How to Transcend Resistance in Meditation

    Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 9:38 PM [General]

    "If you are lucky enough
    in meditation,
    you will come to the point
    where you cannot take it anymore.

    You will come right up
    against your resistance
    to this moment
    and will feel that
    you have to get up,
    you have to distract yourself
    from this moment.

    If you don't stand
    up and run to the kitchen
    to eat a cookie,
    you will scratch your nose.

    If you do not scratch your nose,
    you will wiggle around in your seat.

    If you do not wiggle in your seat,
    you will distract yourself with your thinking.

    You will judge the meditation
    as a failure,
    that you did not get the bliss
    that you got yesterday
    and you will run away from it.

    It is the natural response,
    because it is not just that you
    are resistant to this moment,
    you are the resistance
    to this moment.

    You exist as the resistance
    to this moment.

    And so the challenge is
    in meditation
    when you find yourself
    in resistance,
    can you find a way
    within yourself
    to surrender yourself
    completely to this moment.

    Can you find a way
    to give yourself up
    so that there is only this moment.

    Because stress and conflict
    can only exist between

    two separate things.

    If you can find a way
    at a subtle level
    to surrender this you
    that is separate from this moment,
    this you that is in conflict
    with this moment,
    then all that will be left
    is this moment.

    All that will be left
    is awareness.
    There will be no more

    Then you learn to remain
    as formlessness.
    You learn how to be
    without having to contract
    into being you.

    It is in this
    you learn real intimacy
    with this moment.

    If you approach this moment
    with your spiritual beliefs and knowledge

    and all the judgments

    that come with that,

    If you approach this moment
    as a person trying to get something
    out of this moment,
    you will never reach this moment.

    Like two oppositely charged magnets
    you will forever repel
    your own true self.

    But if you are willing

    to give it all up
    even just for this moment
    then you will discover
    true peace and freedom.



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    Realizing Peace

    Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 11:03 PM [General]

    every thought,
    every feeling,
    every sensation
    and every movement
    is unconditional peace.

    It is this peace
    that makes everything else

    It is the foundation
    of all experience.



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    The Secret to Attaining Bliss

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 10:01 PM [General]

    "Wherever you turn your attention
    you become.

    You keep your attention
    fixed on your problems,
    your knowledge,
    your desires,
    your judgments,

    then that is what you experience
    yourself to be.
    That is your prison.

    All of your energy
    drains into that.

    But if you want to awaken
    to what is beyond the "me.",
    then you allow the "me"
    to be as it is and
    you allow your attention
    to relax beyond it.

    You may focus
    on a mantra, a guru,
    the shakti (spiritual energy)
    the feeling of being
    or even just the breath,

    and then you realize
    yourself to be that.

    Even simply by allowing yourself
    to be as you are and witnessing
    that happening,
    you move beyond yourself,
    you become the witness.

    Not in the negation of yourself
    but in the relaxation of yourself.

    You see,
    you are always
    getting caught up in the idea
    that you are your thinking mind.

    You experience life
    from the presumption
    that the thinking mind is what you are.

    And from that presumption
    you try and solve
    an equation
    that only exists in the mind.

    So trying to solve
    the equation
    only keeps you stuck in the mind.

    Trying to change yourself
    into something different
    simply keeps you bound
    to the me,
    it even keeps you bound
    to the non-acceptance of me
    which is suffering.

    So just allow the me
    to be as it is.

    You allow the thoughts
    and feelings and sensations
    to be as they are
    and you let it go.

    Even just in this allowing
    you get to the essence of what is here.

    You see that the whole universe
    is lighting you up as you are
    in this moment.

    The whole universe is in you
    and as you.

    You do not need to become
    the whole universe.

    You simply have to allow
    yourself to be as you are,
    allow everything to be as it is,

    and let your attention
    expand beyond the thinking mind
    into that which is infinite,
    formless and serene.



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    How to Attain No Mind in Meditation

    Tuesday, April 17, 2012, 9:36 PM [General]

    "In meditation
    try letting go
    of every thought
    that arises.

    Do not try and push
    the thoughts away.
    Rather, stop grabbing
    hold of them.

    Or if you already
    have grabbed hold of the thought,
    stop holding on to it.

    Let it go on its own
    and in this way
    you can learn to stop
    grabbing hold of the thoughts
    in the first place.

    By doing this,
    thoughts will run
    their course
    like a spinning wheel
    that loses its momentum
    and may even come to a halt.

    When you grab hold of thoughts
    you have a position,
    you have a fixed point
    of reference.

    But when you do not
    hold on to thoughts at all,
    when they can arise
    without you ever touching them,
    or when they stop on their own,
    then you have no position.
    You have no fixed point
    of reference.

    You do not experience
    yourself as anything.

    There can be no definition,
    no perspective.

    You cannot say you are here
    you cannot say you are not here.
    It is a freedom beyond
    all understanding.

    There is consciousness
    but there is no one there
    that can claim to be consciousness
    or to call it consciousness.

    It is pure
    and silent.

    And when you enter back
    into the mind,
    some of this purity
    and silence
    comes back with it
    and washes through
    your body and mind.

    And once you get used
    to remaining in this void
    of no mind,
    you will want to keep
    coming back to it.



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    The Simple Path to Spiritual Awakening

    Tuesday, April 10, 2012, 11:36 PM [General]

    "The path
    to spiritual awakening
    really does not have to be

    You simply
    with an open mind
    find the practices
    that you experience
    a greater awakening
    into bliss
    and you practice them.

    You should try everything;
    from breathing exercises,
    to mantra, to chanting
    to various methods of meditation
    and everything in between.

    And when you find practices
    that help awaken
    the bliss that is beyond
    all beliefs and ideas
    then you follow those practices.

    You give yourself
    to them.

    Perhaps at first
    you do not feel bliss,
    perhaps at first it is difficult,
    it is challenging,
    it is uncomfortable.

    But somewhere in sticking with it,
    you might recognize
    something profound happening,
    something very subtle
    awakening inside you
    that attracts you
    and that attraction
    will lead you to bliss.

    And once you find ways
    to awaken the bliss
    you are home free.

    Then the door is open
    to your awakening.

    Whether you find it
    in repeating the name of a Guru,
    repeating a mantra,
    breathing a certain way,
    practicing a certain
    meditation technique,

    no matter what it is
    if it awakens the bliss
    then all the teachings
    will not matter.

    All of the different philosophies
    and spiritual debates
    will become obsolete.

    All of your problems and worries
    will no longer affect you
    in the same way.

    Because you have found
    a method to awaken the bliss
    and that bliss transcends everything.

    And simply by being in that bliss,
    everything gets done,
    everything gets taken care of.
    It nurtures you and loves you
    like no person ever can.

    Just by giving your full attention to bliss,
    or to the practice that awakens the bliss,
    you are fulfilled.

    But don't give it halfway.

    Don't give your attention
    a back door
    to slip away
    back into doubts
    and intellectual debate.

    give yourself to the practice
    until there is nothing
    left to give.
    Until even the practice goes.
    Even the bliss may go.

    And then there is only what is.
    The simplicity of the moment.

    And that is even more
    delightful than the bliss.



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