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    How to Live in Bliss

    Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 9:08 PM [General]

    "If you really want
    to live in bliss,
    then become devotional
    in every action.

    Whatever you are doing,
    devote your attention
    to that happening
    instead of focusing
    on the outcome.

    Say you are walking
    to get a glass of water:

    Usually, the mind is focused
    on the water, on quenching the thirst.
    The walking itself is forgotten;
    it is almost regarded as an obstacle.

    In this, the mind will distract itself
    during the walking thinking about
    other things to just bypass the walking altogether.

    And in this way life passes you by.

    But if you become devotional
    to that walking;
    if you surrender your attention
    into the walking itself
    then your whole experience
    will be entirely different.

    I do not mean concentration.
    Concentration implies a doing,
    a focusing on a fixed object or action.

    Rather, simply surrender your
    involvement with thoughts.
    Surrender all ideas of yourself
    and immerse yourself fully in the walking.
    You rest your full attention
    in allowing the walking to happen
    without involvement, without obstruction,
    without resistance.

    Your attention naturally
    wants to rest in this moment.

    In this you get to the essence
    of what is walking
    and that is divine.
    You realize the divine in everything.
    The same consciousness
    is moving everything.

    And in this devotion,
    in lovingly giving your attention
    to whatever you are doing,
    you are immersed in the absolute,
    you are immersed in and as consciousness itself.

    You are alive in every moment.

    Then you really live in love.
    Life in this moment no longer
    becomes an obstacle to what you want.
    Rather this moment is fullness itself.
    It is peace itself, love itself,
    being, consciousness, bliss.

    Much love,


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    The Three States of Mind & How to Enter Samadhi

    Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 1:51 AM [General]

    "When you are identified
    with thoughts
    and being the thinker,
    the Shakti (spiritual energy)
    seems to drain out of you.

    At the end of a day
    where you have been
    lost in thinking,
    you feel drained, you feel tired.
    Your body can feel sick.

    Just in being identified with your thoughts,
    you are separating yourself
    from this moment.
    You are in conflict with this moment.

    So it is natural
    you will feel tired,
    you will feel all of your energy
    has been wasted.

    When you are a witness
    to thoughts,
    or rooted in being,
    (the feeling of existing)
    thinking is experienced
    as an eternal flow of energy
    which is felt as bliss.

    There is no energy drain,
    it is a constant flow of Shakti
    and the body feels nurtured
    and healed in this energy.

    When you allow the thinking
    to be completely without any involvement
    and let your attention
    dissolve back into pure formless being,
    thoughts can stop altogether.

    If you keep letting go of the thoughts
    as they arise
    keeping your attention
    fully resting in formless being,
    thoughts will stop.

    In this pure being void of thought,
    the Shakti builds
    and may rise up
    and out the top of the head
    where wondrous states
    of pure ecstasy can be enjoyed.

    Much love,


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    Meditation between Mind & Pure Awareness

    Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 9:18 PM [General]

    "What is here in this moment?
    If you close your eyes,
    what is your experience?

    Not what the mind tells you,
    not what the thoughts tell you,
    but what is really here?

    If you truthfully look
    and see what is here
    you will see thoughts happening,
    sensations happening,
    you may see emotions happening,
    but they are all arising and disappearing
    in consciousness.

    You rest as the awareness
    and out of this awareness
    comes a movement of energy
    in the form of thoughts
    and one thought is no different
    than another.

    And this experience of awareness
    has no boundaries,
    has no sense of separation.

    It is formless,
    it is limitless,
    it is all encompassing
    and it's nature is peace,
    bliss & love.

    Bliss is not something
    on top of it,
    rather it is the actual
    experience of awareness.

    Now let your attention
    get involved with the content
    of the thoughts.

    Notice what happens when you do this.

    Notice the feeling of contraction
    that happens,
    the sense of separation that happens.

    At first, you may still be rooted
    in consciousness
    and so the bliss is there.

    But once you lose that awareness of consciousness
    and become the thoughts completely,
    become the owner of those thoughts,
    then you separate yourself from peace.

    Saying this
    everyone has their own comfort level
    of being in consciousness.

    The majority of people
    want nothing to do with consciousness,
    because their reality
    is their thinking
    and to let go of that reality
    means to enter an abyss
    that they associate with death.

    And so the majority of people
    are defending their thoughts
    by any means possible,
    because they define who they are.

    If you can protect your thoughts
    and feelings as the ultimate truth,
    then there is that sense of personal self
    and power over everything outside of yourself.

    But once life pulls the rug
    from underneath you
    and it always does,
    do you still cling on to thoughts
    having meaning and importance,
    or do you surrender?

    When does the stress level get so high
    that you are willing to let go of your position?

    When does suffering become so intense,
    that you are willing to give up your position
    and experience what is truly here?

    That thoughts are arising,
    emotions are arising.
    Everything is as it is.

    In this you give up this sense of you
    that needs to protect a position in thinking
    and you become positionless.
    That contraction in being a fixed point
    of "me" releases and suddenly you
    relax into your natural state of consciousness.

    You finally allow yourself
    to be what you were all along.

    You rest in the silence that
    you have been resisting
    and find it is actually what you are.

    And not only it is what you are,
    it is the peace and love that you
    have been craving the whole time.

    Much love,


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    Meditation & The Art of Awareness

    Tuesday, June 25, 2013, 10:18 PM [General]

    "Have you ever watched a tree
    being blown in the wind?
    However the wind blows,
    the tree bends.

    It is not that the tree is doing
    any action of bending,
    it is not doing anything.
    Simply by its nature of non resistance,
    there is the allowing of the wind
    to flow through.

    Same with liquid.
    You put your hand in water
    and automatically
    the water allows your hand
    to pass through.

    It is not doing anything,
    there is simply no resistance.
    There is no one there
    as a solid individual to resist.

    This is how awareness is.

    What arises, arises,
    what passes, passes.

    If there is no one there
    that claims to be aware,
    that claims ownership, resistance
    self importance, judgment & opinions
    then everything flows through
    like the wind.

    And sometimes
    clinging on to something
    will happen so fast,
    you don't even realize you are doing it.

    Because of some tendency,
    you have grabbed hold of a thought
    or emotion and made it you.

    And this is not wrong,
    it cannot be avoided.
    But the same allowing is necessary.

    You do not need to release the holding,
    you simply have to allow everything to be
    and be aware of that.
    Just the awareness that you are holding
    is enough.

    Because just in the awareness
    that you are holding,
    the holding relaxes.
    The holding begins to rest
    in its true nature as peace.

    And that peace
    takes care of everything.
    When you surrender yourself
    and allow this peace to take over
    then it brings everything back into itself.

    Much love,


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    Surrendering into What Is

    Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 10:13 PM [General]

    "Throughout the day
    there are all sorts of little pains
    that come up.

    Things that don't go
    the way we think they should,
    certain memories may arise
    that affect us,
    fear of being in new situations.

    All of these things may hurt a little.
    Not a physical hurt like a bruise
    but an inner bruise.
    It is the ego that gets bruised.

    And so we all have found ways
    around experiencing these
    inner bruises
    through alcohol, drugs, sugar, junk food,
    distractions like television and social media.
    These are just a few ways
    we manage to numb ourselves
    from all these little hurts.

    And then we have the mental ways
    we avoid feeling these hurts:
    blaming them on something or someone,
    trying to justify them, trying to analyze them,
    placing some positive self-help saying on top of them.

    But if we let go of all of these habits,
    distractions and mental manipulations
    then we become vulnerable
    to everything that arises.

    We are faced with
    experiencing life as it is.

    And very quickly in this
    we learn awareness.
    By allowing the hurts
    and surrendering to what is,
    that sense of ego and separation

    Just by being fully present
    with all the happenings in the day,
    little by little
    the limiting confines
    of what we think we are
    get broken down
    and we begin to feel
    our true nature of peace.

    We begin to feel
    the pure awareness
    that we are
    in this moment.

    Much love,


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    How to Be Free from The Mind & Ego

    Tuesday, June 11, 2013, 9:26 PM [General]

    "To be free of the mind,
    it is most important
    to first awaken yourself
    to what you truly are in this moment
    and then take refuge in that.

    If you keep your attention
    on the sensation of existing
    in this moment
    or the feeling of Shakti/bliss,
    then you remain free
    of the illusion of being
    a separate "me."

    But once you get caught up
    in thoughts and emotions
    and claim them to be what you are,
    then you have created an illusory maze
    that you try to think your way out of.

    But how can you get out of a maze
    that only exists in thinking?

    Any trying to figure it out,
    trying to think your way out of it
    only empowers the illusion
    of the maze even more.

    In this identification
    you can easily be manipulated.
    You can easily believe
    the latest electronic gadget,
    a new car, a new therapy
    or a new relationship
    is the answer to the feeling
    of dissatisfaction that comes with
    feeling separate from everything.

    The more involved you get
    in the thinking world,
    the further you get tangled up in it
    and the harder it will be to experience
    the peace that you truly are.

    All that is needed
    is to allow the thoughts and emotions
    to be as they are
    and turn your attention
    towards true happiness.

    Turn your attention
    to the eternal unconditional bliss
    that exists beyond the thinking.

    You cannot find it in thinking,
    you cannot find it in emotion.

    You have to keep your attention
    resting on the truth of what is here:
    the truth that
    you are, existence is.
    Not the idea of it but to actually feel it,
    let your attention rest in being itself;
    in bliss itself.

    And if you do not feel this truth
    then use a technique
    such as silently repeating "I am"
    and focusing on the feeling that you are.

    And let yourself be immersed in Shakti
    so that you feel the energy of bliss
    moving through you and as you.

    you're stuck in the thinking world
    and all of its self-created problems.
    You're stuck in an illusory conflict
    where there is no resolution.
    It is just more and more distraction
    away from the true freedom that you are.

    This very moment is the freedom.
    Realizing what is truly here
    is the freedom.

    But it is so easy to let your attention
    fall into thinking and get lost in believing
    that is what you are.

    You have to keep bringing your attention
    back to what is truly here
    and allowing your attention to remain in that.

    Much love,


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    2 Meditation Techniques for Self Realization

    Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 8:50 PM [General]

    "In meditation,
    you can actively
    hold your attention
    on what is beyond thought.

    And as thoughts arise
    you reject them
    even before you even know their content.

    If you really fix your attention
    on what is here beyond thought
    without allowing thoughts
    to interfere,
    then that is one method
    to Self Realization.

    It requires a lot
    of discipline
    but it is very direct.

    It will bring you to the realization
    very quickly that you exist
    completely beyond the body and mind.

    You will see that all suffering
    comes from the identification
    with the body and mind
    and therefore, you can remain
    in that consciousness that is transcendent
    of the body and mind to be free of suffering.

    As you continue with this practice,
    a new realization will arise
    and that is everything simply is.

    And when you realize everything simply is,
    there is no doing involved,
    there is just the surrender to what is.

    And in this you do not exclude thoughts,
    you do not exclude anything.

    Everything simply is.
    Thoughts arise by themselves,
    physical happenings happen
    by themselves
    and in allowing the happening
    automatically your attention
    expands to encompass everything
    as consciousness.

    In this, everything is the Self,
    everything is consciousness.
    Consciousness is not exclusive of thinking;
    rather, thinking arises out of consciousness
    as consciousness itself.
    It is all one.

    Now it may take
    an active meditation practice
    at first to get to this realization.

    Because if there is no awareness
    to begin with, if you are completely
    identified with your thinking,
    then surrender may end up
    just being lost in thinking.

    But once your awareness of the Self intensifies
    (and it can intensify very quickly
    if you are committed)
    then surrender to what is
    will be natural.

    Much love,


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    Meditation Technique to Go Beyond the Mind

    Tuesday, May 28, 2013, 10:13 PM [General]

    "In meditation,
    let your attention rest
    on that which is transcendent
    of thought and emotion.

    Look within and find
    that which you are
    which is transcendent of thought;
    which is transcendent of everything.

    Which exists beyond everything
    and cannot be removed.

    It could also be said:
    realize that awareness itself
    is transcendent of thought
    and rest in that.

    Transcendent meaning
    it is untouched by thought.

    Thoughts or emotions can be there,
    but awareness is untouched by them
    like water off of a ducks back.

    So let your attention rest
    in the awareness itself
    that is free from all thinking,
    or find through subtle feeling
    that which is transcendent of thought
    and let your attention rest in that.

    The two are the same.

    Try to think about it
    or understand it
    and you will miss it.

    It is something you simply
    have to do.

    Much love,


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    How to PracticeTranscending the "Me" in Meditation

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013, 10:21 PM [General]

    "A large part of meditation
    and spiritual practice
    is about turning your attention away
    from being involved with the personal self
    and back towards the essence of what you are.

    Most people's attention is completely
    involved with the personal 'me' experience.
    My thoughts, my beliefs, my desires,
    my fears, my hurts, my worries.

    And so by being completely involved
    with this me and all of it's personal thoughts,
    one cannot see beyond it
    to experience one's true nature of peace.

    Even in entering meditation
    many people subtly make it
    about the 'me' experience
    and therefore separate themselves
    from meditation.

    They look to have
    a certain experience or attainment.
    They want to stop thinking,
    they want to enter witness consciousness,
    they want to feel bliss or peace.

    By putting the idea
    of how you think meditation should be
    on top of this moment,
    you separate yourself
    from what is naturally here.

    So there are many meditation techniques
    that give the mind something to focus on
    and awakens attention to what is beyond
    this sense of personal self.

    For instance,
    if you are silently repeating 'I am'
    and letting your attention rest on the feeling
    of simply being,
    then this frees your attention
    from being fixated on personal thoughts and feelings
    into what you are beyond that.

    Or by putting your attention on a Guru,
    or the feeling of Shakti,
    or repeating a mantra,
    without looking to get certain results from it
    then again this awakens you beyond your personal self
    into oneness.

    But as you get more subtle,
    you simply learn to get out of the way
    and allow meditation to happen.

    Through allowing the personal self
    to be exactly as it is,
    allowing all thoughts and feelings
    to naturally rise and fall as they do
    without involvement,
    your attention will naturally relax into
    the quiet depths of pure consciousness.

    In this way you can transcend the small self.

    And once you begin to taste the bliss of your true nature,
    your attention will naturally want to take refuge in that
    instead of getting involved with the stress and drama
    of the personal self.

    Much love,


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    Devoting Yourself to Silence in Meditation

    Tuesday, May 14, 2013, 11:38 PM [General]

    "Silence is not
    the absence of thought.

    You cannot just stop thinking
    and then you will experience silence.
    That is just the absence of thinking.

    Rather, you start to feel it.

    As the Shakti & awareness
    builds inside you
    and you begin to naturally be aware
    of your thinking rather
    than identified with it,
    you will begin to feel silence,
    or sense silence
    underneath the flow of thoughts.

    And very naturally
    you will be attracted to it.
    You may feel it as bliss, as peace,
    as love or as freedom
    and your whole being
    will fall in love with it.

    Not in the egotistical sense
    that you feel it as pleasure and
    you want more.

    It goes way beyond that.

    You recognize it
    as the love you have been seeking
    since before you were even seeking.

    The peace of it is so pure
    that just being in it fulfills you.
    You want to give yourself over to it
    because it is the ultimate feeling
    of coming home.

    And so you become devoted
    to that silence.

    You give yourself over to silence out of love
    the same way you give your body
    over to your lover.

    And then in that
    there is perfection.
    You feel you are exactly where
    you are supposed to be.

    That dissolving yourself into silence
    fulfills you in every way.

    The peace is so nurturing
    that your heart is at peace,
    your mind is at peace.

    And in this you see how all the words
    and knowledge about spirituality
    are just ugly.

    Because the peace is beyond words.
    The silence is beyond any understanding
    or achievement.

    Would you say I achieved
    the love of my life?

    I attained the love of my life?

    There are no words
    or understandings about it.
    You find silence,
    then you just want to be in that silence.

    Words just can't touch it.
    Emotions can't touch it.
    Yet you recognize it
    as the essential nature of everything
    and you fall in love with it.

    Much love,


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