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    Attaining Pure Attention in Meditation

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 4:18 PM [General]

    "The very nature of attention
    is delight.

    Delight is not
    a by-product of
    it is its very nature.

    So whenever
    there is pure attention,
    there is delight.

    Whether your attention is on
    watching thoughts come and go,
    or on feeling the shakti,
    or on a mantra,
    or simply resting
    in the essence of attention itself,

    you feel an all encompassing delight;
    you feel yourself as delight.

    there are all of the things
    that take you out of attention
    into inattention.

    All of the thoughts and emotions arise
    and the tendency
    is attraction to some things that arise
    and repulsion to others.

    Some thought arises that attracts you
    and there is the habitual pull
    to leave this moment
    to identify with that thought.

    Or a feeling arises
    that you do not wish to feel
    and you let go of awareness
    in order to avoid it.

    Your attention quickly
    moves somewhere else
    or you have a reaction to that feeling
    which also takes you out of awareness.

    So there can be the feeling of conflict:
    of trying to remain in pure attention
    while everything that arises tempts
    to pull or push you out of this moment.

    Layers upon layers of identification,
    and separation from this moment
    can seemingly make it feel
    like you are going against the current
    by being present.

    So you have to find a way
    to allow that current
    to flow through you
    while remaining present.

    And the beauty of attention
    is that it is also purifying.
    You purify whatever
    you are aware of.

    So if a thought arises
    that you are pulled to identify with,
    yet you remain present and aware
    of that thought arising,
    then that thought is purified.

    The power in that thought
    that tried to separate you
    from awareness
    burns away back into oneness.

    And kind of like a video game,
    whatever arises in this moment
    if you are fully present
    and aware of it arising
    without identifying with it,
    without getting lost in it,

    then that which arises
    gets purified back
    into its natural state of consciousness.

    Its manifestation
    as something separate
    from this moment
    burns away back into
    its natural state of peace.

    If you remain in awareness,
    then awareness itself does everything.



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    How to Be free From Suffering

    Tuesday, July 3, 2012, 8:58 PM [General]

    "Your suffering is not
    because you feel lonely,
    or you feel sad, worthless
    or unsuccessful or any of that.

    You suffer because
    you avoid this moment.

    At an unconscious level,
    you refuse to accept
    your experience in this moment
    and therefore resist it.

    The mind is always
    interested in changing
    this moment.

    And the self help industry
    has made millions
    telling you how you
    can be different than you are,
    how you can be better.

    As though there is something
    wrong with you.
    As though you happened
    to be a factory second.

    God hiccuped
    and now here you are
    stuck in experiencing something
    that isn't right.

    But there is no hiccup.

    You are as you are.
    Your experience is as it is.

    And the only way
    to contentment
    is to be present in this.

    To find a way
    through meditation
    to surrender your resistance
    to this moment.

    To let go of all of the
    manipulative ways
    you try and change what is,
    and simply be alive
    in what is.

    You may think someone
    is happier because
    they are better looking than you,
    richer than you,
    more loved by others,
    more confident,
    had a happier childhood,
    and its all nonsense.

    The key to happiness
    is to be alive in this moment.
    Whether you just won the lottery
    or you just got a paper cut.

    Be alive in that.
    Don't try and resist it,
    be present in it.

    Experience it directly beyond
    the mind perception.

    Beyond all of the judgments
    that say this is good, this is bad,
    this is right, this is wrong.

    If you commentate on it in any way,
    you have just invented yourself
    as a person that is separate
    from this moment.

    All of your problems
    will dissolve and you will
    be completely fulfilled
    if you do this one thing:
    If you be alive in this moment.

    If you willingly
    let go of the idea
    of who you are and what you know
    and experience
    life, living in this moment
    for the first time.

    Because it is always
    the first time.

    You are born
    in this very moment.
    In every moment.

    It's only when you carry
    dead things into this moment
    that there is the illusion
    that you are a person
    with problems that need to be solved.



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    Advanced Meditation Technique

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 8:59 PM [General]

    "In meditation,
    you can practice
    witnessing thoughts.

    You can practice
    witnessing everything that arises
    so that in the witnessing
    that which arises
    burns away clean.

    It disappears back into

    And once witnessing
    is established,
    if the mind is quiet enough,
    you can turn attention
    back upon itself.

    You can become
    aware of the witnessing

    In this,
    you've shortened the loop.

    If you are just witnessing,
    then thoughts arise
    and disappear in consciousness.

    But if you turn this
    witnessing attention
    back upon itself,
    then there is no room for thinking,
    there is no room for anything,
    there is only
    the essence of awareness.

    Awareness is only
    aware of itself.

    There is a purity in this
    that is extremely delightful.



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    How to Attain Instant Peace

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 12:37 AM [General]

    "It is natural
    that thoughts
    and feelings arise
    and disappear.

    What is unnatural
    is when we grab hold of them
    as though they mean something
    and don't let go.

    Obsessing over thoughts
    and emotions
    drains all of our energy and bliss.

    Something that happened
    6 months ago
    we still try to make real now.

    Even spiritual ideas
    we try to make real.

    We superimpose
    our own illusions
    on what is actually real
    and alive in this moment.

    But no matter how hard we try
    to make an idea or memory
    of what was before
    real here and now,
    it is not possible.

    It only exists
    as a thought.

    And as long as
    you are lost in the thinking,
    you are not alive to what
    is here and now.

    So much time wasted
    thinking about things that are not here.
    In wanting things that are not here.
    In trying to understand
    why things are not here,

    instead of actually
    just being here.

    Things arise and things pass.
    There is no reason for it,
    This is simply the way it is.

    You will love
    you will lose
    you will cry
    and it will pass.

    But the mind creates
    so much nonsense,
    so many questions
    and understandings
    all of which just take us
    further and further away
    from the simplicity of this moment.

    Life wants to awaken you to love
    in this moment,
    wants to awaken you into joy.

    Life is waiting for you.

    But the person says
    'as soon as I make enough money...'
    'as soon as I get my boyfriend back...'
    'as soon as I figure out my problems...'
    'Then I will be at peace.'

    And the moment never comes.

    So stop bowing down
    to the mind and all its fantasies,
    knowledge and drama
    and really give yourself
    to experiencing what is real
    in this moment.

    To that which
    is obvious
    when you give up the mind
    and experience
    this moment directly.

    Then immediately
    you will be at peace.
    You will feel alive perhaps
    in a way you never did before.

    You do not need to wait for it,
    peace will be instant.



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    How to Experience Everything as Energy in Meditation

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 10:48 PM [General]

    "There is a natural flow
    of movement
    that is happening
    in everything.

    This flow of energy
    cannot be manipulated
    or controlled,
    nor can it be intellectually
    understood or analyzed.

    But you can align
    yourself with this flow of energy
    through awareness & meditation
    until eventually you realize
    and experience yourself
    as this flow of energy.

    If you can be clear enough
    in this moment
    to be fully aware of what is happening,
    you will feel this flow of energy
    and recognize how it exists and moves
    in every part of your experience.

    Your thinking
    is a flow of energy,
    your emotions
    are a flow of energy,
    your physical happenings
    like hunger, breathing,
    sleep, exercise,
    all naturally move
    as this flow of energy.

    And with awareness,
    with allowing everything
    to be as it is
    while witnessing,
    you will begin
    to experience all of these
    movements of energy
    as one all encompassing
    flow of energy.

    But the tendency is to
    try and control the movements
    and manipulate them.
    To try to hold on to one thought or feeling
    and push something else away.

    To try to make things
    to be a certain way
    according to your beliefs
    and desires.

    And all of this results
    in unhappiness
    because you are fighting
    this natural flow.

    Or you simply distract
    yourself from this moment
    so that you do not experience
    life in this moment at all.

    So meditation
    is becoming aware
    of what is here
    at the most fundamental
    level possible.

    So at first you are aware
    of the physical,
    you are aware of the emotions,
    you are aware of the thoughts.

    And then in this awareness
    of watching things come and go
    in attention,
    without holding on to anything
    or pushing anything away,
    you begin to experience everything
    as this flow of energy

    and then it is this flow of energy
    that draws you into deeper and deeper
    levels of awareness and bliss
    without you having to do anything
    besides allowing your attention
    to rest in that.



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