Allowing the Flow of Shakti in Meditation

    Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 9:38 PM [General]

    "Everything is energy.

    Your thoughts are energy,
    your feelings are energy,
    your reactions are energy.

    Every happening
    is a movement of energy,
    it is the play of Shakti.

    So every time you try
    and resist something
    that is arising,
    you are resisting Shakti.
    You are repressing
    the natural flow of bliss.

    Trying to disassociate yourself
    with your experience
    is just another form or resistance.

    To try and not be affected
    by situations
    is just closing yourself off
    from the very thing you are seeking.

    So with anything that arises,
    whether it be a situation,
    a thought or a feeling,
    just allow it, welcome it.

    We are not looking
    to become unaffected.
    Rather we are looking
    to be completely affected.

    Not in the sense
    of dramatizing it.
    Not in the sense of
    identifying with it
    or owning it
    or becoming involved with it
    in any way.

    You neither
    associate with it
    nor you disassociate with it.

    You simply come to
    the point of full surrender
    that you see it is simply
    arising on its own.
    You feel it arising
    as the flow of energy
    that is animating everything.

    And then your attention
    rests in feeling that flow of energy
    that is thinking,
    not the content of the thinking.

    The mind is always
    caught up in content.
    Seeing the content of the thoughts
    rather than experiencing the energy
    that is thinking.

    You simply have to allow
    everything to flow
    unhindered to the point
    where you experience it all
    as a flow of energy.

    Then it does not matter
    what emotions are there,
    what thoughts are arising.
    You experience the same
    flow of energy in everything.

    And the experience of that flow
    of energy is peace,
    is bliss
    is love.

    Try and control peace
    in any way
    and it will slip away from you.



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    Enlightened Sensitivity in Meditation

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 8:17 PM [General]

    "When we were born
    we were sensitive to everything.

    But as we began to feel things
    like hurt, sadness, rejection,
    we began to block that sensitivity.

    We began to contract
    and separate ourselves
    from our experience.

    Every experience of resisting pain
    gets wound up tight in knots
    and this becomes our identity.

    We begin to experience
    ourselves as this hard outer shell
    that nothing can penetrate.

    Our own little
    battle station.

    And then we lose
    our ability to feel alive.
    We lose our ability
    to experience life.

    In deep meditation,
    these knots begin
    to become unraveled.

    The hard outer core
    that we have defined ourselves to be
    starts to become undone.

    All the ways we learned
    to protect ourselves
    are surrendered
    and again we become sensitive.

    We become sensitive
    to everything;
    we start to feel everything.

    Not in the sense
    of getting lost
    in emotional drama,
    although that may happen
    at times.

    But in the sense of letting go of
    the mind's interpretation
    of this moment
    and actually experiencing
    what is here
    prior to that interpretation.

    By feeling this moment directly,
    without letting the rational mind
    interfere with your recognition
    of what is here.

    If you are justifying something,
    then you are resisting something
    that is here.

    You have your walls up.

    But the more you can
    allow sensitivity to be,
    to feel everything
    without trying to protect yourself,
    shield yourself,
    place yourself above it,

    then this humble sensitivity
    brings you back
    to your natural state.

    Your natural state
    of unconditional peace.

    You become so
    vulnerable to life,
    the sense of being
    a separate 'you' falls away
    and then there is only life,

    living everything
    as everything.



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    How to Experience Oneness with This Moment

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 11:37 PM [General]

    "One way to look at meditation
    is that you are letting go
    of your separation with this moment.

    You are letting go of the notion
    that there is a you that is separate
    from this moment.

    And this is not a path of negation
    where you deny yourself,
    but rather it is acceptance.

    Whatever you accept,
    you move beyond.

    Whatever you resist or desire
    holds your focus.
    Your attention remains
    locked on that.

    So if you are trying to meditate
    and you don't like
    the smell in the room,
    then your attention will never move
    beyond not liking that smell.

    The moment you accept
    you do not like the smell,
    you move beyond the not liking.
    Then the moment you accept the smell,
    you move beyond the smell.

    Through acceptance
    at the level of feeling/sensation,
    you keep moving through
    all of the various layers of experience
    from the outer experiences
    to the inner and more subtle

    Through accepting your body,
    your attention moves
    beyond the body.

    Through accepting your thinking
    your attention moves
    beyond the thinking.

    It keeps moving
    beyond all of these layers
    until you get to the essence
    of this moment
    which is beyond
    the individual experience.

    You start with the acceptance
    of your individual/personal experience
    but in that acceptance
    your attention expands beyond
    the personal.

    You get to the energetic
    experience that everything
    simply is.

    And when you experience
    that you and this moment
    and everything else
    arises in and as
    this same is-ness,
    then all conflict ceases.

    You relax into the oneness
    of this moment
    and from this oneness
    you awaken into
    what cannot be described
    in words.



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    Attaining Levels of Consciousness in Meditation

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012, 8:51 PM [General]

    "In outward seeking and desiring
    you are always chasing
    what is seemingly ahead
    of this moment.

    You are always
    looking to be satisfied
    in the future.

    So the very experience
    of outward seeking
    will always be

    It cannot be any other way
    because satisfaction
    is always just ahead of you,
    just in front of you.

    Like the man on the
    donkey cart
    holding the carrot
    just in front of donkey
    so it keeps walking,

    no matter how much
    the donkey walks
    the carrot is always just
    out of reach.

    So in desire,
    there is that constant resistance
    to being here;
    to seeking the illusion
    of what is in front of this moment
    for fulfillment.

    But if you stop moving
    your attention in front
    of this moment
    and allow it to rest
    in this moment,
    then the idea
    of satisfaction/dissatisfaction

    There is only
    what is.

    And the more
    you rest in what is,
    the more this moment
    opens up
    into incredible new dimensions
    of reality.

    This moment
    is the doorway
    to infinite levels
    of consciousness.



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    How to "Free Fall" into Deep Meditation

    Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 7:43 PM [General]

    "In meditation,
    at first you see being lost
    in your thinking as a habit.

    But as you focus your mind
    through meditation techniques
    and other spiritual practices,
    you come to realize
    that in meditation,
    you get lost in your thinking
    to avoid feeling what is here
    in this moment.

    It is the way
    you escape this moment;
    the way you separate yourself
    from it.

    If you are identified
    with the thoughts
    that are arising
    then you are in the thinking world.
    You are not present in what is here
    in this moment beyond the thinking.

    And if you are present
    in what is here in this moment
    beyond thinking
    then you realize that it really
    requires you to surrender
    into feeling.

    To really fully allow
    the subtle sensations of existing
    that are here in and as this moment.

    You can dip in and out of it
    for sure and experience a certain
    peace and bliss in that.

    You can experience
    what is here beyond thinking
    for a moment
    and then feel the peace of that
    while again being lost thinking.

    You can repeat this dipping
    in and out of it
    and this is good.

    But to remain
    in what is here,
    or rather to let go
    of the urge to leave this moment
    is the challenge.

    You do not hold on to this moment,
    you let go of that urge
    to leave this moment.

    In this it is all about surrender,
    it is all about letting yourself
    fall into this moment
    and remain in that free fall.

    To remain in that pure awareness
    of not holding on to anything.

    To not let your attention
    grab hold of anything that arises
    but rather to allow everything
    to come and go
    while remaining
    in the pure awareness
    of this moment.



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