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    The Intensity of Being

    Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 11:33 PM [General]

    "If you watch your thoughts,
    you will see that a lot of things
    you claim you want,
    you don't actually want.

    If you are hungry, you desire to eat.
    When you eat, that desire is fulfilled.
    That desire was true.

    But if you are not hungry
    and you still desire to eat,
    there is no truth in that desire.

    When you eat, you won't get that
    feeling of fulfillment you had when you were hungry.
    You will only feel unwell from overeating.

    A lot of wants are like this.
    The thought comes that you want it,
    but if you actually fulfill that want,
    you realize you didn't really want it.
    Indulging in it actually made you less happy.

    Because these wants are not
    there for fulfillment,
    they are there only to escape this moment,
    to escape the intensity of this moment.

    Because there is the intensity of being
    in this moment.
    It is peaceful, it is blissful
    but if you remain in being
    it becomes intense.

    The energy of being
    becomes so strong and gigantic
    that the sense of 'me' wants to avoid it;
    wants to escape it.
    Being is pushing against this me,
    consuming this me.

    And so the mind
    is constantly hatching escape plans:
    ways to distract yourself from being.

    A big part of spiritual awakening
    is about learning to remain
    in the intensity of being.
    Learning how to function in it,
    learning how to live in it.

    You begin to eat lighter,
    exercise more
    even think less.

    Because you find involvement with thoughts
    rubs against the enormousness of being.

    Being keeps expanding and expanding
    so there is no room for anything else.

    So you surrender the thoughts.
    You surrender this me
    so that there is only being,
    there is only consciousness here.

    You automatically learn to surrender
    the separation because there is just
    too much pressure to keep existing
    as something separate from being.

    But if you really look without
    the ego/thoughts getting in the way,
    you will find that this intensity of being
    is pure joy.

    The joy is so strong
    it is impossible to contain it.

    It is infinite joy,
    limitless joy.

    That is what this intensity is
    and when you recognize
    that it is joy
    life becomes pretty amazing.

    Much love,


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    Ego Vs. Oneness: Becoming Conscious in What You Create

    Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 9:56 PM [General]

    "From the perspective of the ego, you are separate from everything so there is the assumption that your actions have no impact outside of this moment.

    But when you recognize everything is one consciousness, then you realize everything you do inwardly and outwardly has an impact.

    If your attention is invested in thoughts & actions of conflict, self righteousness, revenge, arrogance, selfishness, disrespecting others, blaming others then you are moving yourself away from love.
    When you give your attention to empowering your ego, your sense of me, you are empowering the feeling of being separate and therefore you move into greater unhappiness & conflict. That is the outcome.

    Where as if these negative thoughts arise, and you surrender them, you don't get involved with them but let them go, you are surrendering ego, you are surrendering your sense of separateness and moving deeper into oneness.

    If your attention is on awareness itself, on love, on peace, on respecting others, on surrender, on spiritual practices or techniques, then your attention moves into the oneness that is at the source of everything. You feel the ever deepening vibration peace.

    This seems quite self explanatory but so many get caught up in investing attention on egotistical things and then wonder why life has become so miserable.

    Thinking patterns that move from one conflict and judgment to another and then the result is unhappiness, an unhappy life.

    And then you feel like a victim, which is just another trick of the ego.

    Most of our negative patterns are habitual; automatic. We are either not conscious of them or if we are, we justify them; we give them a reason, an excuse, which only gives them more power.

    So it is very important to become aware of your thought patterns.
    Not to try and control them, just to be aware of them. To be conscious of your thoughts, conscious of your actions.

    I am not talking about positive thinking over negative thinking as positive thinking can also empower the ego.  Rather, I am saying become sensitive to what you are creating in every moment.

    Are you empowering the ego, the sense of 'me' and thus closing the door to your heart,
    or are you willing to be open, humble and vulnerable to this moment; to make this moment a meditation or act of devotion and surrender deeper into peace and oneness.

    Unhappiness arises because our attention is habitually fixated on it. That is why mantras, japa, meditation techniques that you can do anywhere and keep you focused on peace can be very powerful tools.

    It takes a big commitment to surrender the ego, that sense of being right, that sense of making everything about 'me.' To surrender that to peace in every moment.

    But the result is you learn that you can create a life of bliss.

    You can turn every moment into a meditation.

    Much love,


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    From a Recent Satsang: The Essence of Everything is Peace

    Friday, May 2, 2014, 12:01 AM [General]

    This is an Excerpt from a recent satsang.
    To Hear it (It's nice to listen to while reading)

    Click Here

    "The idea that you are a person
    moving into peace,
    moving into consciousness
    from my perspective is false.

    The essence of everything;
    the essence of what you are
    is the most exquisite peace.
    Blissful, silence, unconditional love
    pure consciousness.

    And out of this consciousness
    out of this peace,
    comes the body, comes thoughts
    comes emotion, comes sensation,
    comes experience.

    These are all made of the essence:
    made of peace.

    But when attention contracts,
    grabs holds of this body, these thoughts
    and says "this is me,"
    then it is creating an experience
    of separateness.

    It is apparently separating itself
    from its essence.

    Creation is born out of this peace.
    The play of life is this.

    So if you become involved with things,
    you experience things, you enjoy things
    you suffer things
    and if your experience is
    that is solely what you are;
    you are this person,
    you are a person separate
    from the essence,
    then there is a constant unhappiness,
    a constant feeling of separateness,
    of conflict; of things not being 'right."

    But if you can recognize this peace
    that is the essence of everything,
    perhaps to understand intellectually at first
    but far more important to eventually feel it.

    To feel yourself as this peace
    moving the physicality,
    moving the thoughts, moving the emotions
    moving the sensations,
    moving the sensory experience,
    that it is all peace,

    then you never feel that
    inward unhappiness.

    You will still feel outward unhappiness.
    You'll still go through all the range of emotions
    but probably much less than before.

    But every emotion,
    every thought will be infused with this peace.
    Because that is the nature of the thought,
    that is the nature of all thoughts: it's peace.
    It is what it is made out of.

    You know if you read Dostoyevsky,
    you read the Dhammapada,
    or if you read Snoopy comics,
    they're all made of the same ink.

    From the perspective of the ink,
    it's all the same.
    But it's the mind's interpretation
    that makes them different.
    That places importance
    on whether it is Snoopy, Dostoyevsky
    or the Buddha.

    But ink is just ink.

    Consciousness always recognizes itself
    to be consciousness to be infinite peace.

    Much love,


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    Intensifying Your Spiritual Practice Leads to Freedom

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 2:23 AM [General]

    "One of the reasons we do spiritual practice
    is to push our attention
    beyond this sense of 'me.'

    You do a little meditation,
    get a little Shakti,
    and you will find a little peace
    without upsetting your sense of 'me' too much.

    And perhaps that is enough for most.
    That is perfectly fine.

    But you can also intensify your spiritual practice
    beyond what is comfortable.

    You can increase your meditation,
    and other practices,
    increase the amount of Shakti,
    so that you feel that energy pushing
    you beyond what is comfortable for you

    You can bring up the intensity
    so that you are always having to surrender
    yourself to this moment
    in every moment.

    The energy can become so strong
    that you have to get out of the way
    because there is no room
    for both the selfish 'me' and awareness.

    That is one way:
    to intensify your practice
    to the point where
    there is no room
    for this me.

    Because if you really look at society,
    it is built around constantly engaging the 'me;'
    constantly distracting ourselves from this moment.

    Because somewhere it has been recognized
    that being alive in this moment is too intense
    so we have created a world where we
    can hide from it.

    A main part of modern technology
    is distracting ourselves from this moment,
    entertaining us so that we never have
    to realize what is here in this moment.

    But when you turn the whole thing
    upside down where you are completely
    immersed in the moment,
    when your spiritual practice & the Shakti
    has become so intense
    that you are forever pushed into the now,
    constantly having to surrender this me
    to the immense power of Shakti,
    then transformation can happen very quickly.

    Bliss becomes so strong
    you can feel it annihilating your ego.

    It's not easy,
    but it's one hell of a ride.

    Much love,


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    Freedom is Giving Yourself Completely to This Moment

    Thursday, April 17, 2014, 9:22 PM [General]

    "The greatest fulfillment
    you can have in any moment
    is to give yourself fully to it.

    Whatever you are doing in this moment,
    give your complete attention to it,
    without looking for something in return.

    Just that giving is meditation.

    Just typing on the computer:
    can you give your attention
    fully to the typing.

    It is not a focusing
    but a surrendering of your full attention
    to what is happening.

    Because then you see
    it is a happening.

    You are not typing,
    typing is happening.

    There is no room for 'you' in it.

    There is just the action of typing,
    just the movement of energy
    that is typing.

    That is freedom.
    Complete freedom from yourself.

    But if you are typing and
    focusing on finishing or
    focusing on what you would
    rather be doing,
    then there is conflict.

    You are not really here
    and you are not really
    somewhere else.
    It is a feeling of disharmony.
    It's resistance to life in this moment.

    But if you really give yourself
    to whatever is happening in this moment,
    again it is not a focusing
    but a surrendering of your full attention
    to this moment,
    then you are fulfilled.

    You are happy.
    Because the idiot
    that usually claims to be unhappy
    is not there!

    The one that is always trying
    to solve their endless problems
    and justifications
    is not there.

    When you give yourself
    fully to this moment,
    then there is just this moment.

    Nothing can be said about it
    that can pin it down.
    It is free of everything.

    It is completely empty;
    and completely full
    because of that emptiness.

    So in this moment,
    offer yourself fully to it
    in full devotion.

    Let this 'me"
    be dissolved into this moment
    so only this moment is left.

    Then a whole new world opens up.
    You free yourself from this little 'me'
    and become everything.

    Much love,


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    Recognize the One Consciousness is Always Watching

    Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 11:48 PM [General]

    "It is helpful to recognize
    that the one infinite consciousness
    is looking through your eyes;
    is aware of this moment
    through and as your form.

    If you really look,
    you will see it is not
    'your consciousness" that is looking.
    It is consciousness itself.

    The God or Guru or Formlessness
    that you love or seek
    is looking through you,
    is aware in this moment;
    is always awake and watching
    in this moment, as this moment
    whether you are or not.

    If you recognize this,
    then your actions are going to be
    far less casual.

    You're not going to be so inclined
    to just indulge in habitual
    gossip, judgments, complaints, desires,
    worries and distractions.

    You won't be lost in autopilot
    while you are thinking about being
    somewhere else if you realize
    Infinite Consciousness/God/Guru
    is present in this moment.

    Rather, you will be more drawn
    to be present in every action.

    Every movement will be an act of devotion,
    an act of meditation.

    You will also no longer feel alone.
    You will not feel separate
    from God, from Consciousness, from Guru.
    You will feel that what you have been seeking
    is always present in this moment;
    is both always with you and is you.
    That you are loved and are love.

    There is great joy in this oneness.

    And in this joy,
    you will naturally treat yourself and others
    with a deeper respect.

    You will feel life is sacred,
    this moment is sacred.

    You won't have the desire
    to waste this moment on petty things.

    You will want to live this moment
    completely and fully.
    Not to get something out of it,
    but simply as an act of pure love and devotion.

    Just by remembering,
    pure consciousness is present.
    'That which I have been yearning for
    is present and aware in this moment.'

    Much love,


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    Living in Surrender is Living in Perfect Peace

    Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 11:11 PM [General]

    This quote is from a live satsang which you can listen to
    by playing this youtube video.

    "If you live as surrender itself,
    then you live in perfect peace.

    You leave that surrender,
    then you are becoming something;
    you are becoming a someone.

    Then that someone needs
    to defend itself;
    needs to have a position;
    needs to be right
    and make others wrong;
    has desires, has needs, has fears
    that need to be fulfilled.

    So as a person,
    the mind is constantly figuring out
    how to manipulate this moment.

    But when you live as surrender,
    there's nobody here to defend.
    There's nobody here
    to manipulate this moment;
    to make this moment different than it is.

    When you are nothing
    and you rest as that nothing,
    then you are not nothing
    in the sense of a void
    that is empty of feeling
    but rather a void that is full of feeling.

    It's just the pure vibration of peace.

    There's nobody there to attain something.
    There is nothing needed
    or missing or wanting.

    It's just pure delight.
    The vibration of innocent joy.

    And that same joy,
    that same consciousness,
    that same nothingness
    looks through everybody's eyes
    and manifests as everything.

    Much love,


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    Infinite Peace is Realized in Nothingness

    Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 10:13 PM [General]

    "If you throw a rock
    at something solid,
    that solid thing will be damaged,
    it will be hurt.

    But if you throw a rock at air,
    the air is not damaged nor hurt.
    The air is unchanging.

    if you realize your true nature
    of nothingness,
    that nothingness is unchanging.
    The peace that is that nothingness
    is unchanging.

    Nothing can hurt it,
    nothing can damage it.

    It is beyond all form.

    It is only when you are identified
    with being a separate solid something,
    that you feel hurt,
    that you feel damaged.

    And that is the nature
    of being a person.
    A person can be hurt,
    a person is vulnerable.
    That is the way it is supposed to be.

    You cannot make the person bullet proof.

    But you can accept
    your own vulnerability.

    If you can allow this person to be
    completely as it is
    with all of its pains and hurts and damages,
    then separation can dissolve
    and you can realize
    the essence of what you are.

    It is only when you try and protect
    this sense of 'me'
    through maintaining you are right,
    through arrogance, violence, bitterness
    escaping the moment, putting others down,
    building yourself up,
    that life becomes a hell.
    Because in this resistance,
    you have separated yourself from life.

    But when you allow this person
    to be completely open and vulnerable to life,
    then that appearance of solidity dissolves.

    You drop right through this idea of yourself
    into pure consciousness.

    That is when you become air,
    you realize you are the nothingness
    that is pure peace.

    And this peace that you are
    is always here,
    always present.

    Then it is simply a matter
    of keeping your attention
    in this peace, in this nothingness.

    Accepting your own mortality
    can help you realize
    that which you are which is immortal.

    Much love,


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    Story of Buddha

    Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 11:58 PM [General]

    This is from a recent Satsang/Meditation
    which can be heard on this youtube video here

    "I've heard a story about the Buddha
    and that when the Buddha attained enlightenment
    he was just silent.

    He didn't say anything.

    And the story that I heard was
    one of the Gods or Angels
    came down and said
    'Why are you silent?
    We want you to say something.'

    And he said
    (I'm going to paraphrase here)
    'Those that experience this
    don't need any words
    those that have realized this
    that are living this,
    don't need any words.

    And those that are not
    realized in this
    those that are not
    awake in this,
    experiencing this,
    cannot know it through words.'

    I don't want to get into debate
    about whether Buddha said that or not
    but it is a beautiful story;
    a beautiful illustration
    of this nothingness.

    So I'm not talking
    to teach you anything.
    I'm talking just so we have that
    auditory connection.

    Maybe the words help
    guide you a little into the peace
    but really, there's that joy
    of the vibration of this silence,
    this nothingness that is coming
    through the sounds.

    Does that make sense?

    When I'm speaking
    my experience is it's
    just a vibration of Shakti
    a vibration of this nothingness.

    And that vibration is calling you.
    That vibration
    is what is being communicated.

    In any of my weekly quotes
    or e-books or conversations with you
    to me, that vibration is the all and everything.

    It is this vibration that is calling your home.

    Like a dinner bell.
    Did your parents have a dinner bell?
    You were out playing in the woods
    back when there were more woods
    and when it was dinner time,
    your mother rang a bell
    to call you home.

    For someone who's identified
    with their mind
    this conversation seems nonsensical;
    seems crazy.

    And maybe I am crazy
    I will not dispute that point.
    But it's a lovely lovely lovely craziness.

    In my experience
    this vibration is what guides you
    to the truth.

    If you feel it,
    if you feel the vibration in the words,
    even in the vibration in the pause
    between the words,
    the vibration in the silence,

    they are the ebb and flow
    of the same ecstasy.

    Much love,


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    How to Witness this Moment in Meditation

    Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 12:38 AM [General]

    "How do you witness this moment?

    By allowing it to be exactly as it is.
    You do not get involved with it,
    dramatize it, analyze it
    or try and change it.

    You just let your experience
    be as it wants to be in this moment
    and in that allowing,
    naturally there is awareness.
    Witness consciousness
    reveals itself in that allowing.

    Your attention un-contracts
    from being stuck in the 'me'
    and can relax & expand back
    into its true nature
    of all encompassing awareness.

    In witnessing this moment
    you feel yourself as consciousness itself.

    Consciousness is
    the essential nature of everything
    and it is untouched by everything
    because it is prior to all experience.

    Yet consciousness is felt
    as unconditional peace, unconditional bliss,
    unconditional love.

    That bliss is there at the essence.

    And so by witnessing this moment,
    you remain as that bliss.

    That bliss does not move.
    It is the backdrop of everything.

    Whatever your experience is
    you both feel yourself as that
    essential nature of peace
    that is transcendent of all experience
    and you feel your personal experience
    vibrating in that peace.

    The two become one.

    You no longer are dragged around
    by feeling good, feeling bad,
    feeling happy, feeling sad.

    Those things play themselves out
    in consciousness
    but there is that constant
    vibration of bliss that is consciousness;
    that is what you are.

    It is not that in witnessing
    you are separated from your experience.
    Your perception has simply been freed
    from identifying solely with personal experience
    so it can rest in all-encompassing awareness.

    If you are inside the racing car,
    then you are frantically steering,
    you are whizzing by things,
    things are whizzing by you
    and you have to make sure you don't crash.

    It's all very important.

    But if you are on the stands
    watching the race take place,
    cars are just whizzing by
    by themselves.

    It really makes no difference
    what one car does or doesn't do.
    It is all part of the race
    that you are a witnessing.

    The real freedom is in that watching.

    Yet by remaining the witness,
    your outer experience is also transformed.
    Your outer experience gets permeated
    in the bliss of consciousness
    and that bliss transforms everything.

    But it all begins in that allowing.
    You allow and watch this moment.
    You allow and feel the sensations.

    You watch the thoughts come and go
    like cars whizzing by
    and automatically
    witness consciousness happens.

    Much love,


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