How to Experience Everything as Energy in Meditation

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 10:48 PM [General]

    "There is a natural flow
    of movement
    that is happening
    in everything.

    This flow of energy
    cannot be manipulated
    or controlled,
    nor can it be intellectually
    understood or analyzed.

    But you can align
    yourself with this flow of energy
    through awareness & meditation
    until eventually you realize
    and experience yourself
    as this flow of energy.

    If you can be clear enough
    in this moment
    to be fully aware of what is happening,
    you will feel this flow of energy
    and recognize how it exists and moves
    in every part of your experience.

    Your thinking
    is a flow of energy,
    your emotions
    are a flow of energy,
    your physical happenings
    like hunger, breathing,
    sleep, exercise,
    all naturally move
    as this flow of energy.

    And with awareness,
    with allowing everything
    to be as it is
    while witnessing,
    you will begin
    to experience all of these
    movements of energy
    as one all encompassing
    flow of energy.

    But the tendency is to
    try and control the movements
    and manipulate them.
    To try to hold on to one thought or feeling
    and push something else away.

    To try to make things
    to be a certain way
    according to your beliefs
    and desires.

    And all of this results
    in unhappiness
    because you are fighting
    this natural flow.

    Or you simply distract
    yourself from this moment
    so that you do not experience
    life in this moment at all.

    So meditation
    is becoming aware
    of what is here
    at the most fundamental
    level possible.

    So at first you are aware
    of the physical,
    you are aware of the emotions,
    you are aware of the thoughts.

    And then in this awareness
    of watching things come and go
    in attention,
    without holding on to anything
    or pushing anything away,
    you begin to experience everything
    as this flow of energy

    and then it is this flow of energy
    that draws you into deeper and deeper
    levels of awareness and bliss
    without you having to do anything
    besides allowing your attention
    to rest in that.



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    Awakening Peace in Meditation

    Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 10:36 PM [General]

    "If you realize
    unconditional peace
    through meditation,
    then you can experience it
    in everything.

    It is not that
    you have peace
    in meditation
    and then in your normal
    waking state
    that peace is gone.

    You will find
    that peace in everything.
    That experience of nurturing love
    is the essence of all experience.

    It loves you
    and nurtures you completely
    in a way no person can.

    If you give this peace
    your full attention,

    if you allow yourself
    to be completely open
    and vulnerable to it,
    then it takes care of everything,
    it seemingly transforms every particle
    that you find yourself to be
    into it's own vibration
    of love.

    If you surrender
    your sense of separateness
    to it,
    then it dissolves that separateness,
    it dissolves all conflict.

    In every experience that arises,
    it invites you into the essence
    of that experience
    like an inviting warm bath
    and you dissolve
    back into it
    so you are fully
    saturated in peace;
    so there is no thing
    and no experience
    that is not that peace.

    But if you hold
    on to your ideas,

    if you make
    what you think you know
    more important than
    the not knowing,

    if you trade your vulnerability
    for a sense of self importance,
    then it cannot touch you.

    You have shut the peace out
    and you feel separate from it.
    And that is a horrible way to live:
    to feel separate from love.

    Then you depend on others
    to feel loved,
    you depend on distractions
    to feel peace.

    And those distractions
    and desires never
    quench your thirst
    for love,
    they only seem
    to take you
    further and further
    away from it.



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    How to Realize Formlessness in Meditation

    Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 9:31 PM [General]

    "If you observe the mind,
    you will find that
    the mind always
    needs to attach
    itself to something.

    It is always looking
    to grab hold of something.

    Every thought that arises,
    it grabs hold of it,
    it possess the thought
    as its own.

    The mind has no form
    on its own,
    it simply takes the form
    of whatever it grabs hold of.

    But the mind
    cannot attach itself
    to this moment.

    Because when it tries
    to grab hold of this moment,
    there is nothing to hold on to.

    When you give your full attention
    to this moment,
    you will find it is formless.

    So to be fully present
    in this moment,

    the mind either
    needs to fix itself
    on something
    like a mantra,
    self inquiry,
    a guru,
    feeling the Shakti/bliss,

    or it needs to
    cease holding on
    to anything.

    It needs to fall back
    upon itself
    and realize
    its own formlessness.

    One method
    is not better
    than the other.



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    How to Realize Awareness

    Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 11:08 PM [General]

    "If you are unaware,
    you are always seeking

    And the nature of
    that seeking is stress.

    If you are aware,
    there is only
    the observation
    of what is.

    And the nature
    of that observation
    is unconditional peace.

    Not that seeking
    happiness is wrong.

    It is in that seeking
    and the canceling out
    of everything you find
    that does not bring
    you lasting happiness
    that you come to observation.

    If you still think
    eating that chocolate chip cookie
    will bring you lasting happiness
    you will always go for the cookie.

    The key is to be aware enough
    of your own suffering.

    To be aware that after
    you eat that cookie,
    there is suffering,
    there is lacking.

    Even in the pleasure
    of eating that cookie
    there is the feeling
    of being incomplete.

    You become aware
    that you are just momentarily
    distracting yourself
    from that feeling
    of discontentment
    by eating that cookie.

    If you do not see
    that suffering,
    the suffering that makes
    you constantly seek happiness
    then you will never
    really give yourself
    to spiritual practice.

    Whether it is,
    repeating a mantra,
    self inquiry,
    focusing on a guru,
    whatever it is you do,
    you will not do it completely
    until you realize the suffering
    that is in everything
    when there is no awareness.

    The suffering that is

    When you realize that,
    then you will desperately
    do everything
    to realize awareness.

    You will throw out
    everything you know and
    think you have accomplished
    and do the work
    that is personally required of you
    to come to awareness.

    It maybe a direct
    movement of attention
    to this moment,
    but more likely for it
    to be complete,
    there will also be practices,
    immersion in shakti
    through a guru or the Meditation CDs
    or both.

    And after lots of intense
    spiritual practice and purification,
    you will naturally
    come to the realization
    that nothing you do
    can every directly deliver to you
    the peace that you are looking for,

    and you will fall into that peace,
    you will fall into
    your essential nature
    of awareness.

    Peace will be your natural state
    in which everything else arises.



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    Enlightenment & Awakening Shakti

    Tuesday, May 15, 2012, 10:12 PM [General]

    "You cannot bring
    anything into this moment.

    You try and bring
    anything into this moment,
    you will miss it.

    This moment is so tiny
    that you cannot even fit into

    this moment.

    You can only dissolve in it.

    Yet this moment is

    so vast,
    that everything
    arises out of it.

    You and all of your
    thoughts, emotions and physicality
    and everything else

    arises out of it
    without ever being separate from it.

    Everything arises
    and is burned away
    in the Shakti energy
    that is this moment.

    You allow it to arise
    and to be burned away.

    If there is nothing there of you
    except the allowing,
    then you are everything,
    you are Shakti itself.

    The dreams arise in Shakti
    and the content
    of those dreams
    dissolve back into Shakti.

    Everything arises out of Shakti
    and disappears back into Shakti,
    resting back into its natural state.

    If your attention is fully grounded
    in feeling Shakti,
    if you fully realize the flow of energy

    that is the essence of life,
    then the underlying feeling of
    all experience is infinite peace.

    It cannot be otherwise.

    If the salt
    has realized the ocean,
    it does not fear the water,
    it happily dissolves in it.

    It knows that is
    the greatest joy.

    To be salt and salt water
    and see no barrier
    between the two:
    that is enlightenment.



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