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    How Discipline Leads to Spiritual Awakening

    Thursday, September 6, 2012, 8:04 PM [General]

    "If you are really passionate
    about spiritual awakening
    then discipline is most important.

    For spiritual awakening to happen,
    there must be that build up of energy
    and there must be that in-your-face
    awareness of yourself.

    You see,
    the moment your go for that beer,
    that glass of wine,
    that bag of junk food,
    you escape your experience
    and you lose that build up
    of energy that was there inside you.

    The escape feels good.
    It feels like a relief,
    but then afterwards,
    that Shakti is gone
    and you are left
    feeling empty and depressed.

    So what happens
    when you are disciplined:

    When you eat healthy,
    are disciplined in meditation,
    in spiritual practice and exercise
    and you don't go for that drink or drug,
    you don't distract yourself from this moment
    and you don't weigh yourself down
    with densifying foods?

    First, there is the build up
    and flow of Shakti inside you.
    And that is felt as a bliss
    or joy that is beyond any
    emotion or physical experience.

    It is an unconditional bliss
    that breathes life into you
    and awakens you out of duality.

    with the build up of that energy,
    you are confronted with yourself
    and your experience in this moment.

    If you don't escape it
    with indulgence,
    then you have no choice
    but to surrender to your experience,
    to really be honest about
    how you find yourself to be
    in this moment
    and to accept that;

    to allow that to be
    so completely
    that your attachment to the idea
    of who you think you are
    and what you know
    is broken

    and you sink through
    all of the denser levels
    of experience
    into that which you are
    beyond body and mind.

    You don't escape yourself,
    rather you dive completely
    into you as you truly
    are in this moment
    and in that you come
    to find at your essence
    that you are unconditional peace,
    you are unconditional love.

    Not as an idea,
    not as an egoic attainment,
    but beyond the ego,
    beyond all ideas of yourself
    there is only that.

    And that peace never goes away,
    it can't go away
    because it is what you are.

    Much love,


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    Bearing the Bliss in Meditation

    Wednesday, August 29, 2012, 1:54 AM [General]

    "A very lovely lady emailed recently
    that when she meditates
    with the Infinite Sky CDs
    that it feels so good
    she can hardly stand it.

    That she has to take a break
    because it is more than she can bear.

    And that is the perfect
    description of real meditation.

    When you awaken the Shakti,
    there is that feeling of bliss,
    but then the bliss is so strong,
    that feeling of goodness is so strong,
    that it is hard to take.

    As it expands,
    it takes up more and more room
    pushing everything else out
    or burning away anything in its path.

    And so meditation
    could be said to be about
    how can you allow yourself
    to remain in that bliss;
    to remain in that pressure
    of Shakti.

    And the answer is
    through practice.

    Through practice,
    you find a way within yourself
    that cannot be put into words.

    It may have to do with remaining present,
    allowing the thoughts to come and go
    so you do not escape this moment
    through thinking.

    It may have to do with
    allowing yourself
    to feel what is here completely
    to the point where you disappear
    into feeling.

    It may have to do with surrendering
    the one that says they
    cannot take it anymore.

    It may have to do with Japa
    or purifying practices.

    It may have to do with witnessing.

    It may even come to the point
    where Shakti takes up so much room
    that even thought is not allowed to enter.

    It may have to do with all of this
    but at some point,
    none of this can really say it truthfully.

    It is something
    you simply have to practice
    and at a very subtle level
    you learn intuitively how to do it.

    So there is you and the Shakti
    alone together
    and you learn to surrender in that,
    to remain in that,
    until only Shakti is left,
    until only consciousness is left.

    Where do you go?
    You are still there,
    you have simply dropped
    the denser, dualistic experience
    of "I" and expanded
    into something infinite.

    Much Love,


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    3 Levels of Consciousness in Enlightenment

    Wednesday, August 1, 2012, 2:08 AM [General]

    "Through meditation, Shaktipat
    and other spiritual practice,
    you can easily come to the experience
    of impersonal being.

    In this, you are still aware
    of personal experience
    but you also experience yourself
    beyond the personal body and mind
    as a feeling of existence itself
    that is free of the personal.

    The experience of
    this state of simply being
    or "being the self"
    is quite peaceful, blissful
    and nurturing.

    There is a certain freedom
    you enjoy just in this.

    But if you continue to
    move deeper into consciousness,
    you experience yourself
    as the witness of everything.

    You experience yourself
    completely detached from
    all identification.

    Thoughts arise, feeling arises,
    yet you remain completely
    free of it all as the witness.

    Once you reach the point in meditation
    where witnessing happens effortlessly,
    all personal experience drops away.

    Your personal experience
    of having a name, a body
    a past, a future,
    all of this vanishes
    and you float through
    visions and subtle experiences in energy
    without the confines of being
    limited to being a person.

    Everything moves through you
    and as you,
    energy moving through energy.

    With this experience,
    there is a much deeper
    experience of bliss and freedom.

    While in this state of meditation,
    you lose all memory of having a body,
    of being a person, or of having a past.
    You literally become weightless.

    This may sound
    a bit frightening to the mind
    but it is anything but frightening;
    it is incredibly freeing.
    There is not even
    the subtlest experience of stress.

    But still if you want to go deeper,
    you get to a point
    where even the witness vanishes.

    In deep surrender into stillness,
    something else takes over
    where everything just disappears
    into that which cannot be defined.

    Everything gets sucked
    into what seems like
    a black hole of blissful nothingness.

    Just enough consciousness remains
    so when you come back from it
    you have some slight sense
    of where you disappeared.

    You dissolve back into
    your essence where
    everything seems to get
    reset back into it's
    natural state of peace.

    Coming out of this
    you are no longer
    bound by the mind.

    You are beyond all
    concepts, all ideas
    and all knowledge.

    All spiritual teachings and knowledge
    are happily tossed in the garbage
    as they no longer have any meaning.

    The real beauty of this nothingness
    is the movement of
    disappearing into this
    and again arising
    back out of this.

    This movement of
    going in and the movement
    of coming out
    is profoundly blissful,
    leaving you very drunk
    on bliss and joy
    for quite some time after.



    (Please note: These are in no way the only levels of consciousness.
    I just attempted to describe 3)

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    The Essence of Self Realization

    Tuesday, July 24, 2012, 11:11 PM [General]

    "If you ask most people
    how they are,
    they will look
    at a collection of memories
    from the last day, last week or last month
    and then make a judgment
    about those memories.

    And that will be their answer
    to how they are.

    With this, you can see that
    most people are carrying
    their past around with them.

    Not even their past,
    but a selection of memories
    from their past.

    They are not aware
    of how they are now,
    they only superimpose
    these memories on to this moment
    and that is who they experience
    themselves to be.

    But if you really look
    to your experience in this moment
    without referring to your memories,
    you would be at a loss
    to really say anything.

    You would fall right through
    any definitions and descriptions
    and enter into that which is completely
    transcendent of everything.

    That what is really here
    is always here,
    always pure
    and always free.

    So there are two levels of experience
    we are talking about.

    The first level is of the mind
    in which you exist in a linear
    time based experience as a collection
    of memories and judgments.

    And through spiritual practice,
    you purify all of your attachments
    and identification to this
    mind based experience
    in order to reach transcendence.

    But on the other level,
    which is not really a level at all,
    there is the pure state of transcendence,
    which is free of everything,
    which is even free of all spiritual ideas
    and spiritual experiences.

    You can't even call it the Self
    or consciousness.
    You can't hold on to it
    or abide in it.
    You can't even separate it
    from anything else.

    You can't say anything about it,
    except that it is
    completely free of everything.

    It is not even under the condition
    of any purification or spiritual practice
    because it is free of that too.

    It is wordless, limitless
    and forever self apparent,
    beyond cause and effect.

    And it cannot be perceived
    or realized from the first level
    of mind experience.

    But somehow usually after a lot of
    Shakti, meditation & spiritual practice,
    something magically happens
    where that which is
    completely transcendent of everything
    reveals itself.

    It is not something
    you can hold on to,
    or attain,
    but rather
    you fall into it
    and learn to remain
    in a permanent state of letting go
    where you realize this
    pure transcendence in everything,

    including the mind,
    including memory
    even including the sense of
    being a person.

    It is free of everything
    but it exists in and as everything.
    So you exist just as you are now
    yet completely free of it at the same time.



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    Realize Love is The Essence of Everything

    Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 10:36 PM [General]

    "On the outer level,
    you cannot have life
    without death.
    Everything lives and everything dies.

    Everything that has been given to you
    can and will at some point
    be taken away.

    But if you accept that,
    and that does not mean
    to be okay with it on some emotional level,
    but rather to be completely surrendered
    to that truth,
    then you become truly alive
    in this moment.

    If you surrender yourself
    as you are to this moment,
    accepting all of your fears
    and insecurities
    and whatever is here,
    then you begin to awaken to
    what life truly is.

    You begin to realize
    the very nature of everything
    is love, is peace, is bliss.

    No matter what mood
    may be projected outwardly,
    this unconditional love
    is permeating that mood,
    it is the source of that mood.

    This love is the energy from where
    all experience is born
    and at the same time
    it is completely transcendent
    of all experience.

    So how you are
    in this moment
    is the doorway to bliss.

    If you give your attention
    to feeling this, allowing this,
    sinking into the essence
    of that which is here,
    then you will live in profound peace.

    It is not a one time thing,
    you learn to live here
    in complete surrender
    in a forever state
    of letting go.

    And in that,
    some of the more chaotic emotions
    do get purified
    but that is really beside the point.

    Your lover may have on a nice dress
    but it is not the dress you love at all.
    It would not matter
    if she was covered in mud.
    You would love her the same.

    It is like that.

    No matter what the
    outer appearance,
    that love is always
    the same underneath.

    Much love,


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