How to Attain Bliss in Meditation

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 6:36 PM [General]

    "You do not need
    to get yourself into
    a certain state
    or attain something.

    You can simply
    just be aware of yourself.

    You can turn your attention
    back upon yourself
    and watch your own functioning.

    Be aware of your experience,
    be aware of the thoughts.

    Just by allowing yourself
    to be as you are
    and watching what is here,
    you begin to see the mechanics
    of the mind.

    You begin to see
    how this whole
    "me" apparatus
    is functioning.

    And by witnessing
    this functioning
    it all starts to break apart.

    You see the spaces
    between the thoughts;
    the holes and gaps
    in what seemed like
    a solid entity.

    This idea of who you are
    with your problems and desires,
    knowledge and fears
    is seen through
    as simply a whole
    bunch of happenings

    and you begin to experience
    yourself beyond that
    as something vast
    and spacious.

    You begin to experience
    that this idea of you
    arises out of this space.

    That everything arises out of
    this space,

    and that is bliss.



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    How to Realize Unconditional Peace

    Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 7:51 PM [General]

    "The mind is always scheming.
    Looking for ways to make you happy;
    ways to make you feel good.

    How you can avoid feeling
    the things you don't want to feel
    and how you can feel more
    what you would like to feel.

    There is nothing wrong with this,
    it is the nature of the mind.

    But it is also how stress is created.

    Because there is what is here
    in this moment
    and there is how you would like
    'here' to be.

    If you really look
    this manipulation
    is happening most of the time.

    Even when you sit to meditate
    the mind is scheming.

    The last thing the mind wants to do
    is to let go of its control
    and experience this moment.

    But what happens
    if you let go of all the scheming
    and simply feel what is here.

    Not just in meditation
    but in daily life.

    If you find yourself
    in a situation
    where you are confronted
    with something you do not wish to feel.

    Whether there is a feeling
    of loneliness, jealousy,
    fear, awkwardness,
    whatever feeling is there
    instead of letting the survival instinct
    kick in and control it, mask it,
    distract yourself from it,
    what if you simply allowed yourself
    to feel that feeling.

    If you allowed yourself
    to be completely vulnerable
    to that feeling.

    I am not talking about
    analyzing it or dramatizing it
    but simply to feel the sensation of that feeling.

    To just allow it.

    If you allow yourself
    to feel what you have been
    avoiding feeling
    suddenly you are immersed
    in this moment
    in a way you might never
    have been before.

    You are so immersed
    in this moment,
    so open to what is here,
    that there is nothing to hold on to,
    nothing to know.

    And although
    it may leave you feeling
    completely vulnerable to what is here,
    it also leaves you completely
    in peace.

    If you are completely
    surrendered to your experience
    of this moment
    then you are at one with this moment.

    You begin to recognize
    the underlying experience of
    deep fathomless peace
    that is here all the time.

    And in this peace you can learn
    through practice to remain in it;
    to remain aligned with it.

    All of the things that you
    used to avoid
    now become opportunities
    to move deeper into peace.

    It is the practice
    of moving beyond the mind,
    beyond knowing
    into your natural state.



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    How to Transcend the Mind in Meditation

    Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 8:25 PM [General]

    "The mind
    is a non-stop chatterbox.

    Always talking talking talking.
    Commenting, judging, defining,
    describing, knowing.

    It is very important
    to become aware of
    the constant noise of the mind.

    If you are involved with it,
    then you cannot be aware of it.

    If you are the one that knows,
    that defines, that describes, that judges,
    then you cannot be aware of it.

    There has to be the willingness
    to either step out
    of that identification with thinking
    so that you can witness it

    or to direct the thought
    process through a technique
    like repeating a mantra,
    self inquiry,
    watching the breath,
    anything that focuses your attention
    so that it is not
    a slave to the thinking process.

    And once there is a build-up
    of focused attention
    or ability to witness thinking,
    then silence begins to make itself known.

    Perhaps it makes itself known
    through Shakti, the subtle energy
    that is felt as bliss
    or perhaps it makes itself known
    through the experience
    of impersonal being
    or perhaps in another way.

    But if you give your attention to it
    in meditation,
    if you allow it,
    at some point,
    the silence begins to take over.

    The silence begins
    to consume all of the noise.
    It consumes all of the limited ideas
    of who you are and what you know,
    until there is nothing left
    for you to hold on to.

    And in that you learn to surrender
    into the silence
    so that there is only silence,
    the nature of which
    is unconditional peace.



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    Transformation Happens When You Allow the Intensity

    Wednesday, January 18, 2012, 6:20 PM [General]

    "If you really live
    deeply in spiritual practice
    then this moment is intense.

    Moment to moment,
    life is shaking you
    out of what you know;
    shaking you out of everything
    that is comfortable.

    So much so that
    all you can do is surrender
    to this moment.

    All you can do
    is allow everything
    to be as it is
    and fall deeply
    into impersonal being.

    It is in this that
    deep transformation happens.

    It is in this that
    you really realize
    that you exist beyond everything.

    That you are the personal yet
    you are completely beyond the personal.

    The intensity of the Shakti
    pushes you beyond yourself
    and you learn to remain
    surrendered in this intensity
    with great silence,
    great humility
    as consciousness itself.

    So do not be afraid
    to let yourself
    be in such intensity.

    It may be challenging,
    but if you run away
    from that challenge
    back into everything you know
    and what is comfortable,
    you will miss it.

    Because it is in this intensity
    that you feel the most alive.

    There is some part of you
    that recognizes
    that this is the doorway
    to your freedom.



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    My First Satori (Temporary Experience of Enlightenment)

    Thursday, January 12, 2012, 9:31 PM [General]

    I was in college in Vermont, having a bad day.  After classes and meetings with teachers, I went back to my dorm room and sat down to meditate.  When I sat down, I just surrendered.  Not that I knew what surrender was but looking back on it, that was what I did.  I didn't practice a meditation technique; I just accepted all of the insanity that had accumulated that day and gave up, not holding on to anything, not figuring anything out.

    This happened automatically.   And automatically I fell into silence, a place of just blackness.  And for about half an hour there was just this blackness.  It was nothing profound, no spiritual awakening, just almost like being in deep sleep yet fully conscious.

    It was when I came out of this meditation that I noticed something quite amazing.  And this spiritual awakening wasn't a feeling of attaining something, but rather a feeling that something was gone.  That personal sense of "me" with all of its problems and conflicts was not there.  I was still there, still aware of the body, still functioning through the senses, but that stress that I recognized as myself was gone.

    And in that loss there was the sense that I was part of everything. I would say the experience was being one with everything, of oneness but that seems to imply something spiritual.  And I knew nothing about spirituality then, nothing about enlightenment or spiritual awakening or yoga.  I was completely innocent in that regard.  I knew a tiny bit about meditating and that was it.  Not enough to even really say I could meditate properly.  But if I look back on it, it was the experience of "yoga" which means union with the infinite.

    The experience was that this little me was so utterly meaningless.  There was the undeniable sense that I was actually a part of the infinite universe, I was not separate from it.  I could feel that connection, or rather, the lack of separation from it.  There was still the sense of me but it was not separate from everything else.  The borders of separation were gone.  And the feeling of this was incredible bliss and peace.  A sense of freedom like a huge weight had been lifted off of me.  I was happy for no reason.  I felt my true nature as joy.

    Over the years I have had incredible spiritual awakenings including cosmic consciousness, realization of the self, witness consciousness, various samadhis.  But there was something really pure and beautiful about this satori.  One, because it was the first real spiritual awakening and because at the time although I yearned for enlightenment I did not even knew if it existed let alone had read any books about it.  And so here after years of mental anguish was this pure state of happiness.  The feeling of being connected to the universe and that the nature of this oneness was delight.

    I made my way to the dining hall to have lunch.  I remember because I had a vegetarian burger which was one of my favorites.   I found my roommate sitting at a table and tried to tell him what I was experiencing.  But he was deep in his own suffering over a woman he was in love with.  Which was quite funny because it was usually me in that suffering and here I was trying to explain, quite innocently how this little 'me' is totally meaningless and that we are actually a part of the infinite universe and the nature of that was delight.

    But I noticed that in trying to explain my experience that it did no good.  Because it was so new, I thought that if I just told him this secret, he would experience it too.  It was not out of pride I told him, pride was not there.  It was out of love and wanting him to feel this happiness too, this feeling of peace and love that had no reason for being there except that it was naturally there at the essence.

    But my words could not reach him.  My state could not reach him or anyone.  I could feel this almost solid wall of stress in the room that was actively separating itself from oneness, from the experience I was having.  I could feel the stress of the room pressing against me and I knew that I was very alone in my experience, that I would not be able to share it with others and so it was better to keep quiet about it.

    And I also somehow realized in that feeling that once I started to eat my vegie burger that I would also come down from this state.  I say come down but I realized that this experience of spiritual awakening was the natural state and that the sense of separation was unnatural, it was something placed on top of what was already here.  I guess contraction would be a better word.  I knew that once I ate my lunch, I would contract back into my body and mind, back into a sense of being a separate "me" with all of its worries and sufferings and I would lose this experience of oneness. And that this was the way it was supposed to be.

    So I did not try to hold on to my satori.  I ate my lunch and watched as this sense of freedom dissipated.  And by the next day it was pretty much gone, yet there was a new sense of peace, because I had experienced the truth.  In that spiritual awakening I had experienced my natural state of being one with everything and therefore I knew I would experience it again.  I thought it would come the next day or the next week but it didn't.  Yet it left behind a sense of confidence, that this was exactly what I wanted out of life and if I experienced it once, I could realize it again.  That it was possible to actually live in this natural state of being free from this suffering "I" that experienced itself as separate from everything else.

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