one consciousness,
    one being.
    And the nature of that is love,
    is peace, is bliss.

    And although your mind will tell
    you all the reasons why
    you can't experience this,

    it is only a matter of
    turning your attention
    back into this moment,
    back into the bliss of Shakti,
    back into your mantra or meditation technique

    and learning to remain in that
    oneness of consciousness
    no matter what else
    you are doing at that time.

    Much love,


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    How to Realize Inner Silence

    Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 9:40 PM [General]

    "We create ourselves
    on top of the silence that is here.

    We build ourselves up
    to be a certain someone
    that expects things to be a certain way.

    But it is all built out of thoughts.

    And the thoughts are sticky,
    they are magnetic.
    They have a power behind them
    that comes from identifying with them
    so they run with great speed
    into this moment and keep coming back.

    With so much non-stop noise
    on top of this moment,
    how do you realize the silence?

    That is why there are spiritual tools
    and practices that start to purify
    and clear away all of the noise
    on top of this moment;
    that start to weaken the hold
    thoughts have over you.

    Then you can begin to realize
    what is really here beyond all of that noise.
    Not in the sense of knowing it,
    understanding it,
    but rather all understanding
    disappears into it.

    You do not become silence,
    you stop identifying
    with the noise on top of it
    and then there is just silence;
    limitless silence.

    Everything is that silence.

    You move in silence,
    speak in silence,
    eat in silence,
    breathe silence.

    It is a void
    yet at the same time
    it is radiant.
    It radiates bliss energy.

    Question is one,
    are you willing
    to do what is needed
    to realize the silence;

    and two,
    are you willing to give up
    the perpertual creating yourself
    to be a certain someone
    separate from this moment
    to experience what you really are.

    Not very enticing at one level,
    until you realize the limitless peace
    that is you
    and there is no end to exploring
    and delighting in that.

    Much love,


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    How to Be Free from The Ego-Mind

    Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 8:57 PM [General]

    "Every time you identify with
    that part of the mind
    that is always seeking
    always wanting something
    always worrying, always judging,
    you make it stronger.

    You know that feeling
    when you give your opinion
    about something,
    that feeling of being puffed up
    like a puffer fish.

    It makes you feel big
    but it also separates you
    from what you truly are.

    The ego is the sense
    of individual identity
    separate from everything else.

    So whenever you empower it,
    you are separating yourself from peace.
    You experience a greater distance
    between you and the peace that you are.

    The ego/mind in this way
    is like some grouchy stranger
    barking orders at you.

    'Go get me a drink'
    and when you run and get
    him a drink, you just made him stronger.
    Now he wants something else.
    Now he wants a cookie, now he wants an iphone,
    there is no end to that wanting.

    And you end up being ruled by him.

    Make no mistake
    you are a prisoner of your thoughts.

    It's only when you realize
    that you don't have to do identify with the thoughts,
    you don't have to serve
    your desires, judgement and fears
    that you become free.

    You don't argue with the mind,
    or try to make it different,
    you just allow it to ramble
    and you rest your attention
    into what is truly here
    beyond the noise.

    To what you truly are
    beyond the noise.

    It can be as easy
    as allowing everything to be as it is
    and feeling yourself existing
    in this moment.

    You just let the mind
    make noise as it wants
    without placing importance on the noise
    and you can be free of it.

    After a while,
    if you no longer empower it,
    it quiets down,
    it runs out of steam.

    Then you begin to experience
    what you truly are in this moment.

    Beyond all of the noise
    that you have taken as reality,
    you begin to experience yourself
    as the silence.

    And then whether there is noise
    on top of that silence or not
    you remain as the silence.

    Just by no longer serving that noise,
    you realize the peace that you are;
    the peace that is the essence of the mind
    yet is completely transcendent of it.

    Much love,


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    Zen & The Art of True Seeing

    Tuesday, August 27, 2013, 8:42 PM [General]

    "Have you ever noticed,
    when you see something that
    you have never seen before,
    something the mind does not
    know or understand,
    you really see it,
    you give your full attention to it.

    But once the mind has defined it,
    described it and judged it,
    you don't really see it anymore.

    Even if you do look at it,
    you don't really see it,
    you only see the definitions, descriptions
    and judgments about it.

    The thoughts about it
    have gotten in the way of
    really seeing it.

    It's not the thoughts
    that are the trouble,
    it's that we keep carrying them around.

    Someone did something you didn't like years ago,
    and every time you see them
    you remember that thing they did.

    It separates you from really
    seeing them.

    One way to get back to true seeing
    is to drop the thoughts.

    To practice surrendering the thoughts
    to the present moment.

    The same thoughts you have been
    holding on to may keep coming up.
    That is fine, you keep surrendering them.

    Any label comes up about something
    that is not necessary to label,
    then you let that label go.

    Because if you begin to see things
    without the filter of mental perception,
    you will experience everything
    in a completely new way.

    Everything will be fresh and new.

    And as you go deeper,
    you will see everything is divine,
    everything is the guru, everything
    is the same conscious bliss
    in different beautiful forms.

    The other way to really see
    is through love and devotion.

    If you really love someone, then no matter
    what they did to you in the past,
    it is gone, it is irrelevant.

    Maybe words at some point needed to be said
    so you could be free from the words,
    but once they are said, it is gone.

    If you really love someone,
    you only really recognize that love,
    you recognize a beauty about them
    that is eternal, that is perfection.

    So if you show everything
    that same love,
    that same devotion,
    your life will be about joy.

    It won't be about your problems,
    your desires, your needs, your fears
    your knowledge, your opinions.
    It will be about joy.
    It will be about God,
    Guru, Consciousness,
    whatever word doesn't offend you.

    Much love,


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    How to Reach 'No Mind' in Meditation

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 11:16 PM [General]

    "No-mind actually comes
    through relaxation.

    You allow yourself to be
    exactly as you are
    until you get to the point
    where you are as you are,
    there is no judgment about it
    one way or the other.

    And through allowing and relaxing,
    that 'you are as you are'
    turns into just "you are"
    just the feeling of impersonal being.
    The content on top of that is-ness
    becomes irrelevant.

    Now in resting in being,
    you allow the thoughts
    to be as they are
    until they also relax
    into just an impersonal
    flow of thoughts
    where you can simply
    witness them.

    Again their content
    becomes irrelevant.
    Thoughts themselves
    just become a flow of energy
    or may fizzle out altogether.

    The key is that allowing
    without grabbing hold
    of the thoughts.

    You get to that place
    of not holding on to thoughts,
    not holding on to anything.

    And in that not holding on to anything
    you come to nothing,
    just pure awareness,
    pure being.

    And then you learn to relax
    in just being nothing,
    in just being consciousness
    without anything being added to it.

    It is a feeling of resting and sinking
    into your natural essence,
    where you cannot sink any further
    because there is nothing underneath it.

    Not because you have
    hit a bottom 'place,'
    rather you fall into
    formlessness consciousness
    which has no fixed point of reference.

    It really all happens through relaxation,
    through surrender.

    You can't force yourself
    into no-mind.
    Any action of trying to do it,
    creates a person separate
    from pure awareness
    trying to get to pure awareness.

    More often than not,
    you need to practice a meditation technique
    like a mantra, japa or self inquiry
    until awareness is strong enough
    and the grip on thoughts is weak enough
    that you can simply relax into formlessness.

    Much love,


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    Meditation: Freeing Yourself from Thought Identification

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013, 10:35 PM [General]

    "Most people live
    in a conceptual reality.
    They cannot experience this moment
    truly as it is because
    there is too much noise
    on top of what is here.

    And people are addicted to that noise.
    They take that noise as reality.

    The thought comes
    'I want an iphone'
    and suddenly your life is a suffering
    as long as you don't have an iphone.
    Then when you get the iphone,
    a new thought will be there to replace it;
    another want, another worry, another judgment.
    That is the definition of misery.

    People are controlled by their thoughts,
    controlled by their desires, judgments and worries.
    Whatever thoughts arise,
    that dictates their life.
    It dictates your experience
    in this moment
    and your experience in the future.

    So in meditation,
    we learn to let go of the thoughts
    as they arise.

    We don't grab hold of them,
    we don't obsessive over them.
    We don't push them away.
    They arise, we let them pass by.

    We want to feel what is truly here,
    what we truly are,
    not what the thoughts say is here.

    Thoughts cannot tell us the truth
    of what is here because
    they are the noise on top of this moment.
    They are the noise
    that distorts this moment.

    So as they arise,
    we let them go.
    We surrender them
    to the silence that is
    underneath the noise
    and learn to rest
    in that silence.

    In this way,
    we burn through
    all of the things that
    keep us bound to the ego,
    that keep us a prisoner to our own suffering.

    Just by practicing
    this letting go every day,
    you will find happiness
    there for no reason.
    You will find life becomes easier,
    less stressful, less of a struggle.

    You will learn to
    stop reacting to thoughts
    and remain in your true nature
    of peace.

    Much love,


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    How to Turn Your Hurt into Unconditional Peace

    Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 10:09 PM [General]

    "You cannot realize
    the peace that you are
    by playing the victim.

    If you believe your unhappiness
    is caused by outer circumstances
    then you are simply a prisoner
    of your own reactions.

    If someone calls you a nincompoop,
    you have to realize
    the unhappiness is not caused
    by the person calling you a nincompoop
    but by your reaction to it.

    I am not saying you should not feel hurt,
    but when you realize it is your reaction to it
    that causes the hurt and not the action itself,
    only then can you become conscious.

    If you realize that hurt is your own reaction,
    then you can allow the hurt without
    blame or justification,
    then you can actually take the time
    to simply rest in the moment
    and feel the sensations of that hurt;
    to allow those sensations to play
    themselves out.

    In that allowing and feeling,
    the hurt dissolves back into peace.
    And that part of your ego that
    identified with the hurt
    also dissolves back into peace.

    It requires you to be totally open
    and vulnerable to this moment.
    To not just go on automatic reaction
    of self protection through blame and justification
    but to actually allow those feelings
    to consume you completely.

    Because it is the absolute that
    is behind the hurt,
    it is peace itself that
    is the essence of that hurt.

    And if you fight it,
    if you resist it,
    then you are a slave to your own self protective mind
    that separates you from the peace that
    is at the essence of this moment,
    that is at the essence of every moment.

    And then in that separation
    you seek to escape
    in things that are not good for you.
    You run to junk food and alcohol
    and all the things that actually
    bring you down even more.

    Resistance is a cycle of self destruction.
    To resist the hurt that is there,
    you seek passing pleasures that hurt you more
    and you like yourself less and less because of it.

    When all that is needed
    is to simply be present with what is,
    to allow yourself to feel what is here,
    to accept it completely
    and allow it to dissolve back
    into its natural state of unconditional peace.

    This peace is what you are.
    It is what life is.
    It is only a matter if you resist
    the form it takes in this moment
    or you allow it to be completely.

    Because in the full allowing
    you are peace itself.
    It cannot be any other way.

    Much love,


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    Meditation & The Nature of Shakti

    Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 2:41 AM [General]

    "Shakti is the energy
    of pure consciousness
    that awakens you into self realization.

    Once you begin to feel the Shakti,
    whether you feel it as bliss, peace or love
    or even just as a pleasant vibration
    then it is most important
    to surrender your attention in it.

    Because it will guide you in every action
    into deeper peace and joy.

    You will feel with every action you do,
    everything you eat,
    every place and person you visit
    whether it is supportive of peace and awareness
    or does it harm your awareness.
    Does it bring you closer
    to the essence of what you are
    or does it push you further away.

    Because the mind and all of its
    concepts and judgments
    cannot tell you this truth
    because it cannot known through thinking.

    But once this bliss energy
    becomes the dominant experience for you
    and you value it more than anything
    then very easily your life becomes about bliss.

    It will first feel as though bliss is guiding
    you in every action,
    then it will feel as though bliss is doing every action.
    That it is all moving along by itself
    in and as bliss.

    This guidance is always available,
    but the habits, tendencies, addictions
    and identification with the mind
    are usually too strong.

    And if you do not feel the bliss energy that is at
    the essence of this moment
    then it is only natural you will seek
    pleasures to take you out of the pain of living
    regardless of the consequences of doing so.

    But when you really make the conscious
    decision in every moment that your life
    is now about Shakti, is now about
    living in the energy vibration of
    unconditional peace and bliss
    and radiating that,
    then the path becomes clear.

    And it moves you first through actions
    and then into non action.
    Once the Shakti is radiating through
    you strongly enough,
    and the mind and body are clear enough,
    then for the most part
    it is all about surrendering deeper
    and deeper into the stillness of this moment
    until you come to pure silence
    of perfect non action.

    And that takes you into a whole
    new world of joy.

    Much love,


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    How to Attain Unconditional Peace

    Tuesday, July 23, 2013, 8:50 PM [General]

    "When you let your attention fall
    all the way back into this moment
    it will always come to rest in pure being.

    When you surrender
    which means you let it all be
    without attaching yourself to it,
    then this sense of a personal 'me' drops away
    and there is just pure being,
    pure attention, no sense of separation.

    Regardless of the thoughts
    that are here,
    the activities that are happening,
    you are,
    as pure being.

    This is what you always are
    and what you always have been.

    It is just a matter of how
    addicted to the noise you get,
    how caught up are you in the content
    of your thinking.

    Are you willing to realize
    you are contracting yourself
    into being a conceptual 'me'
    that is separate from everything else.

    That you are creating and reinforcing
    this me in every moment through contraction,
    through obsessing over your thoughts
    and therefore you can learn to stop
    contracting your attention into this sense
    of 'me' that is only made of thoughts,
    that is separate from everything else.

    Because realizing the peace that you are
    is not about changing your thinking
    or controlling your thinking.

    It is about learning to stop that contraction
    and allowing your attention
    to fully rest in its natural state of being
    that is this moment
    both in sitting meditation
    and in all activity.

    You may need to move a little slower,
    you need to give your full attention
    to this moment and feel everything that
    arises inwardly in this moment.
    But you can move in pure being,
    you can talk in pure being,
    you can work in pure being
    and you can sleep in pure being.

    The moment you begin this practice
    your life will change,
    your whole experience will change.

    The sanctuary of unconditional peace
    is not only readily available in this moment
    it is what you are.

    And when you dedicate yourself to this,
    life will miraculously support you in it.

    Much love,


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