How to Realize Bliss & Become Bliss Itself

    Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 8:06 PM [General]

    "The first part of realizing bliss
    is to find those meditation techniques, tools and teachers
    that successfully help awaken you to bliss
    and make use of them.

    The second part is to
    create environments for yourself
    that allow this bliss to grow
    so that every part of your life
    can become about living in bliss.

    It means bringing this bliss awareness
    into your home, your work,
    your social interaction.

    It may mean keeping a distance from
    aggressive people, aggressive music,
    aggressive television and aggressive media.

    Anything that creates more drama,
    more conflict, more negativity,more hatred,
    anything that takes you out of oneness
    and back into separation should be dropped.

    The third part of realizing bliss
    is to turn your actual body into
    an environment of bliss.

    From the foods you eat,
    to cutting out all recreational
    drugs and alcohol,
    to exercise/yoga,
    to purification techniques
    that may include breathing techniques,
    japa, chanting and meditation
    and to blasting your body with Shakti
    through the CDs or an enlightened teacher.

    You make your body as pure as possible
    so that the bliss can easily begin
    to awaken and expand every
    energy channel of your body.

    The fourth part of realizing bliss
    is to fall in love with it,
    to give it your complete attention to this bliss-energy
    so that everything that arises
    in the form of thought, feeling and action,
    you offer to bliss.

    Rather than holding on to what arises,
    you readily allow it to be burned away
    in the bliss of consciousness.

    Through offering your loving attention
    to bliss in this way,
    you become bliss itself.

    Every part of your existence
    becomes infused in bliss;
    your words, your breath, your touch,
    your gaze, your interaction with others,
    it all becomes about bliss.
    It all becomes about love.

    Otherwise it's just not worth it.

    Much love,


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    Realizing Your Natural State in Meditation

    Tuesday, December 4, 2012, 7:42 PM [General]

    "In meditation,
    practice watching the thoughts
    without grabbing hold of them.

    Become acutely aware
    of the difference between
    being identified with thinking
    and being aware of thinking

    Be aware of that process
    of contraction that happens
    when you get lost in your thinking.
    Be aware of the stress in that.

    And be aware of the freedom
    from stress when you are just
    watching the whole show
    happen by itself,
    watching the movement
    of thoughts and feelings
    as a movement of energy itself.

    If you keep watching these two things
    then you will begin to be able
    to just rest in awareness,
    as awareness,
    completely free from being the thinker.

    You will start to experience
    awareness as your natural state.

    You won't have to do anything,
    awareness naturally is when you
    let go of your involvement
    with everything else.

    But all of this is assuming
    you have been practicing meditation

    That you have built up the Shakti
    inside you through listening to the CDs
    and\or sitting with enlightened teachers
    and have been building your awareness
    through practicing a meditation technique
    on a regular basis.

    If you have done this,
    then what I am talking about will
    become quite easy for you.

    But if you have not done the work,
    then if you try and just allow
    everything to be and watch,
    it will be difficult to get beyond
    thought identification.

    Your attention will be too easily distracted
    by so many things to realize
    what is here beyond the thinking
    or what is the essence of thought.

    The tendency to remain
    identified with thinking and emotion
    is very strong.

    You have to be willing to do the work;
    to practice a meditation technique
    until the technique is no longer needed.

    And once you are established in that,
    then it will be easy to realize
    your natural state of awareness
    and simply rest in that.

    Much love,


    Kip Mazuy is the Creator of Meditation Music
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    Spiritual Awakening & The Perfect Storm

    Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 7:20 PM [General]

    "It is not the content
    that is the problem.

    You do not need to change
    the content of your thoughts,
    personality and feelings
    for spiritual awakening to happen.

    Changing them, improving them,
    trying to get rid of them
    only keeps your attention
    bound by the content.

    Whether you say
    'I am becoming awakened'
    'I am improving my life'
    or "I suffer from a bad childhood"
    the prison is the same
    if you are identified with that thought.

    If your attention is contracted
    into being a something,
    knowing something,
    understanding something
    attaining something
    improving something.

    As soon as you see the
    world through this perspective
    of me as the doer and knower
    that wants to make things be a certain way,
    you have separated yourself from peace;
    you have separated yourself from love.

    But if you allow the content to be,
    if you just allow everything to all hang out
    without needing to improve,
    or paint over anything,
    and be aware in that,
    (and awareness is key)

    then you will see it is all fluid.

    There is no fixed definition of
    what you are.

    It is all a rush of energy
    that takes the form of thoughts, feelings,
    sensations and sensory happenings
    that are always changing;
    always arising and disappearing.

    Just as the apparent outside of you
    is the same rush of energy
    in the form of outer happenings
    always changing,
    the same is happening on the apparent inside.

    Even that there is an inside and outside
    is suspect.

    It is all the same flow of energy,
    it rises, it falls,
    it manifests and unmanifests
    as the force of the whole universe
    and beyond.

    It is like a hurricane
    moving right through
    your house.

    The windows are blown
    the doors have flown away.

    The same wind on the outside
    is blowing on the inside

    and you are trying to keep the photo frames
    on the mantelpiece from falling over.

    You are trying to clean the spots
    off the silverware.

    'Look, I got the strawberry
    stain off the kitchen counter'
    you say as the kitchen counter
    flys out the window.

    Just let it all go.

    Let it all rise and fall as it wants
    and then you realize your are the wind.

    You're not some tight definition
    of ideals, concepts, memories and
    feel good spiritual quotes.

    You're not a fixed perception
    trapped behind the intellect
    working hard to become something better.

    If you allow it all to go,
    you become the everything,
    you become the storm itself,
    sometimes blowing like a gale
    sometimes a cool quiet afternoon breeze.

    It's all the same wind.

    So the question is
    how can we get you to the
    point of deep surrender
    and total confusion
    where you realize you don't know anything
    you're not getting anywhere
    and there is no hope in hell
    for you in the slightest.

    Because then spiritual awakening can happen,
    then you fall into the abyss,
    you fall into perfect awareness
    that has no shape or form
    or limitation.

    You become free of yourself.
    You become free
    of the idea that you are
    separate from everything else.

    Your attention is no longer bound
    by a fixed definition of who you think you are
    and is free to rest as limitless attention itself.

    Much love,


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    The Path to Self Realization

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012, 7:49 PM [General]

    "The path to self realization
    is not about attainment
    but about letting go.

    Learning intuitively
    how to remain
    in your essential state
    of not holding on to anything.

    There will probably
    be a lot of practicing various
    meditation techniques
    and a lot of self discipline
    to build up the shakti inside you;
    to get you to the point
    where awareness begins
    to happen naturally.

    But once you start to really feel
    that build up of shakti moving inside you
    then meditation becomes all about allowing
    what is naturally happening to happen
    without holding on to any of it
    and remaining a witness to that.

    Witnessing not in the sense
    of being a something or someone
    separate from what you are witnessing,

    but from the natural place
    of all encompassing awareness
    that is in everything as everything
    and also transcends everything
    as silent awareness itself.

    So in order to really realize your
    true nature of pure peace,
    you have to be willing
    to let go of your attachment
    to thoughts.

    Even the ideas and understandings
    of who you are and what you know,
    what you have achieved
    and what you have gained,
    even spiritual ones;
    all of these that you hold on to
    actually separate you
    from your true nature of peace
    in this moment.

    Not the thoughts themselves
    but your fascination with them
    as something real, something important.

    Your attention contracts into the thought
    and you feel 'this is me,' 'I know this,'
    'I have achieved this,' 'I agree with this'
    and in that you become a person
    separate from peace.

    That contraction needs to be relaxed,
    so that every thought & belief that you hold on to
    can fall away and leave you as you truly are.

    To be in pure peace,
    to rest in samadhi
    means to rest in your natural state
    of not holding on to anything,
    where everything naturally
    ebbs and flows on its own.

    Everything arises
    and disappears
    all on its own.

    It is all a happening.
    It is all fluid.
    And the essence of that happening
    is pure peace, pure awareness
    absolute bliss.

    It is what you are.

    Much love,


    Kip Mazuy is the Creator of Bliss Music
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    The Secret of Sadhus to Attain Enlightenment

    Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 7:11 PM [General]

    "The very nature of ego,
    of feeling that you are separate
    from everything else
    is discontentment.

    That sense of separation
    is suffering.

    And so we try and
    fulfill this discontentment
    through adding things
    to our lives.

    Whether it be
    material things
    like a new car, new shoes.

    Or a new romance, a new drama,
    another child, another television show,
    another drink, another drug,
    another spiritual concept.

    Out of trying to feel more content,
    we end up adding and adding
    things on top of the discontentment
    instead of addressing
    the discontentment itself.

    And the more you add,
    the more agitated your mind becomes.
    Your attention is pulled
    in so many directions
    that it becomes weak.

    That is why the Sadhus
    renounced everything
    to live as simple and solitary
    as possible.

    To remove all of the distractions
    so attention itself could become whole.

    Because when attention
    becomes whole,
    then it becomes awareness,
    and the shakti that arises out of awareness
    begins to expand and awaken you
    into enlightenment.

    But especially in the west
    where this is not part of our culture,
    it is very difficult to stop
    acquiring more and more.

    Because there is that fear
    that all that is really there
    is discontentment
    and so we should add
    as much on top of it as we can.

    But it is not true.

    If you can become aware
    and only if you can become
    aware of the discontentment
    can it dissolve, can separation dissolve
    and you can realize what is behind it,
    what is behind everything.

    And behind everything
    is unconditional bliss.

    Within the silence of being
    is unconditional bliss.

    And so if you live a life of awareness,
    then everything you let go of
    gets filled with silence,
    gets filled with bliss.

    The more empty you are
    the more bliss fills you up.

    I am not saying you should
    become a renunciant,
    but rather to recognize that
    your essence is bliss,
    is supreme love, supreme joy.

    And the easiest way to realize this joy
    is to have as few distractions in front of it
    as possible.

    To only keep the things close to you
    that matter the most.

    Much love,


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    Meditation Means Resting in This Moment

    Tuesday, November 6, 2012, 7:28 PM [General]

    "It does not take any effort
    to rest in this moment.

    You simply have to stop
    resisting this moment.

    In meditation, first you become aware
    that you are resisting this moment.
    Not intellectually
    but to actually feel that action
    of resistance to this moment;
    that action of always looking ahead
    or looking behind this moment.

    And then you let go of that resistance.

    You accept your experience
    in this moment
    which means you give up
    trying to manipulate this moment
    and you fall into it.

    You fall into feeling what is really here,
    the sensation or sensations
    that make up self-existing being
    in this moment.

    It has nothing to do with thinking.
    You can't think your way into this.
    Rather you let go of perceiving reality
    through thought and emotion
    and actually feel this moment directly.

    It is already happening.
    Awareness already is.
    You just have to allow it.

    A rock does not need
    to make its way to the bottom
    of the ocean.
    It naturally sinks to the bottom.

    Attention naturally rests
    in the fathomless peace
    of this moment
    if you allow it.

    Much Love,


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    Meditation & The Nature of Shakti

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012, 7:47 PM [General]

    "When you begin practicing meditation
    or doing other spiritual practices,
    you are bringing your attention
    from the outer experience
    to the inner experience.

    You are directing your attention
    back towards its source.

    And every outer experience will arise
    usually in the form of thoughts
    to pull your attention
    right back into the outer,
    right back into thinking
    like a magnet.

    And so there is that struggle in meditation
    to keep bringing your attention
    back upon itself.

    The path of Shakti
    is very different.

    the essential energy of enlightenment
    goes right past all of this.

    It goes right past
    your mind, your focusing,
    your emotions, your spiritual beliefs
    and practices.

    It bypasses everything
    and awakens you
    at the very core of your being.

    It awakens you at the center
    and then starts to radiate outward.

    So instead of being outward
    and trying to go in,
    Shakti starts at the inner core
    and radiates outward
    making meditation
    and extraordinary states
    of unconditional love and bliss

    With Shakti
    you simply get out of the way
    and allow meditation to happen.

    It blows your mind.
    It destroys every idea and belief
    you may have about spirituality
    and frees you into the unknown.

    Much love,


    Kip Mazuy is The Creator of Bliss Music
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    Investigating the Nature of Thoughts in Meditation

    Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 7:39 PM [General]

    "What are thoughts?
    That is the first step in meditation,
    find out what thoughts are.

    And you can't find out
    what a thought is
    with thinking.

    You have to become aware
    of the thoughts,
    by being the awareness,
    that consciousness
    that is beyond thought.

    Because in the mind,
    there is the assumption
    that thought is the truth.

    That what you know
    and what you believe
    is the ultimate reality.

    But once you start looking at thoughts
    through awareness
    there is nothing tangible
    about a thought,
    there is nothing concrete there.

    In meditation,
    you become aware of a thought
    and there is nothing there,
    it's like a smoke screen.

    Then what is real?
    If you investigate
    what a thought is
    and you find out
    it is nothing,
    just perhaps a subtle
    movement of energy
    then what are you left with?

    You are left with
    only what is here in this moment,
    you are left with that awareness
    that investigated the thoughts.

    Now awareness
    become reality.

    Not the belief of awareness
    but undeniable experiential awareness.

    And then in meditation,
    you can investigate
    what is awareness.

    And if you do this,
    awareness turns back upon itself
    into silence.

    Then remain in that silence
    and see what happens.

    Much love,


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    Spiritual Awakening: Freedom from Your Past

    Tuesday, October 16, 2012, 9:07 PM [General]

    "Most people
    imagine themselves
    to be the sum of their past.

    As though the past
    is inside them,
    is a part of them.

    But the past is only inside you
    if you are actively carrying it around.

    If you are defined by your past
    it is only because either
    consciously or unconsciously
    you are carrying it around,
    you are clutching it tightly
    and saying "this is me."

    And so there are many therapies
    that are about coming to terms with your past.

    But the end result
    is that you let them go.

    That letting go is really the key
    to spiritual awakening.

    People are carrying their 30, 40, 50+
    years around with them
    and from that identification with their past,
    they want to awaken, they try to meditate.

    But it is not possible.

    Your past cannot be awakened,
    you as your past cannot be awakened.

    So what to do?
    You practice letting go.
    You practice being here
    without holding on to anything.

    Whatever arises,
    you do not push it away
    and you do not grab hold of it,
    you simply be aware of it.
    You allow it to flow through
    and in that awareness it disappears
    back into consciousness.

    At some point,
    that attachment to
    identifying yourself with your past
    gets declutched.

    That contracted sense of
    being bound by a 'me' with a past
    gets broken
    and you find yourself here,
    completely here,
    free from past, free from future.

    And what arises
    in this moment
    simply gets burned away
    in this consciousness of here.

    It gets purified
    by the bliss that is your
    true nature.

    You do not have to
    get to bliss,
    you are bliss,
    everything is bliss.

    But because you are clutching
    on to so much,
    because you are carrying around
    your past,
    then this bliss cannot be felt.

    And spiritual awakening does not mean
    you lose your past, you lose your memory.
    It is all there like a library.

    You can pick up any book
    and look at it and think
    "remember that time?"

    But most of it does not affect you
    more than the enjoyment
    of a good story.

    You are not bound by it,
    you are not trapped in any
    of the books.

    And the deeper you move
    into this moment,
    the more complete
    it comes.

    At the highest levels
    of consciousness
    you look at something,
    say you look at ants,
    and you are totally
    immersed in ants.

    There is nothing but the ants.

    You could not be anymore complete
    in looking at those ants.
    You would be happy
    to watch those ants
    forever and ever.

    It is absolute divine ecstasy,
    the totality of everything,
    the whole universe
    is felt just in watching
    those ants.

    And then you turn your attention
    to something else,
    and the ants are completely gone.
    There is no recollection of them.
    What happened even a second ago
    has been completely burned away
    in consciousness.

    And then you feel the totality
    of the universe in this moment.

    Such bliss!

    Much love,


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    Surrendering into Freedom

    Tuesday, October 9, 2012, 10:10 PM [General]

    "It is important
    to start with practices
    and teachings.

    You follow a path,
    you follow Advaita
    Zen, Bhakti Yoga, Shakti
    or any other valid
    path to enlightenment.

    And you do take on
    certain beliefs
    knowingly or unknowingly
    and by being true
    to those beliefs and practices,
    there is a deepening, even realizations.

    This process usually has to happen.

    But if you are blessed,
    at some point or better
    at many many points,
    something will happen
    that will knock you off your feet.

    You are going along in
    a blissful state,
    all the beliefs and practices
    are in place to support that
    and then something happens
    in your life that pulls the
    rug out from underneath you.

    And suddenly all of those
    beliefs and understandings
    about yourself and about spirituality
    that have been held perfectly in place
    have all tumbled down.

    And in that
    there are no more beliefs to hold on to;
    all understandings have been nullified.

    And if you are able to surrender in this,
    then it is here that your heart
    breaks open to silence;

    like a crab that has outgrown its shell.

    You become vulnerable to silence,
    to the absence of understanding,
    to the absence of security,
    to the absence of knowing who you are.

    And in this there is freedom.

    What good is it to realize the Self
    and then be bound by the idea of the Self?

    What good is it to be dependent
    on having a certain experience,
    attainment or understanding?

    When it all crumbles
    then all that is left
    is pure open vulnerability.

    It is not that you feel this
    and then you move on,
    but rather you learn to remain as this
    even while continuing your practices.

    Then you live in love;
    that love that resides in surrender.

    And your life is lead by grace.

    Not an idea of grace.
    But that which cannot be known
    and that is that.

    Much love,


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