You CanRealize the Self in an Instant But Enlightenment Takes Time

    Tuesday, April 2, 2013, 9:30 PM [General]

    "It is true,
    you can realize
    that you are consciousness
    in this instant.

    And you should realize
    that you are consciousness
    in this instant.

    It takes no time at all.
    You simply turn your attention
    back on to what is here prior to thinking
    and immerse yourself in that.

    But what takes time
    is remaining in that.

    For thoughts will continue to arise
    and if you are attached to those thoughts,
    if you identify with those thoughts that arise
    you will be pulled out of consciousness
    back into being a separate 'me.'

    So you taste pure being
    then you are jerked out of it
    back into thinking identification.
    Then when you see you are caught up,
    you find your way back to awareness.

    You practice keep coming back
    until you can either remain a witness
    to everything that arises
    or remain so rooted in the Self
    that thinking does not touch you.

    And this takes time.
    It takes lots of time
    sitting in meditation
    and perhaps also
    a lot of other practices
    that help purify the body and mind.

    And then beyond this
    what also takes time
    is the body and mind
    becoming enlightened.

    By remaining in bliss
    or remaining in pure consciousness,
    your body becomes infused in Shakti.
    Your mind becomes infused in Shakti
    so that they become enlightened.

    So that the mind itself recognizes
    it is made of consciousness.
    So that the body moves
    as energy itself.

    Because although it is nice
    to be able to step out of yourself
    into pure consciousness,
    you also want to bring that pure consciousness
    into all aspects of living.

    You want this bliss
    to permeate everything.

    And this takes time.
    The body and mind goes through purification
    to allow Shakti to flow through
    and then it becomes Shakti itself.

    Much love,


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    How to Attain Fulfillment

    Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 9:57 PM [General]

    "If you are interested in fulfillment,
    then what matters more
    than the tasks that you do
    is how present you are with the tasks.

    If you are doing something
    and thinking about doing something else,
    then no matter how pleasant the task is,
    you will not be fulfilled.

    Even if you are getting a massage
    and your mind says massages are great,
    but you are worrying about
    what you have to do tomorrow,
    you will not experience any joy.

    Yet if you are doing something
    you might not even like to do
    and you are fully present in the task,
    you will experience an enjoyment
    that is far beyond
    any superficial sense
    of happiness or unhappiness.

    Many people are dissatisfied
    with their job
    and fantasize about doing something else.

    Yet the main dissatisfaction often comes
    from the lack of presence in the job,
    not the job itself.

    The mind makes a judgment
    about the job according to the way
    the mind sees itself and
    then automatically resists the job
    because it does not fit in with the way
    the mind believes itself to be.

    But you see,
    all that is happening in this is belief.
    You have created an idea about
    who you are, what the job is
    and a judgment about whether the two
    mesh together well and then believe
    all of these to be true.

    And by placing importance on these beliefs,
    you experience resistance and discontentment.

    You are choosing to be unfulfilled
    simply because you believe unfulfillment to be true.

    But if you do not place importance
    on these ideas and judgments
    but rather expand your attention
    beyond individual gratification
    and immerse it into the very task at hand,
    you transcend yourself.

    And in that transcendence,
    there is pure contentment,
    there is pure peace.

    I am not saying
    that you should like or not like
    what you do
    or that you should or shouldn't
    look to do something else.

    What I am saying is you can
    focus on being present with what you do
    rather than your opinion about it
    and in that experience pure contentment.

    And it is the same with meditation.
    It does not matter what you are experiencing
    in this moment.

    If you are fully present in your experience
    you transcend all experience
    and abide in a pure state of consciousness.

    And it is this consciousness
    that is fulfilling.

    Much love,


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    How to Attain Stillness in Meditation

    Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 10:06 PM [General]

    "In meditation,
    become aware of how the mind
    avoids this moment.

    How it looks just outside
    of this moment.
    Always looking for distraction.

    The mind exists because it separates
    itself from this moment.

    Even if you try through the mind
    to rest in this moment in meditation,
    you will see the mind remains
    separate from this moment.

    It tries to do awareness
    tries to think its way into meditation
    and thus remains separate
    from this moment.

    So in order to be truly present,
    the mind must be surrendered.

    When you are fully present
    in this moment,
    resting as awareness itself,
    there is no mind.

    When you detach yourself from thinking,
    first, personal thoughts disappear
    and there are just random impersonal thoughts
    that have nothing to do with
    your personal experience.

    Then if you simply allow those to run
    without involvement,
    they also run out of energy.

    But first is surrendering the mind.
    Surrendering your attachment to the
    movement of thinking,
    surrendering your identification with
    perceiving this moment through thinking.

    Just like you can stand in a room
    with a television on
    without actually watching the television,
    you can be aware in this moment,
    allowing thinking to be
    but remaining unaffected by it.
    It simply becomes a flow of energy.

    In meditation,
    you let go of attaching yourself
    to thoughts
    and rest in your natural state of awareness.

    And then you can remain resting
    in that natural state of awareness
    by surrendering any urge to move
    and resting as stillness itself.

    Much love,


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    How to Have a Spiritual Awakening

    Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 7:14 PM [General]

    "The ego/mind has the tendency
    to reduce spiritual awakening
    down to a clever teaching.

    As though if you hear the right words,
    understand it correctly,
    get yourself into some positive state,
    spiritual awakening will happen.

    But this is just the ego/mind looking to feel good,
    looking for a superficial happiness
    that only reinforces its own separateness.

    Spiritual awakening is about
    transcending this whole state
    of feeling good/not feeling good.
    Transcending the prison of being stuck
    in this 'me' that is constantly seeks gratification
    so that you are freed into unconditional peace.

    To do this,
    first you build up awareness & Shakti
    through meditation,
    sitting with enlightened masters
    and listening to the CDs.

    You build up the energy & awareness
    so that it is not something you
    need to look for anymore,
    it is simply undeniably present.

    You may feel Shakti
    as a feeling of energy moving or expanding,
    as bliss, as peace, as silence
    as conscious being,
    or as love.

    And once you feel this,
    you can allow it to guide your attention
    to naturally fall into this moment.

    In this nurturing energy,
    you let yourself fall right through your mind
    with all of its personal thoughts and feelings
    and into the unknown.

    There is not really a technique
    that can be given at this point.
    Instead you feel it inwardly.
    Through awareness, you learn
    to rest your attention into perfect stillness.

    You could say you surrender
    every thought to this moment,
    or you fully immerse yourself in
    silent conscious being,
    or that you allow thoughts to
    slow down to the point of no-thought,
    but these are just pointers.

    To the mind,
    it is a bit ironic
    because it requires
    your full awareness
    yet there cannot be
    any effort involved.

    It is an effortless
    surrender of everything
    so that attention sinks
    into pure awareness.

    You dissolve into
    consciousness itself
    and drift into unfathomable peace.

    Much love,


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    Realizing You Are Consciousness

    Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 7:57 PM [General]

    "Suffering arises
    because you identify with
    the thoughts and feelings that arise.

    Thinking is happening,
    you grab hold of the thoughts,
    you attach yourself to the thoughts
    and it becomes a personal experience
    and separation and conflict are born.

    The thoughts are about you,
    they define you
    and then from that identification with thinking,
    you seek freedom from it.

    But now look:
    who is this 'you'
    that identifies with thinking?

    Really look in this moment.

    If you looked, you will see
    there is nobody there,
    there is just consciousness
    aware that there is no person there.

    So we can now say
    it is consciousness
    which attaches itself to thought.

    Thoughts arise out of consciousness
    and consciousness contracts itself
    into identifying with thinking
    and 'poof' you are a person.

    So from this,
    we can say the practice to attain freedom
    would simply be to remain free;
    to remain in the experience
    that you are consciousness.

    To realize that you are not a person
    that needs to find a way
    to be free from the mind,
    but rather first and foremost,
    you are consciousness itself.

    And the way to do this is to
    keep looking back upon
    yourself and seeing that you are

    And I am using 'consciousness '
    as a word to point to what you are,
    not so the mind simply defines itself
    as consciousness.

    Because if you were wearing a red shirt,
    it is not truthful to just believe
    you are wearing a red shirt.
    Nor is it accurate to remember
    that you looked this morning
    and indeed you were wearing a red shirt.

    You simply need to look
    at your shirt in this moment.

    In the same way,
    you need to keep your attention
    on consciousness itself,
    keep either turning your attention
    back upon itself
    or simply surrender everything
    and let your attention fall back
    into its natural state of consciousness.

    Much love,


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    How to Experience True Freedom

    Wednesday, February 20, 2013, 8:23 PM [General]

    "When you value presence
    more than anything else
    then you are free.

    Whether you experience presence
    as consciousness, as awareness, as silence,
    as stillness, as energy,
    as love, bliss or peace,

    when you value that above
    everything else,
    not your belief in it
    but your actual immersion in it,
    then nothing can really
    bring you down anymore.

    It is only when you value
    other things more
    that there is trouble.

    And I am not talking about renunciation,
    but rather, where you place your importance.

    If you value your car
    more than awareness
    and your car breaks down
    then you are miserable.

    You experience the separation
    of you and the world and all
    the problems that brings.

    But if you value awareness
    more than anything,
    then when your car breaks down,
    it all just happens in awareness,
    it all happens in the oneness
    of the moment.
    It does not create conflict.

    When you value bliss more than anything,
    then you are in a love affair with bliss
    and if your car breaks down,
    then bliss is still there,
    you still remain in and as bliss.

    The mind may still grumble a bit
    but it does not affect the bliss
    because you have placed bliss
    above everything else.

    Perhaps it even increases the bliss.

    And that all encompassing bliss
    takes care of you.

    You give yourself over
    to peace completely
    and then peace becomes your life.

    Everything arises out of peace;
    everything exists in that peace.
    There is no conflict in it.

    And not only that,
    but the peace actually supports you
    and guides you through feeling.

    It gently moves you in the right direction
    so that peace is always deepening,
    so that life becomes more free and easy.

    It is only when you place your importance
    on other things
    that you become separate from peace.

    When you place your importance
    on your opinions and ideals, your intellect,
    your attachments, your seeking gratification,
    your desire to have things be a certain way,

    these type of things
    separate you from consciousness,
    separate you from being alive in this moment,
    from being free in this moment.

    Again it comes down to attention,
    where you are placing your attention
    in this moment.

    You give your attention fully
    to consciousness in this moment
    then you are free.

    It can't be an ultimatum
    of what you promise to do in the future.
    But in love,
    you give yourself over to this moment
    and everything else gets taken care of.

    Much love,


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    Meditation is Becoming Vulnerable to This Moment

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013, 6:40 PM [General]

    "In meditation,
    Become vulnerable to this moment.

    Let yourself start to feel
    the sensations of existing
    in this moment
    without separating yourself
    from them by defining
    or describing them.

    To do this, the mind
    must surrender control.
    Your attention must
    stop allowing thoughts and emotions
    dictate what is here
    in this moment.

    You allow it all,
    but you don't give it
    power anymore.

    You don't let the thoughts or emotions
    define your reality.

    Rather you feel this moment through awareness.

    You let your mind become soft
    and open and just let life flow through.

    You start to feel the flow of energy
    that is life in this moment
    and you rest your attention in that
    like a baby falling asleep
    in the arms of its mother.

    You will start to feel life happening on its own
    without you having to do any of it.
    It is just flowing.
    And in watching this,
    in giving up all control,
    you awaken into something
    totally new and incredible.

    It is not of the personal world
    although personal experiences
    may arise and disappear.

    But something immense opens up
    and you, as a person disappears into that.

    You disappear into pure consciousness
    and are immersed in wonder.

    Consciousness is not something dry and cold.
    It is alive and all sorts of things
    happen which cannot be put into words.

    Such an amazing movement
    of conscious intelligent energy
    that is way beyond
    our intellectual understanding.

    That is why you cannot bring
    the intellect into it.
    You cannot bring your knowledge
    and understanding into it.

    You have to surrender the mind
    and become completely vulnerable
    to this moment and let life
    live through you as that.

    It is already what is naturally happening.
    It is only when you fight it,
    when you separate yourself from it
    that you feel conflict.

    Much love,


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    How to Realize Timelessness in Meditation

    Friday, February 8, 2013, 10:00 PM [General]

    "Most people imagine 'now'
    to be a split second in time
    between past and future.

    But 'now' is not a moment in time,
    it is free of time.

    Time exists in the mind.
    The mind remembers a past
    and imagines a future.
    It projects time
    on to this moment
    which is timeless.

    It projects a person
    on to this moment
    which is person-less.

    So if you practice being present in meditation,
    it is important to realize you are not
    holding on to some moment in time,
    but rather,
    you are letting go of your identification
    with the idea of time all together.

    In meditation, you're letting go of
    all ideas that you have a past,
    that you have a future,
    that you are a person in time
    going somewhere, getting something.

    You let go of all mental concepts
    to let your attention rest
    in what naturally is
    in this moment.

    And what is
    cannot be defined.

    It simply is.
    It exists unconditionally
    beyond cause and effect
    beyond time, beyond purpose.

    The content of this is-ness
    if there is content
    is completely irrelevant.

    It is that is-ness,
    that source of life
    that is radiating out of this moment,
    radiating out of the timelessness
    of now, as now
    that should attract all of your attention.

    It will permeate attention itself.

    Timeless consciousness expands
    out on to forever so that
    it permeates everything.

    It even permeates the mind
    and its time based experience.
    So that there can be time
    and timelessness all at once.

    This may sound a bit esoteric to the mind
    but it is very simple and easy.

    It is about living
    in what is naturally here
    beyond mental perception.

    Because beyond mental perception
    there is only now,
    there is only timeless consciousness.

    And that consciousness
    nurtures every part of your being
    into pure peace and bliss.

    Much love,


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    Meditation Technique for Spiritual Awakening

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 9:51 PM [General]

    "Allow thinking to happen.
    Allow it to naturally happen without
    any involvement in it whatsoever.

    Then, in that allowing,
    let your attention
    sink below the mental noise
    into the quiet depths
    of pure consciousness.

    Much love,


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    How to Realize Perfection in Your Meditations

    Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 7:19 PM [General]

    "There is the natural happening
    of this moment.

    You are not doing this moment.
    You are not making this moment

    It is just a happening.

    In meditation,
    if you let go of trying
    to control this moment
    and simply notice,
    you will see this
    natural happening of everything.

    Thoughts arise, feelings arise,
    physical happenings arise.
    They all come and go on their own.

    They all happen as a natural occurrence
    according to their own nature
    and the totality of nature itself.

    But then the analytical mind
    tries to make it unnatural.

    A feeling arises the analytical mind
    judges as wrong and it tries to change it,
    tries to justify it, place importance on it,
    tries to push it away or obsess over it.

    Out of politeness, greed, fear, attachment
    or judgment, that natural happening
    gets repressed or manipulated.

    And in that there is a separation
    from what is naturally happening.
    That sense of being a person
    separate from everything else is created
    and there is conflict.

    In the act of separation
    there is always conflict.

    And so the questions come in
    about how to experience something
    different than what you are experiencing now.
    How to think something different,
    feel something different because
    the mind knows for sure
    that your experience is wrong.

    But that is like asking the sun not to shine,
    the rain not to fall,
    the wind not to blow.

    It is all a natural happening.
    There is no difference to the outer weather
    and your inner weather.

    And if you can simply allow,
    accept and observe
    this natural happening in meditation,
    allowing everything to pass by,
    then you will fall into
    the perfection of this moment.

    Your life will flow as
    the perfection of this moment.

    There is no flaw in it.
    What one would call a flaw
    is just the natural flow of bliss in this moment.

    Why give any importance to what
    the mind arrogantly thinks this moment
    should be like?

    It is a happening.

    And if you learn to be
    fully attentive to this happening,
    in tune with this happening,
    surrendered in this happening,
    to live every moment in this happening,
    then you will experience true perfection.

    Not perfection in the sense
    of some obsessively controlled experience
    but rather the essential divine blissful nature
    that is manifesting freely as the natural
    happening of this moment.

    I am not suggesting
    adding an idea of perfection
    on top of what is here
    but rather discovering the true
    nature of this moment
    through honesty and awareness
    and living in that.

    Much love,


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