Realizing The Infinite Peace of Pure Consciousness

    Wednesday, February 19, 2014, 9:45 PM [General]

    "In pure consciousness,
    there is no 'I.'

    There is the absence of any object or subject.

    And that is profoundly peaceful;
    profoundly satisfying.
    A feeling of completely being at home.

    Yet that peace is not there for a me.
    If you bring a 'me' in there to enjoy that peace,
    the peace fades.
    That me obstructs the peace.

    In nothingness
    there is pure peace.

    You are not a you,
    you are just peace,
    there is just peace.

    At another level
    everything is arising out of that peace,
    as peace itself.

    The person arises
    out of that peace.

    The natural expression
    of thoughts, feelings, physical happenings,
    the 5 senses
    are all expressions of peace,
    expressions of consciousness.

    In this,
    everything is felt as a flow of energy,
    as a flow of bliss.

    But the more fixated you become
    on the person, on the thoughts,
    on the content of the happenings,
    then you experience a separation
    from that peace, you experience conflict.

    The more you build yourself up,
    the further you feel from peace,
    the deeper you move into conflict.

    And so you learn in meditation
    to abide in that nothingness,
    in pure consciousness.

    You learn to rest as awareness
    without needing to contract into
    being a person, into being a thought.

    And then outside of sitting meditation,
    you learn to remain surrendered
    in that nothingness.

    You learn to perform every action
    as that nothing-ness.
    Every movement becomes empty.

    And that emptiness is not desolate,
    because pure emptiness is pure peace.

    You feel most alive
    as that emptiness.
    Pure satisfaction
    of just being consciousness.

    And it takes a while
    to get used to such satisfaction
    because you have associated satisfaction
    with desire, with seeking, gain,
    with trying to change, improve, escape.

    But the truth is the opposite.
    When you have whittled yourself down
    to nothing, to just silent awareness,
    that is when you feel the greatest bliss.

    Much love,


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    The Importance of Solitude for Enlightenment

    Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 8:20 PM [General]

    "It is good to spend
    an extended period of time alone
    if you are able.

    When you are alone
    and not distracting yourself
    with social media, emails or phone;
    when you give yourself the time
    to live simply without a lot of stimulation,
    then you can really move deeply
    into silence.

    At first there maybe the craving
    for company or stimulation.
    But if you surrender
    those cravings when they arise,
    which means you let go
    of your attachment to them
    and surrender your attention
    back into silence,
    then silence begins to consume you.

    Silence begins to permeate you.

    If you are around people,
    then there is an identity
    that is created of you.

    People think of you in a certain way,
    you think of yourself in a certain way
    and so there is that unconscious drive
    to be that person.

    You are always taking on
    other people's vibrations.

    But when you are alone,
    you do not have to be a person,
    you do not have to maintain an identity.

    And that is scary for many people,
    to let yourself just fall into silence;
    to not have to be a person.

    But I think those that do
    spend a lot of time alone
    discover something very sacred and pure.

    If you are alone,
    it is just your thoughts that are there.
    And when you begin to surrender your thoughts,
    then what is here?

    You become transparent.
    There is the wind in the trees
    and there is only that.
    You are walking
    and there is only that.

    You do not need to eat so much,
    do so much,
    be entertained.

    There is just the purity of presence,
    of being alive
    which is harder to feel when
    you are constantly stimulated
    by outward things.

    Even a little bit of time by yourself
    in a quiet room is important.

    Where outward seeking and stimulation
    are removed
    and you can just be with yourself.

    You can let this experience of you
    unravel and untangle itself
    until you are completely undone
    and only presence is left.

    And if you can't be alone,
    just close your eyes
    and sink into that same aloneness
    within yourself.

    Much love,


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    Attaining The Tao of Nondoing in Meditation

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 9:25 PM [General]

    "At the essence of being,
    there is the natural zero-point
    of effortless nondoing,
    of pure natural stillness.

    But if you take effortless nondoing
    as a practice,
    you will find a constant doing;
    a constant involvement with thinking,
    a constant resistance to this moment
    through chasing desires
    and avoiding pain.

    And so that pull to be always be involved
    with thoughts,desires and worries
    must be broken.

    That is why there are all
    of the spiritual practices
    that give the mind something to focus on
    so that it can begin to burn away
    these attachments to thought identification.

    A technique like silently repeating 'I am'
    while focusing on the feeling of being,
    is a doing-practice.

    You are actively focusing
    on the feeling of being
    to cut through that habitual pull
    to be involved with thinking.

    Through listening to the CDs
    and sitting with enlightened teachers,
    the Shakti is awakened inside you
    and you learn to build up the Shakti inside you
    without wasting it.

    You learn to purify the mind and body
    with proper diet, exercise,
    breathing exercises, yoga and chanting.

    Make no mistake:
    for real awakening to happen
    there should be practice & discipline.

    But through these practices,
    the Shakti and awareness
    burns through all of the attachment
    to mental perception
    and awakening happens.

    And in that awakening,
    all trying ceases.
    Spiritual practice becomes about
    surrendering into silence,
    surrendering into stillness.
    Allowing awakening to take place.

    You realize the point
    of non-movement, nondoing
    as your true Self.

    It does not necessarily mean
    you stop outward disciplines and practices,
    but rather your focus naturally rests
    in the essence of nondoing,
    in the essence of being pure awareness.

    The entirety of existence
    is found within oneself.
    Inner and outer become one.

    That feeling of surrendering into stillness
    is similar to the experience of falling asleep,
    but without ever losing consciousness.
    In fact it is sinking ever deeper and deeper
    into consciousness to rest in your natural state
    of effortless stillness.

    Much love,


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    Feeling Consciousness: Path to Self Realization

    Monday, February 3, 2014, 9:15 PM [General]

    "It is often said
    that the main cause of suffering
    is identification with thinking.

    But if you do not use thinking
    to perceive this moment,
    what is left?

    If you close your eyes
    and notice what is here
    without using thought,
    you are left with feeling.

    Feeling not as emotion,
    but as subtle sensation.

    With your eyes closed
    there is the undeniable feeling
    that you exist;
    the undeniable feeling-recognition
    that awareness is,
    that you are awareness itself.

    It is through resting your attention on this feeling
    that you begin to realize what you are.

    You begin to feel yourself as awareness,
    feel yourself as peace,
    feel yourself as energy.

    No thinking is needed
    to realize what is truly here,
    what you truly are.

    And in that you begin to see
    that the world born of thought
    is what is overlaid on top
    of what is here.

    And even further,
    the world of thought arises
    out of this consciousness that you are.

    From the perspective of thinking,
    this experience of feeling-consciousness
    may seem like a state that you
    go in and out of,
    because the mind is certain
    it is indeed made of thoughts;
    it is exists in definitions
    of being a person with a name and form.

    But through continuous immersing yourself
    in feeling what you are beyond thinking,
    or simply resting as awareness itself
    as the witness,
    the mind comes to realize that it indeed
    is not of thought,
    but is of emptiness itself.

    The mind confesses and surrenders
    to the self-evident realization
    that it indeed is consciousness itself.

    And that the idea of a person
    is overlaid on top of consciousness.

    The person does not enter into
    a state of consciousness,
    but rather there is only consciousness
    and that consciousness
    contracts into identifying with thought
    and in that becomes a person.
    (Yet never stops being consciousness)

    Once you realize this,
    then meditation mostly becomes about
    surrendering this identification with thought
    and resting in your natural,
    essential state-less state of consciousness.

    Much love,


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    How to Attain Stillness in Meditation

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014, 11:13 PM [General]

    "At the core of every experience
    is stillness.

    You don't get to stillness
    by rejecting your experience
    in this moment for some idea of silence,
    but by allowing your experience
    in this moment.

    You relax
    into allowing this moment to be
    exactly as it is
    and just by doing this
    all of the activity your are doing on top of
    what is naturally here begins to clear away.

    Because most of the suffering comes
    from all of the activity you are doing
    on top of what is naturally here.

    you are involved with thinking.
    You are trying to get something,
    change something, escape something,
    fight something, plan something.

    If you let go of all that
    active pushing and pulling
    and just allow your experience to be,
    your attention can rest here,
    your attention can relax
    back into its natural state of stillness.

    However you are in this moment,
    whatever you are feeling,
    you just allow it
    without analyzing it.

    What is in this moment,
    simply is.

    And the core of that is-ness
    is stillness.
    The essence of every experience
    is pure consciousness.

    You do not become consciousness,
    you just stop obsessing over thinking
    and just allow everything to be.

    And then it is clear that
    consciousness simply is.
    That there is only peace.

    There is no room for anything else.
    Opposites cannot exist in this peace.
    There is only peace.

    Much love,


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    Satsang: Consciousness Expressing itself As You

    Thursday, January 16, 2014, 10:43 PM [General]

    (Quote from Live Satsang -Click here to hear it on youtube)

    "How can you not be
    madly in love with this moment;
    madly in love with what you are?

    So much time wasted
    trying to be different than you are;
    trying to make this moment
    the way you think it should be;
    trying to make your experience
    the way you think it should be.

    When all it takes is
    to turn your attention inward
    and realize: what is here?

    What is here that is not separate
    from anything?

    It is not that there is God
    and then there is your emotions.

    They are the same.

    There is not you and peace;
    you are peace.

    It's just that ridiculous obsession
    with thinking you're a person
    separate from everything
    trying to get something
    trying to go somewhere
    or trying to get away from something.

    When rather you are a person
    that is not separate from the eternal.

    Thoughts, emotions, body, personality
    are all manifestations of consciousness,
    expressions of consciousness
    spontaneously arising in this moment.

    By allowing this moment to be as it is,
    by allowing all of these expressions
    of consciousness to be
    your attention can rest in consciousness itself.

    To not get stuck in the content
    of the manifestations
    but to rest in the essence of it.
    to rest in peace itself.
    Just by allowing.

    Just give up yourself;
    give up this me
    that is grinding against this world,
    grinding against this moment.
    Just give it up.

    Give up that resistance and separation
    and just be as you are.

    You just stop adding on this moment.
    You allow this moment to arise
    to radiate to be exactly as it is
    without putting any crap on top of it.

    That's the suffering.
    You keep loading all this stuff
    you think should be in this moment
    on top of this moment
    and then it's messy.

    It's like you imagine a ghost
    and are scared of the ghost
    you are imagining.

    Unhappiness is self created.

    No matter what emotions arise
    the essence of every emotion
    is peace, is joy is love.

    There is a natural movement of life
    that is happening
    that is expressing itself as you.
    Consciousness expressing itself as you
    and you just allow that.

    Much love,


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    You are Consciousness Itself

    Thursday, January 9, 2014, 11:08 PM [General]

    "Many spiritual seekers make the mistake
    of identifying with their history
    as who they are
    and expect that person
    (which is just attention attached to memory)
    will attain enlightenment.

    But if you really look,
    there is no person there
    that is a history moving in time
    and going somewhere.

    If you really turn your attention
    back to what you are in this moment,
    all you will find is attention itself.

    And that attention is not personal.
    It is not bound by space or time.
    It has no history.
    It is completely free of everything.

    But the habit is for attention
    to keep contracting into
    identifying with thinking
    and believing that is what it is.

    And then in that identification
    trying to find freedom.

    But how can an idea of yourself
    ever be free?

    You simply have to drop the idea
    that you are your history.

    Not in an intellectual sense.

    But to just be present in this moment.
    Because what you are is this very moment.
    What you are is attention itself.

    So then do you let attention rest
    in its natural state of being,
    or do you, as attention, attach to thinking;
    do you attach yourself to a history
    and then imagine you are trapped
    in being a person separate from everything else?

    Because what you can do in this very moment
    is be truthful to what you are in this moment.
    Not what thoughts tell you is here
    but to actually recognize and abide
    in the truth of what is here beyond thinking.

    Which means to rest in this moment,
    to rest in attention itself.
    To not keep seeking outside of this moment
    to some imaginary future happening or past
    but to just be as you truly are.

    The spiritual path
    is not a moving forward in time
    but the inward exploration
    into this very moment.

    It may seem complicated
    from the intellectual mind,
    but if you let go of the intellectual mind,
    you will see it is incredibly simple.

    Much love,


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    How to Live in Enlightenment

    Tuesday, December 17, 2013, 9:38 PM [General]

    "The egocentric part of the mind
    is always looking for more and more.
    It seeks satisfaction through
    more stimulation, more drama,
    more noise, more thoughts.

    Yet once you are awakened to the peace
    that is at the essence of your being
    through Shakti & meditation
    that part of you that yearns for that peace
    wants less and less.

    Because there is the recognition
    that all of this stuff that has been acquired
    more often than not is just in the way
    of that peace.

    So it wants less distraction, less stimulation,
    less noise, less drama, less thinking.

    It wants to just rest
    in the simplicity of this moment.

    And in any moment
    you choose which part of you
    that you are feeding.

    Are you holding on or letting go.

    Are you looking outwardly for satisfaction
    or to solve some self important problem
    or are you surrendering to this moment,
    to the essence of life that is contentment.

    If you really look, that egocentric mind
    never finds satisfaction.
    It tastes little fleeting stimulations of pleasure
    in all of its distractions and dramas
    followed immediately by dissatisfaction.

    It is always hungry for more.
    And if you feel this endless outward seeking,
    you will feel it is very stressful.
    You will feel it is pushing you further and further
    away from your essence of peace.

    Yet to surrender into the present moment,
    you must surrender yourself,
    you must surrender this idea of yourself
    that you have built up over time.

    You have to surrender the swarm of thoughts
    that you keep grabbing hold of
    that make up this 'me.'

    The thoughts may change over time,
    but that grabbing hold remains the same.

    So you have to learn to let go
    of these thoughts you keep grabbing;
    to let go of the worries or desires
    or whatever thoughts
    that you keep holding.

    It's often got very little to do
    with material possessions,
    unless you keep acquiring material possessions
    in hope they will satisfy you.

    But more
    it's the grabbing hold of thoughts.

    Can you learn to let go
    of that holding on to thinking
    and simply be as you are in this moment.

    Thoughts may come and go
    yet your attention
    is resting at the bottom
    of this moment
    where there is absolute stillness & peace.

    It is a relinquishment of control
    yet it is the source of greatest power.

    It is the giving up of that
    incessant need to be satisfied
    to realize the satisfaction
    that is the essence of this moment.

    Much love,


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    The Spiritual Path of Non Resistance

    Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 9:49 PM [General]

    "When you realize there is nothing
    that is not consciousness
    then you can allow yourself
    to experience every moment
    without resistance.

    Because in the mind
    whether it be conscious
    or unconscious,
    you are resisting feeling this moment.

    You are separating yourself from this moment.
    And that avoidance is stress.
    It consumes all of your energy.

    And what are you avoiding in this moment?
    There is something you are resisting feeling.
    It maybe an emotion, a thought, a sensation,
    it maybe something far more subtle than that.

    But usually unconsciously
    the mind is saying there is something
    that is either bad or not satisfying in this moment
    and so it avoids it,
    it separates itself from it,
    mainly through being involved with the thoughts.

    The ego exists and survives in this way
    as a separation from this moment.

    But if you can allow yourself
    to feel what is here,
    which means surrendering
    the one that separates itself
    from this moment,
    then you discover
    that what you are resisting
    is consciousness itself,
    peace itself.

    When you rest as awareness
    in this moment,
    then anything that is experienced
    in this moment dissolves back
    into its essence,
    it dissolves back into consciousness.

    Then there is nothing to fear,
    because you begin to experience
    that everything is consciousness.
    There is nothing separate from

    The only thing seemingly separate
    from consciousness is the action
    of separating yourself from this moment;
    the action of resisting this moment.

    And in surrendering that resistance
    in every moment,
    you move deeper and deeper into
    the essence of what you are,
    deeper into consciousness,
    deeper into peace, deeper into oneness.

    Just to have the intention
    to no longer resist anything,
    to fully allow your experience to be as it is
    in every moment:
    there is great freedom in that.

    And you will find over time
    it is the easiest path
    as it requires no effort,
    only surrender into what naturally is

    Much love,


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    Enlightenment is an Inner Revolution

    Tuesday, December 3, 2013, 8:49 PM [General]

    "A lot of people at the moment
    are looking for a revolution.

    They are seeing corruption
    in the government,
    corruption in religion,
    corruption in the economy.

    They are seeing that powers that be
    have been pulling the wool over their eyes
    for quite some time
    and now that they are aware of it,
    they are not accepting the corruption anymore.

    But there is another corruption that
    is happening.

    And that is unconsciousness.
    People are unconscious of what is here
    outside of their mental perception.

    They are a prisoner
    of their own thoughts and feelings.
    Whatever thoughts arise,
    that defines their experience.

    And at the core of this experience
    is the feeling of separateness,
    of feeling separate from peace,
    separate from consciousness,
    of feeling separate from everything
    and therefore in conflict with everything.

    And so there has to be an inner revolution.

    There has to be the same resolve
    to turn your attention deeply into
    what is here in this moment
    and find out the truth of what you are
    beyond the thoughts.

    To turn inwards and realize
    the one consciousness
    that is everything
    and that is free of all conflict.

    There has to be the resolve
    to stop being distracted
    by all of the junk
    that entertains you just enough
    so that the day has gone by
    and you were never present
    and actually feel this moment
    without defining it, describing it, judging it.

    There has to be the willingness
    to take all of the steps necessary
    to purify & awaken the body and mind enough
    so that you can realize what is here.

    There has to be the willingness
    to be present in this moment
    even if it hurts, even if it is uncomfortable.

    If you are angry,
    to have the courage to feel that anger
    instead of letting it out, instead of justifying it.

    If you have addictions and bad habits
    to be willing to feel the essence of those desires
    instead of giving into them.

    If you are bored, if you are working,
    if you stub your toe, if you feel hurt
    there must be the willingness to feel it,
    to experience this moment completely
    in all of its pains and pleasures
    without seeking to escape them.

    Not to fixate on them,
    but to simply allow them to be fully.

    The moment you choose to be awake in this moment
    or even just giving yourself fully
    to trying to be present in this moment,
    life takes on a whole new meaning.

    Even if it hurts, even if its hard,
    you begin to experience
    the infinite depths of this moment
    and there is incredible freedom in that.

    Just by giving your attention fully
    to experiencing what is here beyond thinking
    you have opened the door
    for truth to reveal itself.

    Much love,


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